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[Lindsie Chrisley] Trent Weiser Family: Father, Mother, Siblings

In June 2022, reality stars Todd and Julie Chrisley were convicted of tax evasion and bank fraud. The husband and wife thereafter began their sentences in January at the prisons Florida’s Federal Prison Camp Pensacola and Kentucky’s Federal Medical Center in Lexington, respectively.

Since then, the rest of the Chrisleys have been having just as tough times. While continuing to believe what they were accused of is wrong, the family members have been talking about their frustrations with the federal legal system and how their imprisonment has taken a toll on all of their lives. Yet, amid all this, one of the Chrisley, i.e., Lindsie Chrisley just made her relationship with her new boyfriend, Trent Weiser, Instagram official. And so we thought we would introduce you to his family members as well.

Who Are Trent Weiser’s Family Members?

Trent Weiser in his family has his parents and a sibling. Moreover, in the past, he also had a wife, and with her, he shares two kids.

Trent’s ex-wife is Ashley Muir. The two tied the knot on 23 November 2013 at Barnsley Resort in Adairsville, Georgia. Thereafter, one of them filed for divorce later in October 2022. But, today, on her Facebook, Ashley happens to mark her relationship status as “Divorced since November 23, 2013”. Why she did so, she did not reveal.

Just on 28 May 2023, Ashley took to her Facebook to tell people about how, 11 days before, she and her family escaped their family home and watched it burn to the ground in the middle of the night. This is the last time she mentioned her kids on a social media post. She explained how her 7-year-old daughter saved herself and her 5-year-old.

Ashley had further talked about her brother Joey saving her other brother, Matthew. She herself was laying inside a hyperbaric chamber on the fourth floor. Her dad had come to her in just minutes to spare. And so like that, the moment after everyone was out on the street, every room in the house was on fire. And fortunately, not only did they “miraculously” all live, they “escaped completely unharmed”.

Meet Teresa Weiser, Trent Weiser Mother

Trent’s mother is Teresa Smith Weiser, AKA Teresa Diane Weiser. She can be found on Facebook with the same name, where she just lately shared a comical clip from Golden Girls and had fun exchanging comments with her friends in the comment box. On her Facebook, she also mentioned that she studied at Argosy Sarasota in the Class of 2009.

Trent’s mom can be also given a follow on Instagram @teresasmithweiser, where as of July 2023, she enjoyed 3 posts
and 259 followers.

Speaking of her age, she turned 73 years old in July 2023.

What’s more, on her LinkedIn, Teresa mentioned being a consultant at Weiser Expressions from July 2012 until now.

The matriarch happens to have a Doctor of Education (Ed.D.), Educational Leadership and Administration from Argosy University Sarasota.

Meet William Weiser, Trent Weiser’s Father

Trent’s father is William A Weiser and he reached the age of 74 in November 2022. William can be found on Facebook. But, he had not shared here much.

William also happens to go around as Tony Weiser.

Also, the important thing is, William and Trent’s mom are no longer together or married. William is actually also married to someone else called Evelyn Weiser.

So, this Evelyn, Trent’s stepmother, previously worked at a place called ‘honey creek hair’ and studied at North Idaho College. She turned 73 years old in September 2022.

How Many Siblings Does Trent Weiser Have?

Trent Weiser has just one sibling. He is his brother Todd A Weiser and he turned 42 years old in October 2022. This means Trent is younger than Todd as he reached the age of 39 in August 2022.

Todd is a veteran. Not just his family but also his friends and neighborhood people have proud of his dedicated service to this country. “From the boy to the man you have continued many of us in day-to-day lives do not hold that much dedication to family much less the countries we reside in”, often his acquaintances can be seen giving him compliments as such on his social media posts. Todd also has been married to Kimberly Zych Weiser for some time now. And Kimberly, on her Facebook, mentioned being the senior vice president – operations at Sustainable Investment Group (SIG). She studied Journalism at Georgia State University in the Class of 2006.

Related FAQs

  • Where Does Trent Weiser Family Reside?

Trent’s dad, in 2023, seemed to be raised in Mullan City in the northwest United States, in the Silver Valley mining district of northern Idaho. His mother, on the other hand, highlighted her recent facts, on Facebook, about Clayton, Georgia being her now-home and her relationship status as ‘single’.

As for Todd, he seemed to be residing in Alexandria, Virginia.

Trent himself meanwhile was most likely living in Marietta, Georgia.

  • Are Trent Weiser Family Members On Facebook?

Yes. As prior mentioned, all of Trent Weiser’s family members could be found at least on Facebook, as of July 2023. As for Trent, his IG @trentweiser, with 9 posts and 167 followers, was kept private. He also did not seem so much active on ‘Trent Weiser’ Facebook.

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