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Sammy Finch Bio, Parents, Net Worth, Age, House Of Ho

One of the cast members of House of Ho is Sammy Finch the cousin of Washington Ho. There are apparently some changes in the relationship dynamics between the two. But there are a few other aspects that have changed since the premiere of season 1. Learn about her parents, net worth, age, and her boyfriend here.

This bio unwraps information as the article proceeds.

Sammy Finch On HBO Max’s House Of Ho

Meet Sammy Finch, cousin of Washington Ho from HBO Max’s House Of Ho. She has been Washington’s confidant and “assistant”. When Sammy was first introduced she had her life a little more together but instead, lived for the moment even if it didn’t always work in her favor. Since she and Washington were so close, he decided to offer her a job as his head of marketing.

However, tension develops between them in Season 2 as Washington struggles to keep his sobriety and begins to think that Sammy may not be a positive influence. In the new installment, viewers learned that Sammy and Washington are likely not seeing each other eye to eye.

She has also built a close relationship with fitness influencer Nikki Blackketter.

Sammy Finch Job

Sammy Finch started her career as a project manager at Wade, Garcia & Associates. It was in 2012 in San Antonio, Texas. She managed the implementation of technology as an innovative solution to increase clients’ ROI. She introduced a solution for a new client in a new market. These were some of her responsibilities in the company.

Sammy has been working as head of marketing at Voltstreet Energy Advisors since 2019. Moreover, she has also been serving in the role of Business Development in SAF Interest LLC. She is an experienced Head Of Marketing with a demonstrated history of working in the management consulting industry.

Moreover, she is skilled in Microsoft Word, Sales, Communication, Creativity Skills, and Teamwork.

Sammy graduated from the University of Houston,

How Much Is Sammy Finch Net Worth?

Sammy Finch, as of the premiere of season 2, is worth nearly $800K.

Sammy Finch Age

According to Famous Birthdays, Sammy Finch is 32 years old, born in February 1990.

Sammy Finch Parents

Sammy Finch was born to interracial parents. Her parents had age differences of 18 years old. Her parents married in 1983. They were happily married for 35 years until the death of her mother.

Sammy’s mother was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer in circa 2018. Life wasn’t easy for his parents. On Mother’s Day 2020, she posted a picture of her father feeding her mother her last birthday cake. Her mother died on 16 January 2019.

Sammy wrote, “Heaven received a new angel! Going to miss all of our amazing moments together. We all love you so much. Rest In Peace, Mommy. 1/16/19 I love you. You made it all possible. Thank you for everything.”

Talking about her father, Sammy has voiced that her dad is her hero. On his birthday in 2017, he wrote, “Thanks to you my glass is always half full, Mother Teresa is my role model, I talk to strangers as if they were my friend lol, I laugh at life, I’m infatuated with politics, I know guardian angels are real, books are life, health is not a question, exercise is essential, family is everything and love is endless.”

Sammy grew up with five siblings. They are Yuki Finch, Shaina Finch, Shea Finch, Stanley Finch, and Amber Finch. Shaina is 35 years old born in December 1986. Shea born in September 1991 is currently 30 years old, Stanley turned 24 years old in December 2021.

Who Is Sammy Finch Husband?

Sammy Finch is allegedly in a relationship with Andrew Moy. In August 2022, she shared about spending time with her partner. She wrote, “Literally the first weekend we have had all to ourselves at home! It was freaking tranquil chill! Knocked out laundry and even mopped! Damnnnnnn. FLEXIN ON YOU HOES! (No Pun intended)”.

In early August 2022, Sammy and Andrew attended a wedding together.

All of this suggested that they might be currently in a relationship. However, Sammy hasn’t shared anything about her plans of making him a husband. They aren’t engaged as of 2022 as we speak.

Speaking of Andrew, he is a Co-Founder & Board Member at Aegle. He is also a managing partner, investment committee, and APAC Market Development at Playbook Capital LLC. Andrew graduated from the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign and earned her BS in Management Information Systems.

Sammy Finch Height

Sammy Finch’s height is under 5’6”. The 2020 pandemic was hard on her and she has voiced it on her IG post. She missed talking to strangers, California sunshine, and making friends. She couldn’t wait for the COVID to come under control.

In March 2021, Sammy shared that COVID helped her learn to appreciate many things in her life. From losing her mother and the sadness that conjured after that, she chose to look at the good things in her life.

Related FAQs

  • When Is Sammy Finch Birthday?

Sammy Finch celebrates her birthday on 10 February.

  • Where Is Sammy Finch From?

According to her YouTube about section, Sammy is currently living in Houston, Texas.

  • Is Sammy Finch On Instagram?

Indeed, she is. Sammy Finch connects to her fans on Instagram (@sammy_finch), YouTube, Facebook (@sammyfinchPage), and Twitter (@sammyyfinch).

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