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Harry Hedaya Age, First Wife, Net Worth, Bunny Hedaya Husband

Harry Hedaya is the husband of Bunny Hedaya who slammed Maff Rife after he started “beef” with her son. After the comedian told the 6-year-old on Instagram that his mother bought his Christmas presents with the “money she makes on OnlyFans,” the TikTok star went on a long tirade.

“Matt Rife has decided to start beef with my 6-year-old child online,” Bunny said. “Yeah, you heard me correctly. My 6-year-old child online.”

In reaction to a video that Hedaya posted on Instagram, in which her son Aiden makes fun of one of Rife’s stand-up gags, Rife made a direct comment. In the video, Rife criticizes women who blame their “poor decision-making skills” on astrology.

Meet Harry Hedaya, Bunny Hedaya Husband (Ex)

Bunny Hedaya was previously married to his now-former husband Harry Hedaya. They met when Bunny was 23 years old. They welcomed a boy together named Aiden in 2017. Bunny discloses that she is 23 years older than her spouse Harry Hedaya in her March 2021 YouTube video, “Telling It All About My Secretive Husband.”

Bunny occasionally includes Aiden and his father in his social media posts. But as she pointed out in an interview with Enspire Magazine from June 2022, her family “comes and goes” from her work.

“I’m very authentic in my content,” she said. “So what I’m really focused on at the moment is what I’m posting about. I notice that it goes in weeks of waves. Some weeks I’ll post a lot of mommy content, some weeks will be with my assistant, some weeks will be fashion content, and some will be my husband.”

Bunny was live on TikTok and has hinted at her separation. One viewer commented, “She claims they’ll be living together and sharing every house. Also, she doesn’t think her husband will ever find a new woman because he tells her he’ll never find another like her. I’m glad she’s separating if that’s what’s best.. but the arrangement she’s describing doesn’t sound sustainable.”

In March 2023, Bunny posted to the video-sharing app TikTok of her trip to Key West, Florida, with her family.  At the beginning of the video, she joked, “My ex-husband gifted me a jet in our divorce.” She made her joke more clear while criticizing those who disagree with her way of life.

Bunny laughed and said, “Wouldn’t that make them so mad?” in reference to the individuals on the internet who get upset with her for showing off her wealth. She clarified that although she and her husband, Harry, are currently divorced, they still wanted to “spend quality time together” with their kid in order to maintain a “normal” family life for him.

Many people on Reddit believed that Bunny has continued milking her situation. Some people wondered if they were actually getting divorced. Others wondered if she was sharing all the details for attention and wanted to “be somebody.”

Who Is Harry Hedaya First Wife?

Harry Hedaya was previously married to his first wife Carrie Charles, a Tennessee woman. They met in Los Angeles. She is almost the same age as Harry. The married couple share two daughters named Zara and Zane.

Born in 1999, Zane turned 24 years old in 2023. Zara appears to be two years younger meaning she is 22 as of 2023. You can find them on Instagram Zane and Zara.

“I want to create a passion in my kids, teach them to express themselves, build confidence,” Carrie shared about her children in 2005. Former financial planner, actor, and singer Carrie transformed a “perfectly beautiful” guest bedroom suite into a theater, art studio, and music room.

The exes shared a philosophy that education should be fun and lead to a lifelong curiosity and love of learning. “Being successful in life is not about going to the right schools,” Carrie said. “It really comes from a love for creativity, self-expression, and books. This is what I want to teach my kids and what this room is really about.”

Harry also helped Carrie invest in Broadstaff. “I couldn’t really bring a whole lot to that company,” Harry said. “She’s really the one behind that [company’s] success.”

But the couple went through an amicable divorce.

Carrie, per her LinkedIn, has been a CEO and Co-Founder at BROADSTAFF since April 2016. She went to Robbins Madanes Training, University of Tennessee, Knoxville.

Carrie is close to Bunny and calls her “step-wife.”

Harry Hedaya Age

Born in 1967, Harry Hedaya reached the age of 56 in 2023.

What Is Harry Hedaya Ethnicity?

Harry Hedaya is of Pakistani descent. His great-grandfather served as Pakistan’s first governor of the newly established State of Sind in 1948, and his grandfather represented the nation as an ambassador. In England, Harry’s father attended Cambridge University. His father had two children, Hedaya and his sister, and was employed at Shell Oil Co. when he returned to Pakistan.

Harry’s father perished in an aviation explosion in 1983. At the time, Harry was fifteen.

“I remember that day, really distinctly. Someone came to get me out of class,” Harry recalled. “It was shocking. Now I had to be raised by a single mom, who probably had never worked a day in her life. Somehow, she managed to get through those years. We always had a place to live, food to eat and I managed to stay in school.”

Harry moved to the States in 1986.

Harry Hedaya Job

At Send It By Text, Harry Hedaya serves as CEO, a company dedicated to helping businesses efficiently communicate with leads and clients. He has spent more than two decades as an entrepreneur. He is the owner and operator of several companies in the following sectors: communications, small business marketing, financial services, and staffing.

Harry founded the Loan Corporation and went on to make it a household name in Florida’s Tampa Bay area and beyond for residential mortgage lending to families. Harry led significant expansion at the Loan Corporation between 2000 and 2009; at its height, the company employed close to 200 people across four states and had an annual loan volume of $700 million.

Talking about his career, Harry told Medium, “I have always been fascinated with airplanes. As a kid, I used to build and fly radio control airplanes and gliders. As an adult, I went for my Private Pilot license as soon as I was able. After flying for almost thirty years, I am rated as an ATP (Airline Transport Pilot), the highest level of certification available.”

Before his current job, Harry was a president at Encompass Marketing. He was also a president and founder at The Loan Corporation and president at Real Estate Mortgage Acceptance Company REMAC.

Harry holds a Bachelor of Science BSc in Finance, General from the University of Tampa.

How Much Is Harry Hedaya Net Worth?

As of 2023, Harry Hedaya has a net worth above $100 Million.

Harry Hedaya Height

Harry Hedaya stands tall above the height of 6 Feet.

Related FAQs

  • Is Harry Hedaya On Instagram?

Of course, he is. Here are Harry’s social media handles: Instagram (@harryhedaya), TikTok (@harryhedaya), and Twitter (@hhedaya).

  • When Is Harry Hedaya Birthday?

Harry Hedaya celebrates his birthday in October.

  • Where Is Harry Hedaya From?

Harry Hedaya is residing in Tampa, Florida.

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