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Life Below Zero: Are Pierre-Yves Duc And Kim Pasche Married?

We stumbled on a bizarre question on google the sometimes before that read, “Are Pierre-Yves Duc And Kim Pasche Married?”. Pierre-Yves Duc And Kim Pasche are the stars of Live Below Zero, one of the most popular shows on TV. Because they work together and supposedly live together, fans of the show assumed that they are linked together romantically.

But, what amount of truth does that question holds true? Are they romantically linked? Or are they married to each other? We attempt to answer it all below in this article so keep reading to learn more.

Are “Life Below Zero: Northern Territories” Stars Pierre-Yves Duc And Kim Pasche Married?

No, Life Below Zero: Northern Territories stars Pierre-Yves Duc and Kim Pasche aren’t married.

Two men who are best friends living in a secluded part far from the modern lives, viewers assumed their partnership goes beyond their shared love of living off-grid. When viewers were introduced to the pair in the show, we know that they have known each other for over a decade. We also know that they left their family behind to live a life as a bushman. They hunted, built cabins, and did pretty much everything together to make their plan for subsistence living work.

Their on-screen chemistry was remarkable beyond the point that viewers started putting 2 and 2 together.

If you don’t already know by now what we are talking about, viewers presumed them as gay partners hence come the question of their marriage.

We live in a time where two male or female friends who are close to each other get labeled a couple or in a relationship. Pierre-Yves and Kim fell victim to the same situation here. Because they lived in Silent Lake in Yukon, a territory untouched by the life of a rat race, fans of the show back home shipped the two as a partner.

But, let us assure you that the two of them aren’t married to each other.

Is Either Of Pierre-Yves Duc And Kim Pasche Gay?

From what we’ve gathered on their romantic life that is available on the internet, no, neither Pierre-Yves nor Kim Pasche is gay. Viewers don’t get to see their romantic partners on the show and mostly it was only the two who are starring in the show, and as already told, doing things together.

But, some of the people might be closeted gay and two of them are very susceptible to getting pushed into that category. But, it appears Pierre and Kim both intend to keep their on-screen life professional on National Geographic. And because they don’t discuss their love life they were prone to be labeled as a gay couple.

We don’t know much about Kim. Whenever he is interviewed he speaks in French. So, even if he is sharing details of his private life, he does it in the French language.

However, Pierre, you should know is active on YouTube. He has appeared on the channel with a beautiful lady named Camille, who we assume to be his partner. On Valentine’s Day 2021, they along with their pups Loki and Bouba drove a couple of hours to go ice fishing for whitefish.

Camile is in Yukon and they live together. But, it is unclear whether she visits him on special occasions or if she is the resident. Regardless, we can assure you that Pierre-Yves is dating someone. She is featured in a few videos on the channel. Besides that, there isn’t much about Camille and her relationship with Pierre.

Do Pierre-Yves Duc And Kim Pasche Still Live Together?

No, Pierre-Yves and Duc and Kim Pasche don’t live together. Both of them seem to have their own cabins in Silent Lake in Yukon. From what we can tell, at least Pierre has his own place so to speak Kim might have his own. Whenever Camille appeared on Pierre’s YouTube, we don’t see him with Kim.

So, it implies they live in different places although they work together for the show. Beyond the TV show, Kim can also be seen visiting different places hosting and speaking to his fans. He also works with children teaching them the skills of primitive lives. So he is frequently traveling back and forth between cities and his place in the northwest corner of the mainland.

How Did “Life Below Zero: Northern Territories” Stars Pierre-Yves Duc And Kim Pasche Meet?

Two Life Below Zero show stars Pierre-Yves Duc And Kim Pasche never shared how they met each other. But, we know that they have known each other for over a decade. And they have been working on one of the remote trap-lines in the Yukon Territories for the last six years.

Related FAQs

  • How Many Episodes Of “Life Below Zero: Northern Territories” Features Pierre-Yves Duc And Kim Pasche?

As of 2022, Pierre-Yves Duc and Kim Pasche each appeared on 16 episodes of the show. They appeared on 8 episodes of “Life Below Zero: Northern Territories“. Before that, they appeared together in 8 episodes of Life Below Zero: Canada.

  • What Is The Age Difference Between Pierre-Yves Duc And Kim Pasche?

Pierre-Yves Duc and Kim Pasche only as an age difference of one year. Kim, born in 1983, is 38 years old in 2022. While Pierre-Yves is 40 years old as of 2022, 1982 marked the year of his birth.

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