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Lennie Alehat Bio, Age, Net Worth, Chelsea, Whitney Thore

Meet Lennie Alehat, the ex-boyfriend of My Big Fat Fabulous Life‘s Whitney Thore. Rumors on the internet suggest that they are reportedly back together. But, are they together and started dating again?

In this article, we also explore details on his age, net worth, and relationship with Chelsea Sawyer. So, keep scrolling down this article to learn more about him.

Catfish: Are Lennie Alehat And Chelsea Sawyer Still Together?

Lennie Alehat and Chelsea Sawyer struck a friendship when Chelsea reached out to him on Facebook. She had heard that Lennie her girlfriend on My Fat Fabulous Life at the time broken up. Lennie responded to Chelsea and soon they began talking to each other. At some point, he gave her his phone number, and then things got serious.

A native of Salt Lake City, felt that she relates to Lennie because she went through her own weight loss journey and lost over 200lb. Chelsea being an art enthusiast and tattoo artist, also admired Lennie’s work. So, he was Chelsea’s celebrity crush and loved how supportive he was of his girlfriend.

They communicated with each other online for several months. Every time she brought up meeting each other in person, Lennie chose to postpone their meeting. He avoided video chat. Such repeated behavior raised concerns so she hired the Catfish crew to get to the bottom of it once and for all.

Chelsea connected to Lennie via his fan page for Alehat’s art, so she might’ve been talking to a potential catfish at the time. Nev, from Catfish, called Lennie asking to meet him. At first, he hesitated but accepted the request.

It was in fact Lennie who she had been talking but Lennie makes it clear that he doesn’t want a relationship out of their meeting. He never thought she would go to such lengths to meet him in person. They agreed to stay friends. But sometimes later, they also got romantically involved.

This story was featured on episode 22 of season 7. Although they are still friends, they are no longer dating each other, at least until 2018.

MBFFL: Is Lennie Alehat Back With Whitney Thore?

Lennie Alehat and Whitney Thore dated each other back in season 4 of My Big Fat Fabulous Life. He is known for being supportive of his partner and he exuded a similar kind demeanor with Whitney so fans loved him. Whitney and Lennie dated in 2016. They shared a good chemistry.

However, the relationship was allegedly plagued by a cheating scandal. But, they still remained friends after that. He was last seen on a TV show for the last time in Catfish.

In season 8 of MBFFL, Lennie surprised everyone when he randomly showed up at Whitney’s doorstep. Then, Lennie admitted to some involvement of feeling on his side. In May 2022, Whitney posted a picture of herself with Lennie and her brother Hunter. This fueled the speculation that Lennie and Whitney might’ve rekindled their relationship.

Two weeks before that, Whitney posted a pic of her and Lennie sporting 80s looks and it appeared as if they were filming for the show. She captioned, “Today was fun and I have the best friends”.

But, it is unclear if they are still together. Neither of them has confirmed getting back together. Plus, fans are still in dark about her relationship with a Frenchman.

Lennie Alehat Age

Reportedly born in 1987, Lennie Alehat turned 35 years old in 2022.

Lennie Alehat Job

Lennie Alehat is an artist, writer, and actor. He boasts more than 12 years of experience working as a freelance graphic designer, artist, and SEO specialist. He studied search engine optimization which included writing blog posts for many different brands, creating art and content for our clients, and link-trading to increase exposure and Google ranking at Linkfish Media.

As an artist, he mostly does commission work. He has dedicated his entire Instagram to his artwork.

How Much Is Lennie Alehat Net Worth?

Lennie Alehat’s net worth, as of 2022, should be above $500 thousand.

Is Lennie Alehat On Instagram?

Yes, Lennie Alehat is available on Instagram. Meet him here. He is also on Twitter (@LennieAlehat) and Facebook (@LennieGoddamnAlehat).

Lennie Alehat Family

Lennie Alehat once mentioned his parents on his IG post while stating that they gave him a mullet because they hated him. Based on his IG posts, he has two older sisters named Nikki and Cindy Lee. He also has one younger sister named Cassi Lee.

Nikki is currently engaged to her fiance Mark Ward. He proposed to her n 1 May. Whereas, Cassi has been dating her boyfriend Dylan Cross since January 2017. Meanwhile, Cassi turned 22 years old in 2022.

His parents are likely, Connie Lee who is married to Ed Lee Jr since 10 October 2010. His mother studied Horticulture at Catawba Valley Community College and worked at the City of Salisbury, North Carolina – Government.

Related FAQs

  • When Is Lennie Alehat Birthday?

Lennie Alehat’s birthday is not clear yet.

  • Where Is Lennie Alehat From?

Lennie Alehat hailed from Salisbury, North Carolina.

  • How Tall Is Lennie Alehat?

Lennie Alehat’s height measures 5 feet 11.

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