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Linda Lausten Bio, Age, Husband Now, John Ruffo Wife

Have You Seen This Man?, a three-part true crime documentary series on Hulu sees at the case of John Ruffo, an American former business executive and in recent times a con artist who pocketed an estimated $350 million. He was convicted of defrauding in a scheme to defraud many many US and foreign banking institutions in 1998. The white-collar swindler is considered one of the most significant cases of bank fraud in US history. He has been on the U.S. Marshals 15 Most Wanted Fugitives list ever since.

Professional forgery put aside John Ruffo also effectively abandoned his family including his wife Linda Lausten whom he had known since they were kids growing up in New York. Now, the rest, find out in this ‘Linda Lausten Bio’.

Meet Linda Lausten, John Ruffo Wife

Linda Lausten married John Ruffo in May 1980. That was before she decided to attend college. John already had built his own computer company, at that time. So, Linda proudly stood by him every step of the way. Then, for 19 years she was married to him before his escape sent her reeling as if “widowed” by a husband who was not dead. And that is when she started to uncover clues about who her husband was.

Instead of turning himself in to serve 17½ year sentence, John chose the life of a fugitive. He took out $600 from an ATM in Queens, New York, left his car in long-term parking, rented a Ford Taurus, and just vanished.

Meanwhile at Linda’s there all six personal homes were seized by the government, with “no mercy”. Be that as it may, she has always maintained her innocence and the FBI has also never accused her of any wrongdoing in either the con or her husband’s escape.

Reportedly, John never contacted her again.

In the early 2000s, Linda filed for divorce citing spousal abandonment.

So you know, even following the arrest in 1996, Linda had her trust in John to such an extent that she, along with five other immediate family members, had put up their homes to secure the $10 million bond payment.

Looking back, Linda says she cried for a year, every day. In an interview with NBC News, she said she now anyway wants him to be found so that she too can get a sense of closure.

“I want to face him… I’d like to ask him: ‘When did you stop loving me? What happened? When did money become so important that you could do this to us? ( ’”

Linda Lausten Husband Now

Linda Lausten says she is still very affected by the past but that she is not still stuck in it in any way, shape, or form.

As a result, Linda has also moved on, getting married again to Andrew Lausten, originally of Phoenix, Arizona. As per LinkedIn, Linda’s now-husband started working as an administrative coordinator in technology at Center for Court Innovation sometime in 2021. The business professional studied Marketing at Grand Canyon University back in the day.

After marriage, Linda and Andrew welcomed daughter Natalie into their life. “Baby’s all grown up! Happy 19 my girl!”, dad Andrew took to his Facebook to wish the college-going daughter’s on her birthday.

Linda Lausten Age

Every year the 27th of June marks Linda Lausten’s birthday making her a Cancer. On this day in 2021, she turned 66 years old.

Is Linda Lausten On Instagram?

Linda Lausten did have an account on Instagram @lindalausten. But with 5 posts and 104 followers as of 26 March 2022, she rarely shared anything on it. She rather seemed more active on her ‘Linda Lausten’ Facebook.

Linda Lausten Job

As per LinkedIn, Linda Lausten has been working as a part-time customer service representative at Perry Street Reflexology in New York since August 2018. Before that from May 2006 through June 2018, she was a full-time member services representative at the Visiting Nurse Service of New York.

From May 2001 until May 2004, Linda was New Plan Excel Realty Trust’s executive assistant.

For a year (September 1999 to June 2001), she prepared client documentation at a law firm called John T. Landers.

Speaking of her educational background, Linda has had her B.S. in Business/Commerce at the City University of New York. She also attended CUNY Hunter College before that.

One could give Natalie a follow on Instagram @natalia.rose_xoxoxo.

If you also must know, Natalie was adopted.

Related FAQs

  • Where Does Linda Lausten Reside?

Linda Lausten called Staten Island in New York her home as of March 2022.

  • Does Linda Lausten Appear On Hulu’s Have You Seen This Man?

It is unclear if Linda Lausten appeared in Hulu’s documentary Have You Seen This Man?.

The series is produced by ABC News Studios aiming to reveal new clues that could help find her missing ex-husband.

Authorities believe this man under inspection is likely living overseas and have spent decades chasing leads across the world. John is also said to have had a particular affinity for Italy. Linda herself discovered had the Italian address of his former New York barber inside of the pockets of one of his suits after he fled.

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