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Lil Golo Bio, Age, Net Worth, Real Name, Cult Shotta

Lil Golo is one-half of the band “Cult Shotta” that collaborated with Bam Margera and Tanboymiguel for the diss track “Feel like Bam” in 2023.

This Lil Golo Bio explores his life.

Meet Lil Golo, One Half Of Cult Shotta & Bam Margera Collaborator On Jadakiss Diss Track

Lil Golo, as a part of Cult Shotta, collaborated with Bam Margera and Tanboymiguel to record “Feel like Bam” which disses Johnny Knoxville, Wee Man, Steve-O as well as the comedy series’ director Jeff Tremaine. 

But he didn’t make the surprising collaboration solely centered on his recent beef with his former Jackass co-stars.

Firstly, he recognized Bam Margera’s significant influence and popularity within the skateboarding and alternative sports community. Throughout his career, Bam has been an iconic figure, inspiring many young skateboarders and enthusiasts. Collaborating with Bam, the artist sought to tap into his dedicated fan base, thus expanding their own reach within the skateboarding subculture.

Secondly, Bam’s recent controversies and publicized conflicts with his former co-stars and director Jeff Tremaine generated a lot of media attention and buzz. This made him a relevant and trending topic, attracting curiosity from various audiences. 

Moreover, Bam’s involvement brought a certain edge and rebellious spirit to the track. His outspoken nature and willingness to address sensitive issues, such as the alleged unfair contracts from the Jackass movie franchise, added a layer of authenticity and rawness to the lyrics. This resonated with fans who appreciate artists who aren’t afraid to express their opinions and emotions through music.

Prior to this, Golo collaborated with Triple One, Nerve, and Mulalo on the song “Mr. Whippy.”

Lil Golo Net Worth

Lil Golo garnered a net worth of under $100 thousand by 2023.

This rap artist started his career years ago with another artist called Culture, but as the Polynesian movement started focusing more on violence, Golo tried a different approach to his music. “Being your f**king self. Not giving a f**k about any c**t. Listen to whatever music that’s true to you,” this is how the rapped defined himself.

Now, he’s one-half of Cult Shotta alongside his childhood friend E11even. The band is heavily influenced by the likes of Pharrell, Kanye West, and just about anything and everything to do with the old-school 90s, helping them develop and tailor their own sound and look. Together, the duo have performed festivals such as Splendour in The Grass, Field Day, The Plot, Snow Tunes, and Hard Grime along with more intimate shows at Sydney’s most prominent clubs

Besides Cult Shotta, Golo also releases his solo music. He made his solo debut  “NEVER WIFE A GANGA FROM THE BLOCK” in late 2020. The song was loaded with fire twirlers, a heap of iconic West Sydney cameos, and plenty of scantily clothed women, and naturally, it went viral.

The term “Ganga” in his song is commonly used as a degrading word towards women who sleep around. But Golo pointed out that the term also refers to men who do nothing but stay on the block in their “gangs” not trying to better themselves or their community in any way. He said, “Anyone can be a ganga. It’s not gender specific. In fact, I’m probably the biggest ganga I know.”

Some of Golo’s popular music was 250, Very Good Very Nic, NRG, and Beamin.

In 2023, Golo was managed by Ran-Dee @mrjointadventure.

Lil Golo Age

Lil Golo was reportedly born in 1994. That made him 29 years of age in 2023.

Did you know: Golo is on OnlyFans @lilgolo with a free subscription.

What Is Lil Golo Real Name?

Lil Golo’s real name is Nicholas Lousi.

Is Lil Golo Tongan?

Yes. Lil Golo is Tongan. In fact, he claimed that he was the first Tongan to ever see snow.

However, this Tonga native cant speak Tongan. And he’s been told not to represent Tonga by his fans. But the rapper was adamant that he’s 100% Tonga and doesn’t care what the hypocrites have to say.

His mom was from Kalonga and his dad was from Baha.

His family members are — Fane Togise (sister), Tim Curlewis (brother), Martin Porter (cousin), Emeline Finefeuiaki (cousin), Seka Milicevic, Folole Ngata, and Lusia Sia.

Lil Golo Height

Lil Golo stands tall at a height of above 5 feet 9 inches (175 cm).

Mentioning his distinct features, the rapper has a tattoo on his chest, arms, eyebrows, forehead, cheeks, a mole above his lips, and a unique hairstyle.

Lil Golo Girlfriend

Lil Golo has a girlfriend. Or so his Facebook relationship status said. But he didn’t reveal her identity as of 2023.

Related FAQs

  • When Is Lil Golo Birthday?

Golo receives his birthday wishes on July 1.

  • Where Is Lil Golo From?

The rapper hails from Rooty Hill, New South Wales, Australia.

In 2023, he split his time between Sydney, Australia, and Los Angeles, USA.

  • Is Lil Golo On Instagram And Facebook?

Find Golo on Instagram @lilgol0, TikTok @redhotgolo, and Twitter @lilgol0.

Sadly, we couldn’t find his Facebook.


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