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Libby Hunsdale Bio, Age, Father, Mother, Down For Love

Libby Hunsdale is a budding actor who stood out in her performance in the film Poppy directed by Linda Niccol. She played someone who with her ambition to be a mechanic refuses to be defined by disability, and won the “Best Actress Award” at the SR Socially Relevant Film Festival in New York. Just like her character, IRL too Libby has been taking control of her own destiny not letting Down syndrome stop her. Adding to this fame of hers, Libby also decided to go on Netflix’s Down for Love, a dating show that centers around hopeful singles with Down syndrome as they look for love in New Zealand. She is one of the core members of the show. So, in this writing, we thought we will tell you about her.

Libby Hunsdale On Netflix’s Down For Love

Libby Hunsdale despite making her reality TV debut in Down for Love is no stranger to the camera.

Yet, she seemed to have gone to the Netflix show just for her [personal reason, i.e., looking to fall in love. “Can she find someone who’s not intimidated by her fame?”, they said about her when introducing her to viewers. One more thing Libby mentioned herself is that she has been looking for love for some time already.

Is Libby Hunsdale Dating Anyone?

As of August 2023, Libby seemed to be single and not dating anyone. It seems like she did not find love on the show.

Initially, she and Josh seemed to be bonding well, but later Libby gave up not feeling the same connection as he did. Finally, during the show, Libby came out to her grandmother while also hoping to find a connection with a woman. And so, she met Meimi, an Italian and Maori woman with Williams syndrome. But, Libby failed to find the connection here too.

Libby Hunsdale Height

Libby Hunsdale stands below 5’1” in height. She is fashionable and likes to describe her personal style as “really unique.” She said she likes to change it up depending on what she is doing, feeling or wants to say. In the colder months, she likes to keep things “classy” and when in summer she mostly likes it “bright, fun, and retro.” She also has talked about YouTube influencers Nicola and Gabriella DeMartino inspiring her in this aspect.

Libby Hunsdale Age

Libby Hunsdale was born in 2001. So, she reached the age of 21 in 2022.

How Much Is Libby Hunsdale Net Worth?

Libby Hunsdale reportedly had above $100K net worth as of August 2023.

Until around 2020, she was attending Whanganui Girls College. While there, she worked backstage at the Wanganui Repertory Theatre, helping with make-up and costumes.

When Libby is not working to expand her career in entertainment, she is working as a digital creator or overseeing affairs as an influencer for Project Employ, a disability service organization that helps people with intellectual disabilities find the right job.

Not to miss, last year in April, Libby herself also presented herself as one of the 2022 IHC Art Awards judges.

Libby Hunsdale Father

Libby Hunsdale’s father Tom Hunsdale was out of the picture while Libby was growing up. They may be later reconnected because in an interview in 2020, when asked to tell about herself, Libby said a lot of other things and also mentioned her dad. She told her Irish dad lives on Great Barrier Island with her stepmom and her little sister Terri (10 years old as of April 2020). She added that she usually flies up to them every school holiday where she swims, fishes on her dad’s boat, and has “great fun”. Also, she mentioned that her granddad who died years ago was involved in theatre and dance and he really inspired her.

Libby’s father is the same person who in September 2015 filed a complaint against the New Zealand Herald newspaper. It was concerning the headline of an article published in the outlet which related to the issue of a potential new flag for New Zealand.

Libby Hunsdale Mother

Last year when Libby Hunsdale won an Attitude Award for courage, she dedicated it to her mom, Kim, who is no more.

On Down For Love, they said “with her father out of the picture and a mother that passed away quite early” Libby’s childhood was not a garden of roses.

When Libby was only two, her mother was diagnosed with brain cancer. After over a decade of agonizing seizures, she lost her life one night.

Since then, Libby is said to have grown up with her grandmother Barbara Andrews. Her uncle Shaun, among other loved ones, was also there for her.

Related FAQs

  • When Is Libby Hunsdale Birthday?

It is not understood on what day exactly Libby Hunsdale celebrates her birthday.

  • Where Is Libby Hunsdale From?

Libby Hunsdale’s hometown is Whanganui, a city in the Manawatū-Whanganui region of New Zealand. This continued to be her home as of 2023.

  • Is Libby Hunsdale On Instagram And Facebook?

Yes. Libby can be found on Instagram and Facebook. As of 13 August 2023, her IG @libby.hunsdale included 2 posts and 796 followers. There also was another IG account (@libbyhunsdaleofficial). Now and then, she showed glimpses of her life on ‘Libby Hunsdale’ Facebook as well.

So far, she was yet to post content on TikTok @libby_hunsdale. Moreover, one could also look her up on Twitter @lhunsdale.

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