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Who Is Amy Luciani Mother Jahzara? Her Age, Net Worth

Love and Hip-Hop recently premiered season 11 on 27 June on MTV. The cast members engaged in numerous fights during the program, including a significant family dispute.

Amy Luciani sat down with her mother Jahzara and her two sisters to discuss the conflict between the sisters. Amy’s sisters believed that their mother favored some people over others and was only concerned with Amy and her aspirations. Due to their rivalry and mother’s favoritism, fans compared the Luciani sisters to the Kardashians on social media in response to the fight.

Learn more about her mother Jahzara, where we share detail about her age, job, full name, and husband.

Love And Hip-Hop: Meet Jahzara, Amy Luciani Mother

Amy and her family sat down to talk in the most recent Love & Hip Hop Atlanta (LHHATL) season 11 episode. Jahzara informed her children that she gets upset when she sees them fighting when Amy arrived with her mother and two sisters.

But when Angie brought up how Amy has always come first while the other two are taken for granted, chaos ensued. Fans commented on the heated disagreement between the Luciani family, comparing it favorably to the dynamics between the Kardashian sisters.

Angie brought up Jahzara’s other two girls, who are attempting to live their own lives, and said that she constantly puts them on the back burner. The LHHATL season 11 cast member admitted to her sisters that they would have been given priority if they had a “moving” company.

Angie told her that her tattoo shop had only recently opened, that her mother had only been there for 20 minutes, and that she had left as soon as Amy had called. “We work just as hard as Amy has at the end of the day. We should get the same amount of time and effort that you’re giving her.”

The LHHATL star encouraged her sisters to work “a little harder” because this did not sit well with her. Amy went on to say in front of the cameras that their mother handed each of them the same amount of cash up front when they started their careers. She continued by saying that she couldn’t help but invest her money while her sisters wasted theirs.

Then, she remarked that if it had been the other way around, she would have been accepting and supportive, calling her sisters selfish if they couldn’t see that her enterprises needed their mother’s whole attention.

Angie added, “It’s easy for you to say that because she’s always there, in your a** crack.”

Up until that time, the mother of the LHHATL season 11 cast member had been listening to her daughters, but now she reminded them all that she was still their mother. She also assured them that they would never claim she was involved in “anybody’s a** crack” and that she did not “kiss a**.”

Amy has featured her mom on her socials. On Mother’s Day 2018, she wished her mom, “Happy Mother’s Day Mommy. I You so much.” Back in November 2011, Amy dedicated a post writing, “My beautiful mom is headed to the Bahamas with her Husband. I miss her but im sooo happy she’s finally getting to explore the world. She dedicated all her time to her 5 children. Now it’s her turn to Live. Thanks, Mommy.”

Amy Luciani Mother Jahzara Age

In 2023, Amy Luciani’s mother Jahzara is 55 years old. She was born in February 1968.

What Is Amy Luciani Mother Jahzara Real Name?

The real name of Amy Luciani’s mother is Jahzara Sankofa.

Amy Luciani Mother Jahzara Job

Amy Luciani’s mother Jahzara Sankofa shares that she is self-employed now. She appears to be running two companies The Pink and Blue House LLC, arts, entertainment, and recreation company. She has run several companies over the years including Travel Thot LLC, Stay Home Staffing LLC, Lighter Lip LLC, Mazi GA LLC, BLKLV Merch LLC, and Pritty Kitty LLC among others.

Jahzara attended Romulus Senior High School and Georgia State University.

How Much Is Amy Luciani Mother Jahzara Net Worth?

Amy Luciani’s mother Jahzara’s net worth is above $600 thousand.

Is Amy Luciani Mother Jahzara Married?

Yes, Amy Luciani’s mother Jahzara Sankofa is married to her husband Zerrick Williams. They have been married for more than a decade as of this article.

On her husband’s birthday, Jahzara wished Zerrick, “On this day a King was born and was given to me to respect, honor, and cherish for the rest of our lives. I am so thankful to be married to such a humble, funny, and loving man. It’s not enough words in the dictionary to explain how awesome this man is.”

Jahzara concluded, “He’s not just my King but a caring father to my children that includes 5 and 8 grandchildren that are not his by birth but his dedication to them has never waivered in 12 years of assisting me in their growth. I would like to say Happy Birthday and may the universe, ancestors, and powers that be continuously bless you from the crown of your head to the soles of your feet. I U. ”

As of 2023, Zerrick is 48 years old. He is a fraternal twin born and raised in Georgia. He was a singer and songwriter who worked for record labels such as W.E.A and Sony after he graduated college.

Zerrick worked sales at the Rollins Call Center. He also ran his own business called ActItOut-USA which is an entertainment company that hosts social media competitions through monologues/scenes.

What’s more, Zerrick has worked on The Outsider, Atlanta, and Game Night. He attended Art Institute of Atlanta where he studied music management and entertainment and pest control technician at Purdue.

Find Zerrick on Facebook.

Related FAQs

  • When Is Amy Luciani Mother Jahzara Birthday?

Jahzara the mother of Amy Luciani celebrates her birthday on 10 February.

  • Where Is Amy Luciani Mother Jahzara From?

Amy Lucianai’s mother Jahzara Sankofa hailed from Wayne, Michigan. She is now living in Atlanta, Georgia.

  • Is Amy Luciani Mother Jahzara On Instagram And Facebook?

Yes, Amy Luciani’s mother Jahzara is on Facebook (@jahzarasankofa and

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