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Linzee Ryder Bio, Age, Job, Gino Palazzolo Ex-Girlfriend

Linzee Ryder is reportedly the ex-girlfriend of Gino Palazzolo. How old is she? What is her job? Read all the drama along with their information in this article below.

Meet Linzee Ryder, 90 Day Fiance Star Gino Palazzolo Ex-Girlfriend

Star of 90 Day Fiancé Jasmine Pineda is bringing up Gino Palazzolo’s ex-girlfriend Linzee Ryder once more, and there’s a lot to learn about their protracted conflict. As disclosed during the Tell All, Gino and Jasmine first connected on a sugar baby website. On the spin-off, Gino went to see Jasmine face to face.

While on vacation on San José Island, Jasmine learned that Gino had sent s*xual images of her to his former partner as a form of retaliation. Jasmine received screenshots of these discussions from Gino’s ex-partner as a warning about the man. In addition, the woman forwarded to Jasmine an old post revealing Gino’s past practice of hiring sugar babies as companions.

After an intense argument, Jasmine and Gino reconciled after realizing they could work through their differences and regain one other’s trust. Linzee, Gino’s ex-girlfriend, revealed herself on social media and offered her version of events in the interim.

Linzee discussed her connection with Gino as a sugar baby and sugar daddies on the 90 Day Fiancé podcast, The Fraudcast (via Monsters&Critics.) She claims that she connected with Gino on the internet circa 2015 and that they continued to communicate over the years. She referred to Gino as a “creep” and said that he had sent her pictures of other women, including Jasmine. These were “naked pictures” of Jasmine and the ladies he dated. Gino seemed to be trying to elicit a response from her.

Linzee said she used to ignore Gino until she received a message from a producer requesting a conversation. Although Linzee requested that her name and other personal information not be disclosed on the program, she was unable to participate in the filming. But parts of Linzee’s text exchanges with Jasmine were broadcast in season 5 of 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days.

Screenshots of these Instagram direct messages that Jasmine and Linzee sent to followers on January 31, 2022, following the episode, were posted by Reddit user u/AshtonKechamall.

Linzee’s messages to Jasmine read, “I’m messaging you to let you know that you may want to be careful with sending him your nudes since he sends them to other people.” And “I think you should be aware of what you are getting into.”

What Gino’s ex was telling Jasmine didn’t seem to register with her. Jasmine had responded by texting Linzee with messages like “You’re not even pretty, I feel sorry for you” and “You’re sick and disgusting.”

“I’m at the lowest in my life, I feel like I can’t do it anymore, today,” Jasmine posted on Instagram in February 2022. “This is [the] situation: Gino’s ex has sent my private pictures to bloggers. Pictures that have been used to create stories and multiple videos. She sent them to my job which I lost as well.”

Linzee posted her own Instagram story, “A certain someone out here claiming I sent their pics to their work to get them fired…When I have no clue where they work (if they even do).”

When Jasmine was telling her ex-boyfriend Dane about how Gino had given her topless photos to his ex-girlfriend in an attempt to make her feel jealous, she made the last reference of Gino’s former partner on 90 Day Fiancé. She claimed that once these images were circulated across the nation’s schools, she lost her teaching position.

In response, Linzee wrote on her Stories that she didn’t know where Jasmine worked. ScreenRant claims that the adult film celebrity also called Gino a “creep.”

Time travel to the January 21, 2024, episode of 90 Day Fiancé season 10, where Gino and Jasmine were once again plagued by the controversy surrounding their nude images. Another heated disagreement broke out between the couple over the matter when Gino questioned his fiancée about what she had done to “provoke” Linzee into supposedly releasing the pictures.

“She was making fun of me, insulting my physical appearance,” Jasmine responded, astonished at the question. “She was making ugly comments about my tits, the ones that you sent and she looked at. And you are really asking me if I provoked her?”

Jasmine erupted over how much the incident had harmed her personal life after Gino ordered her to “calm down.”

Linzee Ryder Age

Reportedly born in 1984, Linzee Ryder reached the age of 39 years in 2023.

Linzee Ryder Job

At the age of 23, Linzee Ryder started her career as a webcam model, and soon after, producers and directors began to show interest in her. Since then, she has gone by her stage name and made appearances in a number of adult films, escorting services, and feature dancing events.

Linzee has gained popularity among fans of the adult entertainment industry thanks to her fascinating performances and extraordinary skills. She is renowned for her intense performances and her ability to control the camera while maintaining an intimate relationship with the audience.

Now regarded as one of the world’s leading adult performers, Linzee has a sizable social media following. She has been featured in a number of magazines, such as Penthouse and Playboy. In addition to her adult employment, Linzee owns a cannabis product line company with her spouse and is an entrepreneur in the cannabis sector.

Linzee is fervently devoted to the legalization of marijuana, and she has utilized her position to promote this cause. In the adult entertainment sector, Linzee Ryder has established herself as a formidable force thanks to her tenacity and dedication to perfection.

Linzee started establishing her reputation as a dancer before embarking on her film career. Her seductive stage shows delighted gentlemen’s clubs in the Detroit region with their seductive dances. Dissatisfied with her day work as a legal assistant, the free-spirited woman focused her energies on modeling and feature dance.

After her portfolio photos went viral on social media, several producers of p*rn*graphic entertainment started pursuing Linzee. The model transitioned to hardcore film with ease because of her passionate love of s3x.

In addition to increasing popularity in the adult entertainment industry, Linzee is creating a stir with her sensual content on her ManyV!ds and 0nlyF@ns channels. With an increasing number of credits to her credit list and a devoted fan base on social media, Linzee is well-positioned to become the next big thing in MILF p-rn.

The gorgeous blonde is quickly amassing a devoted following of her own. Hello, huh? She received nominations for the 2021 AVN Awards in the categories of Most Spectacular Boobs and Hottest MILF (Fan Voted).

What Is Linzee Ryder Real Name?

The real name of Linzee Ryder is yet to be revealed.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Linzee Ryder From?

Linzee Ryder hailed from Detroit, Michigan.

  • When Is Linzee Ryder Birthday?

Linzee Ryder’s birthday is on 2 May.

  • Is Linzee Ryder On Instagram?

Yes, Linzee Ryder is available on Instagram (@linzeeryder).

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