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Lindsey Anderson Bio, The Trust, Husband, Job, Age

Lindsey Anderson is the star of The Trust. Lindsey was approached by a talent scout nearly four years ago, proposing that she apply for a reality program. Being a passionate watcher of reality TV, she considered it an excellent chance. The show remained unfinished for a while. Anderson believed that to be the conclusion. Until she gets an email from Netflix in February 2023.

“I have the perfect show for you. It starts in two weeks. Do you have a passport? Can you go?” Lindsey said about signing up for the show.

Eleven strangers “from all walks of life, all different ages, they all come together and there’s $250,000 on the line” are featured in the film “The Trust.” Each competitor has the option to divide the money equally or remove competitors to win a bigger cash payout.

Lindsey said her East Idaho background influenced her decision-making on the show. “I was born and raised LDS. I’m no longer LDS, but certainly those belief systems in that community and how I was raised there had a big effect on me,” Lindsey said.

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Lindsey Anderson On Netflix’s The Trust

Lindsey Anderson found it easy and difficult at the same time to navigate the game she had fallen into. She felt confident in her ability to build relationships and make accurate judgments about people, but she was also concerned about how others could view her career and way of life, especially considering how important wealth status seemed to others.

Lindsey decided to play a safe game in which she attempted to interact with people while keeping her secrets to herself. But when she noticed that everyone was remarking on how little was known about her, she decided to divulge more information during the secret-sharing exercise, revealing that she had strayed from her ex-husband and abandoned the Mormon church when she was 21.

Soon after, Lindsey seized the opportunity to vote Juelz Morgan out at the first trust ceremony. She explained how she was aware that the concepts of cooperation and trust are not the only ones that govern the world.

Although Lindsey remained quiet during the first part of the show, she did argue angrily with Jacob “Jake” Chocholous about his declaration of himself as the leader and his subsequent preference for the men over the women in the ranking process. Lindsey managed to establish a strong bond with Bryce Lee and became close to her roommate, Jay Patterson.

Lindsey made an effort to keep positive relationships going without coming across as unduly forceful, knowing that the best course of action might just be to avoid upsetting anyone.

Lindsey Anderson Husband

Although Lindsey Anderson didn’t reveal the identity of her husband, she shared plenty of details regarding the ups and downs in her life. While having a chat with the other contestants, Lindsey said, “The pandemic was very rough on my family and myself. Long story short, that caused a lot of problems in my marriage because I changed a lot.”

Lindsey went on to say, “I’m not the same person my husband married, not even close. So our relationship can get very toxic.”

The couple was questioned by Jake Chocolous about their continued separation. Lindsey’s response was, “I lived the life of living in an apartment without my kids half-time and I like made a conscious decision to stay in this marriage with my children and my family unit.”

However, they are as strong as ever despite how they appeared on the show. Watching reality television has been one of Anderson’s other passions. She has watched “Big Brother” every summer with her husband for the past fifteen years.

Is Lindsey Anderson On Instagram?

Indeed, Lindsey Anderson is available on Instagram (@the.lindsey.anderson) and Facebook (@LindseyAnderson).

Lindsey Anderson Job

Lindsey Anderson relocated to Idaho Falls and spent several years operating a small company there. Web Impakt, Anderson’s company, was a web development and design firm. She created websites for important local businesses, such as the Idaho Falls Chamber of Commerce and the Idaho Falls City website.

In her initial information systems course, Anderson was the sole female student. However, as she gained more knowledge about it, she became more certain that’s what she wanted to pursue.

As an entrepreneur, Lindsey found that the resources provided by Ricks and ISU were useful in pursuing her goals.

Lindsey attended Idaho State University for her bachelor’s degree then Ricks College, which is now Brigham Young University-Idaho, to learn how to accomplish this. Her major, information systems, was a combination of marketing and computers, as she expressed it.

Watching reality television has been one of Lindsey’s other passions. She has watched “Big Brother” every summer with her spouse for the past fifteen years. She also watches every reality show on Netflix, including “Married at First Sight.”

Lindsey claimed that she frequently finds herself judging the players’ behavior while watching “Big Brother” and considering her own course of action. When she had the opportunity to test herself in February 2023, she saw right away that “The Trust” is not the same as “Big Brother.”

Lindsey Anderson Age

Born in September 1979, Lindsey Anderson is 44 years old as of January 2024.

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  • Where Is Lindsey Anderson From?

Lindsey Anderson was born and raised in Shelley, Idaho. She lives in Portland, Oregon.

  • When Is Lindsey Anderson Birthday?

Lindsey Anderson’s birthday is in September.

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