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Lesley Ho Bio, Net Worth, Job, Age, Washington Ho Wife

Lesley Ho is the wife of Washington Ho who is also the star of HBO Max’s House Of Ho. Despite her humble beginning, she is adapting well to the new lavish lifestyle in Houston, Texas. Let’s explore a few details regarding her life. This article is about her net worth, job, and age.

Tag along with this Lesley Ho Bio and learn more.

House Of Ho: Meet Lesley Ho, Washington Ho Wife

Washington Ho calls his wife “Queen Of Ho”. The second-born son of Binh and Hue Ho, he was a wild child before Lesley got him mesmerized. They met each other for the first time on 24 August 2013 Vegas, at table 54, at Hakkasan. A year after that in September 2014, the couple got engaged while on their trip to Napa Valley.

Lesley announced the engagement with a post which she captioned, “Amazing weekend in napa valley. Thanks to everyone who made it to our engagement weekend. Blessed to be spending the rest of my life with my best friend, my support, my love.”

Lesley and Washington tied the knots on 24 October 2015.

On 21 August 2022, Washington wished his wife her birthday.

Moreover, he wrote, “Happy Birthday “Queen of Da Ho”… Grateful for your love and support in my crazy dreams and aspirations. Making tv shows and music about my queen is my joy… Helps me get thru life’s trials and tribulations… And with my queen by my side, nothing is impossible… Have the best day yet my “Queen of Da Ho” From me and our kids ”

Meanwhile, on Father’s Day 2022, Lesley wished her husband, “Happy Father’s Day @washingtonho We love you and appreciate everything that you do for our little family!”

The couple shared two children; Lincoln and Roosevelt. Lincoln turned 4 years old on 19 December 2021. Roosevelt celebrated his 6th birthday on 16 February 2022.

Lesley is also the star of HBO Max’s House Of Ho. Her struggle is about not being able to juggle properly her career as a pharmacist and mother of two children. In season 1, she learned to adapt to a lavish (and demanding) lifestyle — all while being on camera.

She told NextShark, “I think [being on camera] expedites your relationship. Stuff that you may not talk about for months, or kind of let bubble for a little bit, we’re forced to talk about in front of the cameras, so it kind of puts pressure on your relationship. So good or bad, but in our case, I don’t think we’d be at this point now with him sober if it weren’t for this show.”

While Binh and Hue seem to hold Judy accountable for the breakdown of her marriage, Washington’s marital problems are directly attributable to his wife, Lesley, who is possibly the most empathetic character in the series. Lesley is supposed to act as the typical Vietnamese wife and keep her husband on the straight and narrow despite parenting the couple’s two children, Roosevelt and Lincoln, which is challenging given his alcoholism difficulties.

Viewers watched Washington deceive Lesley throughout the entire series. He gaslights her, and, in one particularly memorable scene, claims to Sammy that his marriage to her was initially an “insurance policy” sanctioned by his parents. Hue, however, asserts that the issues started because he didn’t enjoy the meals the hired cook made as Lesley sobs and begs Washington’s family to help hold him responsible for his drunkenness.

After the first season, Lesley shared with Hollywood life that her marriage “has been better than ever, honestly. We’ve been through a lot in the five years that we’ve been together, and I’m so blessed and thankful that he decided to put our family first and also his health. We’ve honestly been communicating better. We’re much better today than we were, you know, last week. We’re taking it one step at a time.”

Lesley Ho Job

Reports suggest that Lesley Ho received her Doctor of Pharmacy in 2013, but does not appear to be practicing any longer. There are no details currently available regarding her career milestone.

How Much Is Lesley Ho Net Worth?

Lesley Ho’s net worth should be under $500 thousand.

Lesley Ho Age

In 2022, Lesley turned 37 years old.

Lesley Ho Height

Lesley Ho’s height measures around 5 feet 4 inches.

What Is Lesley Ho Maiden Name?

The maiden name of Lesley Ho is “Do”. Her name is Lesley Kieumi Ho (nee Do).

Related FAQs

  • When Is Lesley Ho Birthday?

Lesley Ho’s birthday is on 21 August.

  • Where Is Lesley Ho From?

Lesley had a humble upbringing in Oklahoma. She described it as “very country” and not “cosmopolitan like Houston”. She is currently living in Houston, Texas.

  • Is Lesley Ho On Instagram?

Yes, Lesley Ho is on Instagram (@lesleyho).

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