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Lillian Phan Bio, Age, Married, Family, Job, Chef Dynasty

Meet Lillian Phan from Chef Dynasty on Food Network where she serves as a producer of the show. What does Lillian do for a living? Is she married? How old is she? And, who are her family members?

Know all about the co-star and producer in this short bio.

Lillian Phan On Food Network’s Chef Dynasty

Lillian Phan is a co-star on Chef Dynasty: House of Fang and served as producer, via her Instagram. The head of operations and events, Lillian, assists Kathy Fang in “pursue on-brand ventures beyond the kitchen.” Lillian certainly keeps her finger on the San Francisco culinary scene’s pulse. She was brutally honest when asked how things were going at this point in the pandemic.

According to Distractify, “The return to work in downtown S.F., [close to] where Fang and House of Nanking are located, is the slowest in the nation,” she shared. “I attribute a big part of the staying power and success of the Fang legacy to decades of great cuisine and heritage dining.”

She wants viewers of Chef Dynasty to get a real feel of how diverse San Francisco is.

“I’ve traveled all over the world, but have a deep love for this city that’s rich with culture, good people, an incredible arts scene, and delicious food,” said Lillian proudly. “I want S.F. residents to be reminded, and proud, of how amazing this city is.” We can’t wait to discover more about the city on Chef Dynasty: House of Fang.

Lillian Phan Job

Lillian Phan worked two jobs while attending the University of Southern California. Then, after launching a career in business, she began volunteering with the Junior League. “That’s where I got my happy bug for volunteerism.”

Now, Lillian volunteers for the Red Cross, using her passion for sales to solicit donations. She chairs the San Francisco Bay Area Red Cross Board and has steered the annual Gala for four years, raising a record amount of funds. “In fundraising, you are essentially asking for the sale. Many women are hesitant to ask for the donation.”

According to Lillian Phan’s LinkedIn, she is currently working at Mina Group as senior director of sales + partnerships. She worked there from 1990 to 2020. She was recruited by the founder and executive leadership of the organization to deliver transformational change by developing a dedicated partnership marketing approach including the design, launch, and leadership of a high-performing dynamic sales structure as part of the internal full-suite agency servicing 45+ restaurants across the United States.

By establishing solid, long-lasting commercial ties with the array of partners that Mina Group has, Lillian offered a comprehensive, diverse approach to the customer experience of Mina Group. Under the direction of its founder and award-winning chef Michael Mina, the Mina Group is a San Francisco-based restaurant management company that specializes in developing and running upmarket, cutting-edge restaurant ideas. The Mina Group has been in business since 2003 and currently oversees more than 30 concepts globally.

She formerly worked as director of events + marketing at The Clint Reilly Organization from 2013 to 2019.

Lillian served as Events Chair at

Also, Lillian’s LinkedIn states that he graduated from

Lillian has also volunteered on the executive board of directors at American Red Cross. She also holds licenses and certifications from, StackSkills, and Coursera.

How Much Is Lillian Phan Net Worth?

By 2022, Lillian Phan had a net worth above $1 million.

Lillian Phan Age

In 2022, Lillian Phan turned 43 years old. She was born in 1979.

Lillian Phan Family

Lillian Phan’s mother hailed from Vietnam. She escaped communism and immigrated to the United States sponsored by a Christian organization that gave them a head start with food and shelter. They moved in hopes to build a better life with her dad and create endless opportunities for her unborn children.

Eventually, the Phans moved to Santa Clara County. Both had to overcome the language barrier and reinvent themselves. “My Dad gave up architecture and became a nuclear engineer. My mom gave up her law degree.” They also opened a French bakery, where Lillian began working at age 15.

“My parents’ experience provided a benchmark for me. They instilled in me the idea that you can achieve anything if you work hard enough. Their approach to education was not if we would go to college, but where.” And that was not an easy goal. “My parents had three kids in college at the same time. In order for me to succeed, I had to work. It was not a choice, just part of my life.”

In May 2021, she posted, “I’m a proud first-generation Asian-American and grateful for my hybrid heritage. as a new mother, I look forward to sharing both my Asian cultural traditions and American ideals with my daughter.”

Lillian’s parents have been married for 46 years (celebrated their anniversary in March 2022).

As for her other family members, Lillian had three siblings Nina Phan (@ninaphanster), Vivian Phan Caruso (@bibjan), and Ginie Phan Brown (@gpwootwoot).

Is Lillian Phan Married?

Yes, Lillian Pahn is married and her husband is Alec Pickering. On their six-month anniversary, Lillian posted, “𝟨 𝓂𝑜𝓃𝓉𝒽𝓈 — what a whirlwind it has been since 02.22.20. I could not have asked for a better partner to navigate this pandemic. ilysm @apick21 💋#phancypick.”

The couple tied the knot in February 2020. On their first anniversary, Lillian posted, “ONE 🍾our first year of marriage was quite an unprecedented and memorable one. we survived a pandemic and emerged with a growing family and a stronger bond than ever before. ILYSM @apick21 —best life partner 🤍.”

They were engaged in May 2019. Alec proposed to Lillian after two years together.

The couple shares a daughter Camellia.

In February 2022, Lillian celebrated her husband’s birthday. She wished him, “happiest birthday to my one and only, handsome hubby, baby daddy, dance partner, car fanatic, marvel movie lover, and guinea pig to all my cooking. he uplifts me and makes me better. I celebrate the man that puts family and friends first while understanding the importance of work/life/school balance. I could not imagine life without alec. ILYSM @apick21.”

Alec turned 32 years old in February 2022.

Is Lillian Phan On Instagram?

Yes, Lillian Phan is on Instagram (@lilphancy) and Facebook (@lillianuphan).

Related FAQs

  • When Is Lillian Phan Birthday?

Lillian Phan celebrates her birthday on 16 May.

  • Where Is Lillian Phan From?

Originally from Santa Clara County, California, Lillian Phan is currently residing in San Francisco, California.

  • How Tall Is Lillian Phan?

Lillian Phan stands tall at a moderate height of 5’2”.

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