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Maurizio Mian Mother: Who Was Maria Gabriella Gentili?

Maria Gabriella Gentili, the mother of Maurizio Mian, had a significant role to play in the “Countess Carlotta Liebenstein and Billionaire Dog” story. Who was this lady? Is she still alive? What was her job?

Read about her as you scroll down below.

Meet Maria Gabriella Gentili, Maurizio Mian Mother

Maria Gabriella Gentili is the mother of Italian entrepreneur, Maurizio Mian. As the story goes, Maria was actually in charge of the trust that Countess Carlotta Liebenstein had because they had formed friendships with each other over their love of animals, Maurizio said on the show.

After her tragic life, Maurizio’s mother was made the in-charge of the estate. But, the turning point came when she fell faint and ill. She chose Maurizio to become a legal representative of what she has received from the countess, as he was her only child.

In the show, Maria was defined as a very demanding person but she lived her life for Maurizio. She dedicated her life to her family and was deeply concerned about everything he did. She gave in to him on everything, but at the same time, she was strict on important matters.

Maurizio said on the show, “My mother was starting to age, and she wasn’t as self-reliant as she used to be. Then my mother died. At 82, she died.” When she died he didn’t speak to anyone for about a week. He added, “Before she died, she simply said to me, “Do as you like. Do as you wish.” The only thing she held me to, more as advice for me, concerned the choice of people I should trust.”

Before having Maurizio, Maria married a respected university professor, and when they had him, she continued to lead the family business as its president. Although Maurizio’s great-grandfather actually created the famed Italian pharmaceutical company, Istituto Gentili, it was under his mother Marie’s leadership that they achieved unprecedented success. In the Netflix original series, it is explained, “Through the lab, through the research.”

They created a substance called alendronate, which is highly helpful in treating bone problems. Thus, they rose to such heights that they were eventually able to sell the entire institution to US pharmaceutical company Merck for a sizeable sum before starting to consider how they could best use all of their money.

“Taxes were too high in Italy,” the docuseries further reveals. “[Maria] was thinking about the family, the group, the grandchildren, the future of the lineage.” Maurizio then adds, “To avoid taxes, my mother, for a long time, had been bringing all the earnings related to our company to Liechtenstein. But this was against Italian law. In Italy, in the late 80s, there was a huge investigation into undeclared money kept abroad.”

The family then thought of the “The Countess” plan to make sure the money would stay with them while also being safe under someone else’s name. =

Maria Gabriella Gentili Cause Of Death

Maria Gabriella Gentili passed away on 7 June 2011 in Florence, Italy, according to LA Nazione. Although the precise cause of her death is now unknown, we suspect it to have been a mix of her advanced age and the unidentified sickness she had been secretly suffering for years.

How Old Was Maria Gabriella Gentili At The Time Of Her Death?

At the time of her death, Maria Gabriella Gentili was 82 years old. Her funeral home was set up at the premises of the Public Assistance via Bargagna. The funeral took place in the church of San Martino.

Maria Gabriella Gentili Net Worth At The Time Of Her Death

Maria Gabriella Gentili described herself as “Pisa’s mother”. A keen supporter of Pisa, who as a young successful entrepreneur in the pharmaceutical field had followed from the stands of the Arena Garibaldi stadium, she bought the company in the summer of 2002 together with her son Maurizio Mian, who announced that the president would be the dog Gunther, who he was said to have received a huge inheritance from a German noblewoman.

An iron character, outgoing and sometimes short-tempered, very similar – in behavior – to the strong and most successful man in the history of Pisa, Romeo Anconetani, whom she however never mentioned. But it was Maria Gentili’s intention to emulate Romeo’s successes, so much so that she declared that in a few years, she would take Pisa from C to A.

Failing to be promoted to the playoffs after an expensive signing campaign, Maria changed course, reducing investments. Without however renouncing ambitions, expressed in picturesque phrases such as “The players must take the field with a knife” or “Pisa will be as intrepid as the Decima Mas, ready to surprise and hit the battleships” when a C was assumed with Fiorentina and Genoa.

Even if the results didn’t arrive, Maria always defended the coaches and players, whom she defined as “my boys, sensitive people to whom the complaints of the fans and the criticisms of the journalists only cause damage”. The first physical problems led her to sell Pisa in the summer of 2005, the only owner not to win anything in the Nerazzurri’s history of the last 50 years, together with Luca Pomponi, the president of the 2009 bankruptcy.

A bankruptcy that Gentili was about to avoid, calling the Pisan entrepreneurs together and wanting to advance around 700 thousand euros. But the discovery that the hole in the club was about double made his last act of love for Pisa useless.

Related FAQs

  • Where Was Maria Gabriella Gentili Born?

Maria Gabriella Gentili was born in Italy.

  • Did Maria Gabriella Gentili Have Siblings?

There is no mention of Maria Gabriella Gentili and her siblings.

  • How Many Kids Did Maria Gabriella Gentili Have?

Maria Gabriella Gentili only had one kid and his name is Maurizio Mian.

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