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Lee Jin Seok Age, Instagram, Height, Job, Single’s Inferno

In season three of Single’s Inferno on Netflix, Lee Jin Seok makes an appearance as a cast member. How tall is he? How does he make his living? Is he an Instagram user?

To find out everything we know about him, read this article.

Lee Jin Seok On Netflix’s Single’s Inferno

Netflix’s Single’s Inferno‘s season 3 premiered in 2023 and Jin Seok is one of the cast members in the show. He arrived in the show as a fourth contestant. He claims that people find him cute when he grins but threatening otherwise.

Every day of the week, he works out with weights and is known to be scary, yet people are surprised by his adorable smile.

As per the series’ guidelines, individuals are prohibited from disclosing any personal information until they tie the knot and enter Paradise. The degree of secrecy hasn’t altered, despite a few restrictions changing. Some people have a crush on someone they don’t even know, thus a certain amount of drama is necessary. Others, however, who have visited Paradise, are in a better position.

The fellow cast members of Jin-Seok are Lee Gwan Hee, Kim Gyu-Ri, Choi Min-Woo, An Min-Young, Choi Hye-Seon, Yu Si-Eun, Son Won-Ik, Yun Ha-Bin, Yun Ha-Jeong, and Park Min-Kyu.

Are An Min Young And Lee Jin Seok Together?

An Min-Young was shown doubting Jin Seok in the show, even though she ultimately decided to travel to Paradise with him. A discussion regarding their careers was started by the two during their dinner date.

Jin-Seok asks the lady, “Are u a racing model or something?” Min-Young replies: “I am a Pilates studio director and instructor. I go over the scheduled appointments and then relay the work required to our studio manager  and I also do one-on-one sessions whenever there is a scheduled lesson.”

Jin-Seok adds, “It suits you.”

When Mi-Young inquired about his career, Jin-Seok replied, “For my job. I actually own a cafe.”

“I own a cafe slash bakery, and it’s been open for about four years now,” to which Mi-Young responded, “Wow do you have a photo of the cafe?”

However, Jin-Seok said, “How about if I show you one next time? Sometime soon,” Min-Young appeared less enthused saying, “That’s fine.” That being said, Mi-Young appeared to like him, as seen by her confessional, “I’m going with Mr Lee Jin-Seok. He seems more masculine than the others. Although, honestly, I’m a little scared of him. He doesn’t exactly come off as the approachable type.”

Both Choi Min-Woo and Jin-Seok selected Min-Young as their first option in the first episode, but she ultimately chose to go with the latter. Min-Woo remarked during the confessional, “I selected Ms An Min-Young as my partner. The reason I picked Ms Kim Gyu-Ri for first impressions, then changed my mind is because I tend to prefer bubbly, outgoing women.”

He added, “I guess that’s because of my tendency to be shy. I noticed the way she tried to lighten the mood while we were all dining together, and so I thought it couldn’t hurt to get to know her.”

It’s too soon to declare if Jin-Seok and Min-Young are genuinely in love because it takes time to form a link or connection. As the show goes on, we might witness these two becoming romantically involved. The show’s audience is eager to see how Jin-Seok and An Min-Young’s relationship develops.

Lee Jin Seok Age

Lee Jin Seok was age 31 during the filming of the show. He was reportedly born in 1992.

Is Lee Jin Seok On Instagram?

Indeed, Lee Jin Seok is available on Instagram (@seok_lj).

Lee Jin Seok Job

Jin Seok is an entrepreneur and a cafe owner who also runs various café bakeries. He has been running the business for the past four years. He is in charge of making coffee, pastries, and desserts for his three cafes in Daegu. He oversees day-to-day activities as well.

He likes what he does, so it should come as no surprise that he entered this competition with the hopes of meeting someone who would complement his way of life and open his eyes to her world.

You can find JinSeok’s cafe Casanello’s Instagram (@casanello_) and YouTube channel here.

Lee Jin Seok Height

Lee Jin Seok’s height measures above 6’1”. He is very secure about his physique and has explained he’s proud of his well-developed chest and how he takes care of himself.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Lee Jin Seok From?

Daegu, South Korea is the hometown of Jin Seok.

  • When Is Lee Jin Seok Birthday?

No, Jin Seok’s birthday is not available on social media.

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