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Russell Acord Bio, Age, Wife, Net Worth, Height, Family

A year after devastating wildfires forced the cast of Travel Channel’s Expedition Bigfoot to evacuate the Olympic Peninsula just as they had discovered fascinating new evidence, the team again returns to the unforgiving Oregon wilderness in search of Bigfoot. As the third season of Expedition Bigfoot returned to the screens in 2022, so have our beloved cast, which includes Bigfoot expert Russell Acord.

Stick to the end of this article to learn about Russel’s Expedition Bigfoot stint, his personal life, net worth, and more!

Russell Acord On Expedition Bigfoot

While all the viewers knew all along that if there was going to be a third season of the popular Travel Channel show there would be Russel in it, the survivalist and a retired Army Sergeant first officially announced that he was going to be the part of the show on March 14th. Russel also asked his fans and followers to watch the premiere on March 20th and support the show.

After unearthing some important evidence last season, the team of elite researchers believes that they could finally pull Bigfoot out of the pages of legend into reality the third around.

Travel Channel describes Expedition Bigfoot as a “three-week expedition” conducted by “an elite team of Sasquatch specialists” where they try to find “mysterious evidence of non-human primate presence in the Oregon wilderness.”

The whole Expedition Bigfoot cast is made up of talented and experienced people like Russell Acord. First, we have Dr. Mireya Mayor, who is a renowned primatologist and is also known as “the female Indiana Jones”, and the second is Bigfoot-obsessed actor and producer Bryce Johnson, and lastly but importantly Ronny LeBlanc, who is a world-renowned figure in the world of paranormal, Bigfoot and UFOs.

Although the show is exciting and interesting to watch, many viewers have deemed that some aspects of the show are fake.

One Twitter user wrote, “Hey Expedition Bigfoot stop it with the electronic knocking sounds in the background music. Don’t fake tree knock sounds when they’re not happening!” while another one wrote, “#ExpeditionBigfoot utter fakery.. scripted.. such a shame… if you find a lead run with it! Flood the area with the real investigation.. not just leave and do something else.. and why end on the 21st day? It’s an estimated time frame! You leave clues only half investigated. Fake.”

Russell Acord Net Worth

As of 2022, Russell Accord’s net worth was measured to be above $800 thousand.

Expedition Bigfoot star Russell completed his grade school at Corvallis Montana school and high school at Arlee Montana. After completing high school, Russell traveled throughout the United States trying to find his direction but kept coming back to his home Montana for its scenic beauty.

Russell was interested in reading tales about Bigfoot, aspects such as how they would keep them so well hidden for so many years. Listening to the tales, he began to pick out the consistencies in them and decided there and then that would be the foundation of his book.

As of this writing, Russell has authored two Bigfoot-related books, namely Footprints of a Legend and Bigfoot and the Tripwire. His books are written around the Bitterroot mountains, the place where he was raised, which allowed for a closer description and texture to the landscape.

As an adult, Russell answered the ‘call of patriotism’ by joining the US Army, where he also faced the greatest highs and toughest lows of his life. As a soldier, he traveled to different countries and experienced numerous cultures. Although Russell wanted to serve in an army for a long period, the rough duties of a soldier caught up to him and he was then medically discharged from the army.

The military did however provide Russell with four-year undergraduate studies. He completed his college education at Central Washington University, where he majored in Safety and Health Management and minored in civil engineering.

Does Russell Acord Have A Wife?

When it comes to his personal life, Russell Accord has never bothered to talk a thing about it. As of this writing, we did not know if he had a wife. That being said, it’s worth noting that Russel has written “It’s complicated” under the Relationship section of his Facebook.

Russell Acord Age

Born in 1965, Russell Acord’s age was 56 as of March 2022.

Russell Acord Height

Based on his pictures, Russell Acord is not more than 6 feet in height.

What Has Russell Acord Revealed About His Family?

As stated earlier, Russell is pretty tight-lipped when it comes to his personal life and family. That being said, Russell has once mentioned being grateful to his father for providing the greatest gift to his family by moving the whole family to Montana.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Russell Acord From?

Originally from Baltimore, Maryland, Russell moved to the state of Montana in his childhood and since then has been calling the beautiful place his home.

  • When Is Russell Acord’s Birthday?

Russell Acord celebrates his birthday on the 13th of August every year.

  • Is Russell Acord On Instagram?

You can find Russel Acord on Instagram @russell.acord. He had a little more than 4.5 thousand followers on the platform. You can find him on Twitter as well.

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