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Love During Lockup Brittney Age, Instagram, Still With Andy?

So, when Love After Lockup‘s spin-off, Love During Lockup, returned with a new season on 21 July 2023, fans also took notice of Brittney, one of its cast. Brittney appeared on the show paired with Andy.

In this writing, we are about to tell you if or not they are still together, and about all that you have been wondering about Brittney. So, Keep reading!

Brittney On Love During Lockup Season 5

Love During Lockup Season 3 follows the journey of six “non-cons” as they go through the early stages of their romance with a prisoner. These couples are shown facing challenges from sending money, first video dates, and scarce visits, to the heartbreak and frustration of the prison system. And if for each of the couples, it is true love or just a con, viewers are made known at last.

The same also happened to Brittney and Andy. This is how their relationship story rolled out on the TV screen. Their love story is introduced to viewers as a “tale of overcoming preconceived notions”. Andy, an ex-cop hesitant about being judged after having struggled with modern dating following his second divorce, finds solace in Brittney, an inmate. Their connection is then said to have grown through letters, obliterating any mistrust about profession-based prejudices. In the show, they are documented as they break barriers and challenge societal norms, affirming that love can thrive even in the unlikeliest of possibilities. Their families also have their own roles to play in this story. Andy’s family mostly seemed concerned about the future of an unlikely ex-cop and inmate match. Andy therefore especially has to go through the biggest dilemma of his life, i.e., choosing between his partner and his unapproving children.

In a Love During Lockup clip, Andy’s friend of over two decades, JR, also sits down to chat and catch up with him and warns him mostly about Brittney. JR mostly was concerned that Brittney is in for drugs. Also, he didn’t like his friend spending money on her.

Are Love During Lockup Andy And Brittney Still Together?

So, to Love During Lockup viewers, Brittney and Andy seemed really committed to making their relationship work. They did not seem to be worrying about the obstacles that were already there and some that were likely approaching them. In the beginning, Andy seemed skeptical about his choice of falling in love with a convict. But, eventually, he was convinced that she was not much different from everybody else. Nevertheless, their relationship also had to survive other concerns. Not only both their families doubted the relationship, Andy’s children particularly seemed completely against Brittney. They were even forcing him to choose between family and love. Yet, Andy looked determined to live the rest of his life with Brittney. That this decisiveness alone indicates that they maybe ended up staying together for good.

But then scenes like Brittney accusing Andy of lying to her and cheating on her, and other similar heated arguments, make us believe otherwise.

Love During Lockup Brittney Age

During the time of Love During Lockup filming, Brittney was 35 years old.

What Is Love During Lockup Brittney’s Last Name?

It seemed as if Brittney came on the show deciding she would never reveal her last name. So, as of now, it was not understood what it is that her full name is.

Love During Lockup Brittney Criminal History

In Love During Lockup Brittney has in detail talked about her criminal past. She was jailed at the Wentworth Women’s Facility in Georgia.

When one time Andy chanced upon a website to write to pen pals and came across Brittney’s profile, she was still behind bars. And yet, that had not stopped him policeman from writing to her. Their conversation progressed thereafter, leading to the start of a great friendship before. With time, Andy also realized that she was the one he wanted to spend his life with. And this whole time, Brittney always was serving her time. At this time though there is no way for us to know why Brittney is locked up. Even today, there is no sign of her having been out of prison already.

Love During Lockup Brittney Job

At this point, Brittney had not revealed much about her professional life. However, she did hint that she is hopeful about resuming her life after getting out of prison. She even spoke about landing a job to support her loved ones. She seemed aware that starting a family with Andy would compel her to work considering that her Rome, Georgia residing beau had retired.

Andy previously worked as a police officer and had already retired by the time the show started filming. He actually sacrificed his cop job so that he and Brittney could join the cast.

Is Love During Lockup Brittney On Instagram?

As of 2023, Love During Lockup Brittney was not on social media including Instagram.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Love During Lockup Brittney From?

As of the time of this writing, Brittney seemed to be residing in Rome, Georgia. However, there was no way for us to understand if she was also born and bred here.

  • How Tall Is Love During Lockup Brittney?

Brittney herself has confirmed to the cameras on Love During Lockup that she stands 5′ 4″ in height.

  • When Is Love During Lockup Brittney’s Birthday?

Like so many other things, there was also no way for us to understand when Brittney’s birthday is.

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