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Liesl Soards Bio, Tom Bins Wife, Age, Job, Who Is She?

Liesl Soards is as upset as she can be with her husband Tom Bins who confessed to making and possessing indecent images of children. Likewise, the comedian is also “bitterly upset” and hopes that his wife and the rest of his family aren’t “further harmed by [his] actions.”

This Liesl Soards Bio explores everything you need to know about Tom’s wife.

Meet Liesl Soards, Tom Bins Wife

Liesl and Tom Bins started their love story back in 2005. She still remembers their fourth date to Cleethorpes clear as a day in September of that year. Fast forward to 6 years of dating bliss, the duo then tied the knot on October 2, 2011.

On their 8th wedding anniversary, Liesl took to her FB to share a picture from the big day, captioned, “I forgot. Normally we both forget? But you remembered this year! Why do I feel portrayed? It’s our thing? We don’t do the couples thing…I think this is our 8th year married? It’s getting serious.”

Also, she added that she loved that particular picture because it looked so romantic “but actually [Tom} was whispering that it was weird seeing me with make-up on, on a beach.”

Thereafter, the duo went on to welcome three kids —  Penelope, Henry, and Arthur.

Their oldest, Penelope turned 7 on April 4, 2021. She’s “funny, kind, and sassy with the dirtiest laugh.”

The middle child, Henry turned 5 on August 21, 2022.

Sadly, we don’t know their youngest Arthur’s age.

Now, coming to Tom’s scandal in 2023, it is indeed upsetting to know that a father of three little ones would make indecent images of children. But in his defense, the comedian said that his actions were accidental and occurred while he was under the influence of prescription drugs for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).

Tom confessed that in 2020, he “downloaded and deleted a very large amount” of adult NSFW content under the influence of Amfexa, a drug prescribed for ADHD. It was an error as they were within files of 18-plus content.

“I had not sought out nor wanted [the images in question]. I have no sexual interest in children, I have taken and passed a polygraph stating I have no sexual interest in children,” he said.

Also, he wants to take “full responsibility” and “punishment” and hopes his family “isn’t further harmed” by his actions.

Are Liesl Soards And Tom Bins Still Married?

We can confirm that Liesl and Tom Bins are no longer together However, we don’t know if the two have gone through the legal process of getting divorced.

Previously, in a podcast, Liesl and Tom discuss that didn’t have the time or the organizational skills to get divorced. “This isn’t a marriage it’s a hostage situation and this podcast is the only chance they get to talk,” its description read.

Also, now the title “wife” is missing from Liesl Soards’ social media bios. The last we checked, it read, “Mum and radio presenter.”

Liesl Soards Age

Liesl Soards was 41 years of age in 2023.

She is 12 years younger than her husband Tom Bins.

When Is Liesl Soards Birthday?

Liesl celebrates her birthday on May 9.

On her 39th birthday, she confessed that her birthdays were getting worst with each passing year.

Liesl Soards Family

Liesl Soards comes from a family of ten. Yes! her parents shared 8 kids. So, this meant they were financially unstable and what money little they had left over went into children’s education.

Sadly, Liesl’s parents have both passed away. Her dad, Arthur Ernest Soards took his last breath when she was 17, and her mother, Marcia Soards, lost her battle with breast cancer in 2011.

Recalling her wonderful mother, Liesl said that she had very old-fashioned views on parenting. She always believed a mother’s place was at home, and she would have been incandescent with rage if Liesl even suggested such a ludicrous idea of leaving a newborn at home to go to work. “She was quite mental. Sorry I mean eccentric as the  Police and Neighbor’s used to say,” she added.

But overall, though conventional, Marcia lived life to the full.

So, to pay her a tribute, Liesl joined  Cancer Research UK’s Race for Life in 2015 to run and raise £500.

Liesl Soards Job

Liesl Soards is a Radio Presenter. In 2023, she was working with BBC for over 4 years, with Hallam FM & The Greatest Hits for almost 8 years, and with GMG for almost 12 years.

Also, now she’s the owner of Chaotic Mum Ltd, a  Private Limited Company incorporated in July 2021.

Prior to that, she has been a producer for Cheerful Earful Productions (from Jun 2007 to Jan 2011), Breakfast Producer for Radio City 96.7 (August 2007 to November 2009), Breakfast Show producer – Executive Producer Tom Binns @ Drive Time for Birmingham’s BRMB (June 2003 to August 2007), and Breakfast Show Producer at Kiss100 (April 2002 to May 2003).

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Liesl Soards From?

 Liesl hails from London, United Kingdom, and resided there as of 2023.

  • Is Liesl Soards On Instagram?

We couldn’t find her on Instagram.

But here are her Facebook accounts @liesl.soards and @LieslSoardsChaoticMum, Twitter @SoardsLiesl, and Pinterest @lieslsoards.

  • Where Did Liesl Soards Earn Her Education?

Liesl attended the University of West London for her BA in Media Studies with radio from 2001 to 2003.

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