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Jake Chocholous Bio, Wife, Age, Job, Instagram, The Trust

Jake Chocholous is one of the cast members of Netflix’s The Trust: A Game of Greed that you can stream on Netflix. Similar to The Traitors, the contestants consist of 11 strangers who are handed $250K to divide equally among themselves. However, some of them will steal more than their fair share, while others will donate more than they should. The catch is that they are presented with the cash prize right away.

In Netflix’s The Trust, competitors have the option to secretly vote one another out, which increases their individual reward pot shares but may also foster more mistrust inside the group. Everyone gets to keep living in a lavish villa in the event of a tie vote or no votes at all.

Find out more about Jake as you scroll down this bio below.

Jake Chocholous On Netflix’s The Trust

Because they were both in the military when Jake Chocholous joined the Netflix series, he ended up becoming close friends with Brian Firebaugh. Glad with everything he had achieved in life, Jake was prepared to demonstrate his abilities on the reality show if called upon. Additionally, he became close to Julie Theis, who appeared to be considering his approaches as well. But after his actions during the ranking job, Jake’s easy ride in the house did not last long.

When it came time for the housemates to rate their own perceived intelligence, Jake was certain that he was smarter than Julie. In addition, he claimed to be the house’s greatest leader. Therefore, host Brooke Baldwin made the decision to ask him to assign a ranking for each of the upcoming categories. His rankings for the same upset many, including Julie and Jay Patterson.

Jake was then asked to select two individuals to send to the vault, and he decided on Bryce Lee and Gaspare Randazzo. Tolú Ekundare was another person who took offense at Jake. She said that even in his attempt at humor, she didn’t appreciate the term “African.” Aware of this, Julie, who had by then patched things up with Jake, asked Tolú to try to talk to Jake about this, and she granted it.

Jake had an awakening during the ensuing talk, but they were able to move on when he decided to accept his co-star’s boundaries.

But Jay was still upset with Jake, so Julie attempted to rescue him by trying to force a tie by trying to remove Simone Stewart from the race. Nevertheless, Simone was eventually eliminated as a result of this. After learning the cause for Simone’s inexplicable eviction, Jake appeared appreciative of Julie’s attempt to take action. At first, he was incensed about it.

Jake and Bryce received two offers for the third vault offer. They might choose to have $2,000 added to the total trust for each individual who did not vote anyone out, or they could keep $10,000 apiece in case someone was removed during the following trust ceremony.

The fact that Jake and Bryce accepted the second offer undoubtedly inspired the other actors. To be exact, all nine of the participants who were still in the running decided not to vote for anyone, which added $18,000 to the trust. Soon after, Jake decided to declare Brian to be his closest friend, which caused tension in his relationship with Julie.

Jake discovered much later that Julie was disappointed that he had not picked her.

Jake Chocholous Age

Born in 1986, Jake Chocholous turned 38 years old in January 2024.

Who Are Jake Chocholous Parents?

Jake Chocholous is the son of Curtis Chocholous and Laurie Chocholous.

Curtis is the founder and CEO of NuPulse PRO. NuPulse PRO creates a vibrant new pulse in your organization through people and process transformation. As a result, productive human energy will resonate throughout your company producing competent and compassionate employees who enthusiastically share their positive stories, in the community and marketplace.

Laurie studied Nutritional Therapy at the Nutritional Therapy Association. She was a founder at Nourished Pure, NTP, NTC, and CM, Health/Wellness Content Writer. Feline lover.

Curtis is 65 years old. Meanwhile, Laurie is 63 years old.

Talking about siblings, Jake has a brother named Nathaniel. He is 35 years old and married to his wife Rachel.

Jake Chocholous Job

A veteran of the Army and Blackhawk pilot Jake Chocholous is incredibly proud of what he has accomplished in his military career. Jake is a man of values who has always been willing to express his opinions to everyone. Heh is currently a content creator for websites like Instagram and TikTok, where she frequently discusses social and political topics.

Jake also hosts a podcast named “The Man Up.” The same show’s daily episodes center on subjects that the reality TV star is either extremely enthusiastic about or finds fascinating. Even though Jake tends to lean right most of the time, he has been outspoken about accepting opposing viewpoints.

He also continues to be a strong supporter of the armed forces and their veterans in addition to being a major champion for mental health.

Jake Chocholous Wife

Jake Chocholous was likely previously married to his ex-wife Sarah E Chocholous. Per the reports available online, Jake filed for divorce in April 2020.

Sarah is 35 years old as of 2024. She appears to be residing in Georgia.

Is Jake Chocholous On Instagram?

Yes, Jake Chocholous is available on Instagram (@jakechocholous), TikTok, YouTube, and Facebook.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Jake Chocholous From?

Jake Chocholous is residing in Jacksonville, Florida. He is originally from Oakwood, Ohio.

  • How Tall Is Jake Chocholous?

Per his pictures, Jake Chocholous stands tall above the height of 6 feet.

  • When Is Jake Chocholous Birthday?

Jake Chocholous’s birthday is in January.

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