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Lily Mae Ivatt Oakley Age, Job, Down for Love, Still With Luca?

Lily Mae Ivatt Oakley, a native of New Zealand, has made it as the cast member of Netflix’s new dating show Down For Love. Not only do the hopeful singles try to find love but also have Down syndrome. In the show, she met Luka “Luca” Willems and they forged quite a bond with each other.

But are they still together? Along with that, here we’ll discuss other details about Lily Mae’s life.

Lily Mae Ivatt Oakley On Netflix’s Down For Love

Netflix’s Down For Love has a lineup of cast members who have Down syndrome. The show centers around a few hopeful singles as they look for love in New Zealand. This is the first reality TV program on Netflix to ever focus on the relationships of individuals with disabilities.

The program was created by Attitude Pictures, a company that specializes in producing media that promotes understanding of mental illness and disabilities. Filming started in March of 2022, but Covid-19-related delays prevented the show from airing until August 2023.

One of the cast members we meet is Lily Mae Ivatt Oakley. She is accompanied by her fellow cast members Libby Hunsdale, Lily Harper, John Halliday, Carlos Biggemann, and Josh Bradley.

She came into the show telling that she was looking for a boyfriend who is wise, loyal, and who is fit, and strong. And, they have to make cakes, have a lot of dreams, and want a big life.

Lily added that she doesn’t want to have any children.

Is Lily Mae Ivatt Oakley Still With Luca Williams?

Lily-Mae Ivatt Oakley and Luca did express interest in being each other’s boyfriend and girlfriend, but it appears that their romance failed to materialize away from the spotlight. Both parties are absent from each other’s social media accounts and do not follow each other on Instagram. As far as we can tell, Lily-Mae and Luca may have decided to part ways after the show.

Nevertheless, it is clear that they continue to succeed in their individual careers and personal lives. While Luca is an exceptional swimmer who utilizes social media to display his cooking abilities, Lily-Mae wishes to grow her modeling career.

Lily-Mae, a New Zealander from Auckland, was eager to start dating and discover her true love. She immediately found Luka “Luca” Willems, who was 19 at the time, to be beautiful and even referred to him as “hot.” After that, the two went kayaking and relished their time on the wide sea. When it was over, they went swimming to cool off. As they conversed, they found they had a number of interests, including a love of content creation and a desire to have a luxurious life in the future.

Later, when they went out for drinks, Luca gave Lily-Mae a gift and started the icebreaker game, which allowed them to get to know one another better. For the next date, she took her family to his hometown of Christchurch, New Zealand. Lily-Mae told her mother and sister before the date that she thought Luca was attractive and that she was definitely interested in investigating their relationship.

For their next meeting, the two reality TV stars visited an indoor wall-climbing facility and relished the exercise. They also tried the other entertaining options that the establishment offered and had a blast.

Later, Luca made Lily-Mae his unique Pad Thai Noodles and asked her to her house. She described how she could prepare spaghetti if they stayed together, and the Auckland native was impressed by her culinary talents. Following dinner, Luca showed Lily-Mae his puppet Sam and made a sweet proposal to her using his puppeteering abilities. The proposition was enthusiastically accepted by Lily-Mae, and the two later decided to visit Luca’s tree house.

Lily Mae Ivatt Oakley Age

In 2023, Lily Mae Ivatt Oakley is 19 years old.

Lily Mae Ivatt Oakley Job

Lily Mae Ivatt Oakley is an actor and performer by trade. She has a passion for drama and dance. She aspires to be a model just like Madeline Stuart (Australian model with Down Syndrome).

Lily has enrolled in Glass Ceiling Arts Collective an all-inclusive performing arts program. Back in 2019, she played Gloria the Hippo in Madagascar – A Musical Adventure Junior. Along with Madagascar, Lily Mae will be performing in her school’s production of Grease. She performs with the Touch Compass hip hop crew Integr8, is a catalog model for the Warehouse, and recently delivered an inspiring speech to the Upside Downs Trust about her wonderful life.

The Glass Ceiling Collective’s production of Grease Young@Part features the talent of young disabled performers that included Lily Mae. The youth theatre has been running since 2022 and this will be the first time many of its members have had the opportunity to perform on stage in a full-scale production. In Grease, she plays the tough, street-smart Rizzo. She says she most appreciates “the friendships… and the love that goes into making shows”.

Lily also starred in the collective’s new multisensory experience, Spark, which will tour Auckland in August. She has previously played Princess Fiona in Shrek.

Moreover, Lily loves celebrating World Down Syndrome Day (WDSD) as she stated in March 2023. She loves to “celebrate WDSD because it is a day when people with Down Syndrome are celebrated worldwide, which makes me feel really special.”

Every year since she was a baby, her family took me to the BUDDY WALK in Auckland to celebrate this special day. The whole Down Syndrome community and their families all come together and have a big fun walk around Mt Eden, followed by a festival gala at the park.

Is Lily Mae Ivatt Oakley On Instagram?

Yes, Lily Mae Ivatt is on Instagram (@lily_ivattoakley) and Facebook (@lilymae.ivattoakley).

Lily Mae Ivatt Oakley Family

Lily Mae Ivatt Oakley is the daughter of Chris and Hayley Ivatt-Oakley. Her parents founded Love Ya Lawns, a lawn mowing service in 2004. According to the show, Chris is a professional MTB.

Over the years they have gathered a solid base of satisfied customers who enjoy the personal but professional way they run Love Ya Lawns. Their customers range from property owners who live overseas, to students and people on pensions, to exclusive cliff-top residences.

Besides Lily Mae, Chris and Hayley also have another daughter named Nova/Tululabelle Ruby Lucia and a son named Eden Ivatt-Oakley.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Lily Mae Ivatt Oakley From?

Lily Mae is living in Palmerston North, New Zealand. She is originally from Auckland, New Zealand.

  • When Is Lily Mae Ivatt Oakley Birthday?

Lily Mae loves celebrations and is getting very excited about her 16th birthday in September.

  • How Tall Is Lily Mae Ivatt Oakley?

Lily Mae stands tall under a height of 5 feet.

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