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Loni Willison Now: What Happened To The Ex-Model?

Loni Willison, who was once a famous swimsuit model, her life has turned upside down. Where is she now? What happened to her?

Here is what we know about Loni’s life.

Loni Willison Now: What Happened To The Ex-Model?

In June 2023, Loni Willison, a homeless ex-model, was spotted rooting through dumpsters for food in LA. Ex-model Loni Willison, who is homeless, is seen in Los Angeles scouring dumpsters in the alleys for food. Back in May 2023, she was smoking and a clothing trolley next to her.

The troubled former celebrity, who had severe damage on her hands, had been spotted numerous times over the past two weeks looking for food outside.

Loni, in May 2023, appeared on X17 Online for an interview. She was questioned about where her life went wrong.

“My ex-husband. Getting married. At least I got divorced,” Loni replied. “He set everything up to do this to me.”

In the interview with X17 Online, Loni said she is ‘in a lot of pain,’ as her stomach hurts ‘really bad’. She said that because she was “electrocuted” every day for almost a year, she is now unable to be around electricity and that she “can’t live inside anywhere.”

“I think because [I pick] up on the electricity, I also pick up on other things, like certain chemicals or batteries, or fuses, like wire, different types of metals. So I think my body even filters that kind of stuff,” she said.

After spending several years away from the spotlight, she was spotted on the streets of London in 2018. She spoke about her fallout at the time to, confessing that she had a mental breakdown in 2016 and had begun to think that someone was inflicting electrical currents on her body, which could only be remedied by using crystal meth.

Loni added: “I’m not sure exactly, I’d have to go through a big X-ray, sonogram machine, or something to see that. It’s pretty intense.”

Talking about her life, she stated: “There are good parts and there are bad parts, but whatever.”

She said, “I’ll be fine,” when the interviewer mentioned that she had severely injured fingers and might want to get them examined. After Jackson, a former Baywatch actor was expelled from the UK’s Celebrity Big Brother for exposing fellow resident Chloe Goodman’s breast, Loni first voiced her opposition to Jackson in 2015.

The Wilshire section of the Los Angeles Police Department confirmed to that the couple’s LA residence made a domestic disturbance complaint in August 2014. She reportedly suffered two broken ribs, a neck injury, and scratches on her face and torso as a result of the event. Willison decided not to file charges, which resulted in the case being withdrawn.

In 2015, Loni said: “I didn’t report him when he attacked me because I was scared. I was in a bad place emotionally and I didn’t want Jeremy to go to jail. But after all this, I think I should have. Maybe then I could have stopped Chloe from having to go through that. I’m not surprised this happened. I know what Jeremy is like. At least now everyone can see what I had to put up with.”

Loni was spotted during a recent outing sporting a tie-dye T-shirt, shorts, flip sandals, and a green jacket, with her buzzed hair poking out of a baseball cap worn backward. She further wore layered necklaces, a bag, and a stack of bangles around each wrist. Photographers caught her at one time rummaging through a dumpster and selecting an orange that appeared to be unharmed.

When asked if she’s sought help from the city of Los Angeles, Loni replied, “There’s nothing that anybody can offer me. There is no helping.” She claimed she’s been offered help, but has never asked for it.

How Much Is Loni Willison Net Worth?

Loni Willison has a net worth under $50K. During the height of her fame, Loni’s net worth was above $1 million.

She used to be a fitness model recognized for her toned body and bouncy blonde hair. She had previously done modeling work for publications like Glam Fit, Flavour, and Iron Man.

Before her divorce, Loni was working as an assistant to a plastic surgeon. Following the end of her marriage, she lost her job and her home. They made numerous red carpet appearances and seemed to be much in love.

Loni also entered the Celebrity Big Brother house a year later, in 2015. Nevertheless, it marked the beginning of Loni’s mental health issues and downward spiral. She suffered a mental breakdown, leaving her unable to work.

Due to her lack of money, she incurred debt, lost her rented residence in 2016, and was unable to continue to maintain her car. She became addicted to crystal meth after finding herself on the streets, and her mental health suffered as a result.

“I was getting tortured in my home, my apartment,” Loni told the Daily Mail. “I was living by myself but I was getting electrocuted. It was really bad, really horrible. I later found a red mark on the back of my neck and I think that was how the electricity was getting into my head.”

“It took me over two months to recover properly,” she said. “I ended up having to quit my job as an assistant to a plastic surgeon and I couldn’t work out or take on any modelling jobs. I didn’t go out with friends or do anything – I was in a very bad place.”

Loni Willison Family

Loni Willison appears to be the daughter of Jerry Willison from La Quinta, California. Jerry is 61 years of age.

She likely has three siblings: a brother named Branden Willison and two sisters Kortney Deardorff and Brittnie Willison.

Branden is 41 years old. Kortney is 39 years old. Brittnie is 37 years old.

Loni Willison Ex-Husband

Loni Willison was previously married to her ex-husband Jeremy Jackson. They exchanged vows in 2012. Fans of the “Baywatch” actor believed he and his wife were leading a flawless life, but this was not the case. The couple’s relationship reportedly deteriorated in August 2014.

They split up immediately after police were called to their flat due to an incident of domestic violence. Willison now has mental health issues as a result of the incident.

Jeremy, meanwhile, expressed his emotions in a since-deleted Instagram post. He acknowledged being “tricked into love” when announcing the divorce. “I have no regrets for the mistakes I have made, and my side of the street is clean,” the “Ring of Darkness” star stated while admitting that he wasn’t perfect.

After Jeremy allegedly attacked Loni at their West Hollywood home in 2014, the couple separated. Jeremy was previously charged by Loni with trying to choke her. Due to the claimed incident, she sustained two broken ribs, neck injuries, and scratches on her face.

How Old Is Loni Willison?

Born on 21 May 1983, Loni Willison reached the age of 40 in 2023.

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  • Is Loni Willison On Instagram And Facebook?

No, Loni Willison’s socials are not available.

  • Where Is Loni Willison From?

Loni is living on the streets in Venice Beach, California. She hailed from Hemet, California.

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