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Drew Basile Bio, Dating, Parents, Height, Survivor 45

A self-described “slimy Napoleon Dynamite” Drew Basile is a contestant on Survivor 45. He actually had to defer his graduation to be in this competition. He had to drop a class and he thought this was an excellent chance for him to also play the Survivor game. So, what became of it? We shall tell the rest and other things about Drew in the rest of the writing.

Drew Basile On Survivor 45

Before Survivor 45 premiered with a 90-minute premiere on CBS on 27 September 2023, Drew Basile sat with for an interview to discuss all things Survivor. He explained that this experience is a “pivot” for him between stages of life and a lot of other things.

When he was asked who he identifies with the most from the previous seasons, he said maybe a guy like Jonathan Penner or maybe “even” the “hallowed, the great” Rob Cesternino.

Describing himself as a fast talker, with a bit of wit, and very authentic, Drew said it was his experience of working at a call center in Philly during COVID times that has prepared him most for the game. He also opened up that in an alliance partner, he will be one hundred percent valuing their loyalty and experience.

How Old Is Drew Basile?

So, in September 2023, Drew Basile was introduced to viewers by the Survivor people as a 23-year-old.

Who Are Drew Basile’s Parents?

It was not possible for us to gather who Drew Basile’s father is, as of the time of this writing. Fortunately, a lot can be said about his mother Manya Sheehan Basile. She turned 62 years old in November 2022. On her Facebook, the matriarch marked Bloomington, Indiana as her hometown and Birmingham, Michigan as her current home. Over here, the matriarch has also posted several pictures of her son Drew. Most lately, on 9 June 2023, she gushed Drew “is a deal” and congratulated him on graduating from the University of Pennsylvania, for receiving the Barry Scholarship, and for his admission to grad school at Oxford University. She gaily wrote that her boy has had a stellar year.

Manya is said to have spent the last 25 years as a fine art and antique appraiser in Washington DC, New York, Chicago, and Michigan. Her firm Personal Property Appraisals, based in Birmingham, Michigan, specializes in fine and decorative arts, including paintings, prints, sculpture, antique and contemporary furniture, silver, porcelain, pottery, glass, textiles, Asian objects, and collectibles.

Drew, during Survivor, also raved that his mom is a pillar of strength and has always pushed him to go beyond his limits. He believes that he would not have accomplished half as much without her.

Drew also has a brother Charles Basile who started his junior year in university just in August 2023. He is expecting to get his Finance degree from the University – Kelley School of Business sometime in 2025.

Other known people in Drew’s family are his maternal grandfather Bernard W. Sheehan who died on 13 June 2015. He is survived by his wife Janina Urich, whose LinkedIn profile describes her as an executive assistant at Employee Counseling of Indiana.

Drew Basile Height

Drew Basile stands above 6’2” in height. Looking at him, he believes that people would never know he is a “pretty” open book. Also, he gushed that in that sense all his nerdy accomplishments are very predictable based on his appearance.

Is Drew Basile Dating Anyone?

Drew Basile appeared to be single as of September 2023. He talked about just about everything on Survivor 45, just not her dating life.

When he was asked about his pet peeves, he said it is the “oh my god!” autocorrect, and his hobbies he said they are playing Scrabble, writing, and trivia.

Drew Basile Job

Drew Basile, according to his LinkedIn, was not employed as of September 2023. By Survivor people too, he was just described as a grad student.

Between 2019 and 2023, Drew was at the University of Pennsylvania getting his Bachelor’s degree in English Language and Literature/Letters. When they asked about this to him during the above talked about interview, he said he is in the books and in the library and does not get out much to the gym. He explained that he works in really dense stuff, really rigorous, logical work, like modernist “epic door stoppers”.

Per LinkedIn, Drew worked as an acquisition intern at the University of Pennsylvania Press Incorporated between May 2021 and August 2021. Prior to that (May 2020 – June 2021), he worked as a researcher for a Russian-language poetry symposium, where he mostly compiled biographic and bibliographic information about recent figures and managed the symposium website.

Drew also attended U of D Jesuit High School and Academy some time ago.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Drew Basile From?

Drew Basile originally hails from Birmingham, Michigan. As of 2023 though, he had been residing in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

  • Is Drew Basile On Instagram?

As of September 2023, Drew Basile on his IG @drew_basile included 13 posts and 784 followers. Yet, this account was kept private.

Drew also seemed quite shy about showing glimpses of his life on ‘Drew Basile’ Facebook and on Twitter @DrewBasile45.

  • When Is Drew Basile’s Birthday?

It is yet to be known when Drew Basile’s birthday is.

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