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Lee Si-won Husband, Family, Netflix The Devil’s Plan

Actress Lee Si-won has joined the cast for Netflix’s The Devil’s Plan. The cast members are formed with notable personalities from various fields. Learn more about Si-won here as we bring you details about her husband, family, and more.

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Lee Si-won On Netflix’s The Devil’s Plan

Lee Si-won is one of the castaways for Netflix’s latest offering The Devil’s Plan. She is an actor and inventor with ten patents on her name including a clear face mask.

The Devil’s Plan, a captivating new variety competition series on Netflix, features contestants overcoming challenging obstacles in the hope of winning a coveted grand prize. The castaways for the show are filled with celebrities, lawyers, doctors, and influencers who take part in mind games to win 500 million Korean won.

Jeong Jong-yeon, an entertainment producer, hosts The Devil’s Plan, which promises a slightly twisted course of events as the competitors are forced to reveal their true selves.

Other casts joining her this season are Ha Seok-jin – a K Drama actor, Cho Yeon-woo – a Professional Go player, Lee Hye-sung – A freelance announcer, Boo Seung-kwan, aka Seungkwan – K-pop idol and Seventeen member, Seo Dong-joo – US-based lawyer, Park Kyung-lim – Comedian, actress and Daesang winner, Guillaume Patry – Canadian gamer and pro poker player, Kwedo – Blue House’s former policy advisor, Kwak Joon-bin – Travel YouTuber, Seo Yoo-min – American orthopedic surgeon, and Kim Dong-jae – College student and pro poker player.

The first Main Match required the competitors to compete in a staged version of what many people would refer to as the Mafia game. But there was no elimination in this round; only two players were jailed. The Prize Match gave solving riddles an exciting new twist. No prize money was added because the players lost the game, even though some had an edge with more pieces.

The stakes were high in The Devil’s Plan Episodes 3 and 4, as the twelve competitors were divided into teams in an effort to gain an advantage. Only one individual was the first to be eliminated in The Devil’s Plan, despite the fact that there were two teams and each member was attempting to aid the other.

Guillaume Patry, who had the most pieces after the first round of the Main Match and Prize games, teamed up with Lee Si-won, Ha Seok-jin, and Kim Dong-jae. The Rules Race was the second Main Match. Each competitor constructed a cause-and-effect phrase out of colored blocks. They would get an advantage because it would start working during the game. There were two dice: one regular dice and one special die that could only be used after exchanging a card.

The outcome of the dice roll would determine how far the players would advance. They might also roll and end up in jail. If they were in prison, the only way they could get out was if the dice came up on the “leave prison” side. If a player enters the “office,” assisted by their team, they can change the group rule.

Guillaume’s sole chance of surviving was if he took 10th or 11th position. Tenth place would forfeit one piece, and eleventh place would forfeit three. The final spot would receive five. Guillaume possessed four items. When the Rules Race was over, Guillaume faced up against Dong-jae. They both needed to roll out of prison. After breaking out of jail, Dong-jae rolled a two.

Ultimately, Guillaume remained behind bars as Dong-jae ambled to victory and safety. Later, Dong-jae felt bad because he felt his teammates had been harmed by his actions.

Lee Si-won Husband

Lee Si-won is married to her husband who is a doctor. They reportedly met through an acquaintance and became closer due to their shared interests and the fact that they attended the same school.

Si-won’s agency Hunus Entertainment announced on the 26th of May 2021, “Lee Si-won will marry a non-celebrity working in the medical field in June.”

However, Si-won prefers to keep her husband’s identity a secret.

“My husband knows history well and has a deep interest,” Si-won added, “He has been a regular listener of this program for a long time, and he said he became a fan after watching me as a contestant closely.” He also revealed that he was a ‘fan’ of. Si-won’s husband is an alumnus of the same university, but their relationship and marriage took place after appearing on ‘That Day’, not during their school days.

Lee Si-won laughed, saying, “The process of dating and getting married to my husband happened after I appeared on this program, so this program has a special meaning to me.”

Lee Si-won also said, “My preconceived notions about marriage were broken after meeting my husband. Contrary to popular belief, I am experiencing more freedom, such as wearing a bikini for the first time since marriage and recently dyeing my hair at the instigation of my husband.” She did not hold back on ‘proudly’ about her husband who gave her new happiness.

How Much Is Lee Si-won Net Worth?

Lee Si-won’s thriving on-screen career and her patent have allowed her to amass a net worth above $500 thousand.

The 2012 KBS drama “The King’s Dream” marked Lee Si-won’s acting debut. She studied evolutionary psychology at the same graduate school as her business administration degree at Seoul National University.

Si-won gained notoriety as an actress due to her brilliance and beauty. Since then, he has demonstrated his versatility as an actor by appearing in SBS’s “God’s Gift – 14 Days,” tvN’s “Incomplete Life,” KBS2’s “Who Are You – School 2015,” “A Beautiful Mind,” and “Suits,” as well as tvN’s “Memories of the Alhambra” as Yoo Jin-woo. By portraying Lee Soo-jin, the ex-wife of (Hyun Bin), she made a lasting impression.

Not just in dramas, but also in comedies like “Good People” on Channel A and “Anything Friends” on TVN. She showcases her talents on KBS2’s “History Journal That Day” and shows off her calm hosting skills.

How Old Is Lee Si-won?

Lee Si-won was born on 29 August 1987. It makes her 36 years old as of 2023.

Lee Si-won Family

Lee Si-won hasn’t shared much about her family members as of this article. Although she may have introduced her dad on her IG, it is yet to be confirmed.

Lee Si-won Height

Per his pics, Lee Si-won stands tall above the height of 5 feet 8.5 inches.

Related FAQs

  • Where Does Lee Si-won Reside?

Lee Si-won lives in Seoul, South Korea.

  • Is Lee Si-won On Instagram?

Yes, Lee Si-won is available on Instagram (@seethewon).

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