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Lee Greer Bio, Age, Job, Dating Status, Ready To Love

Ready To Love Season 8 premiered on OWN TV in 2023 and Lee Greer is one of the cast members in a genuine attempt to find love. Read all about her age, job, dating status, and more as this article proceeds.

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Lee Greer On OWN’s Ready To Love Season 8

Lee Greer is the star of OWN’s Ready To Love season 8. Her bio states that she is a “Health & Wellness Coach” and “a Gym Owner.”

In July 2023, a brand-new season of Ready to Love premiered. A fresh set of singles will be featured in the following season, who will try to find love on OWN TV while traveling to Dallas. Only on OWN, the new season of Ready to Love will debut on Friday, July 7, 2023, at 8 p.m. ET.

The press release read, “These are grown men and women in their 30s and 40s who are seeking the special relationship of a lifetime that has eluded them thus far, and the baggage they each bring to the party is real.” 18 singles participated in this season of the dating reality show as they bonded with one another in an effort to find love. This dating reality show covers singles in their 30s and 40s, which is unusual for most of them.

The Ready to Love cast will get to know one another at a Mansion Mixer in Dallas before the program airs. Even before the evening is over, two cast members will say their farewell.

Following their interactions with the men, the female competitors and the men will both determine which male single they don’t want to get to know any further. Each week, one single’s mission to find love ends, therefore the remaining candidates must continue to strive to win each other over. According to the press release, the turmoil, love triangles, and broken hearts will either endanger or strengthen the burgeoning romances. Only “the strongest connections” will endure, though.

After the premiere of the 2023 season, Lee wrote, “Location: Top of the World 💗🙏🏾🥹 last night was simply amazing. The people that love me the most came out to make sure we celebrated this moment. We had a time 🙏🏾 BIG GOD… BIG PLANS.”

What Is Lee Greer Dating Status?

In 2023, after the filming of the show, Lee’s dating status is unclear.

Lee Greer Age

Lee Greer is 34 years of age as of this publication in July 2023.

Who Are Lee Greer Parents?

Lee Greer is the daughter of author Rose Greer.

After the premiere of the show, Lee wished her mother, “Thank you Mama… while I was filming you kept me afloat. You kept everything going for me…. From going To cleaners with an impossible turnaround time to keeping my clients from quitting while I needed to run a different schedule…. It was all possible because of you. I still can’t believe you taught my classes. So many times I wanted to back out before it started but you encouraged me to do something new & it was an experience that was needed. Thank you FOR BEING THE BEST MAMA IN THE ENTIRE WORLD… you are appreciated. I LOVE YOU MORE THAN ____________(insert anything).”

Whereas, on Mother’s Day 2017, Lee wished her mother, “When I think about my relationship with my mom it brings tears to my eyes. God truly has shown me a great favor by choosing us for each other. Being a mom seems to be such a challenging task… it’s EVERYDAY… ALL GAS NO BREAKS lol yet my mom has done the job so gracefully. All 4 of us (and all of our friends who know her as “Mama Rose”) have had the cream of the crop…top tier love & it’s because of YOU MAMA. Happy Mother’s Day to the world’s greatest mother Rose Greer.”

Talking about Rose’s career, she is the owner and manager of RR Connection Consulting Group since 2013. She also authored Face Off, which was a best-seller on Amazon.

Although she has posted pictures of her dad his name is not available at this moment.

Regarding siblings, Lee has one sister named Tronicka Brown who works as a recruiter for RRCCGLLC at RR Connection Consulting Group.

Lee’s brother Cedric Greer is working as a Claims Adjuster. He attended Prairie View A&M University where he studied English. He is single but has a 6-year-old son. Based on October 2022 Facebook post, Lee has lost her brother.

In the post, she wrote, “If I had one wish it would be to bring my brother back here. The heartbreak of losing him is something that just doesn’t get better. I Show up strong but in actuality, my heart has been shattered since the day God called his name.”

She then added, “Today is his birthday and I want to make fun of how old he would be but I don’t have that option. If you have the option to love on your people DO IT!!!!! I promise nothing is more important. Happy Birthday! I hope you turned the angels up today big baby. We miss and love you. Until we meet again.”

Lee Greer Job

Per Lee Greer’s LinkedIn, she is the founder and personal trainer at Body by Lee.

Lee is the Founder and CEO of the health organization Body by Lee. Body by Lee has helped thousands of women from across the globe exceed their health & fitness goals through science-based practices and sustainable Nutrition. Coach Lee is an industry leader specializing in weight loss/gain for the general population and fertility weight management for women who have been diagnosed with PCOS/PCOD.

Lee graduated from the University of Central Arkansas with a Bachelor of Science Degree with an emphasis in Biology. She is a Certified Personal Trainer with over 10 years of Industry experience. The coach also serves as a Health and Wellness Coach at the University of North Texas Dallas Campus. She is a Public Speaker who has sat on many panels and was Recently featured on Fox News to discuss pertinent health issues. Lee is active in her community and partners with many nonprofit organizations throughout the year.

Connect to Body By Lee on Facebook (@bodyxlee) and TikTok (@bodyxlee).

Lee Greer Height

Lee Greer’s height is above 5 feet 4 inches.

Related FAQs

  • When Is Lee Greer Birthday?

Lee Greer celebrates her birthday on 28 December.

  • Is Lee Greer On Instagram?

Yes, Lee Greer is available on Instagram (@bodyxlee) and (@leelee1908).

  • Where Is Lee Greer From?

Lee Greer is a native of Dallas, Texas. It is also her current residence.

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