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Look-Alikes: Thandie Newton, Zoe Saldana & Jada Pinkett Smith

What are the chances of finding your exact lookalike?

Folk wisdom has it that everyone has a doppelganger. That somewhere out there there is a perfect replica of you that is not your twin or your family.

However, because we live on a planet of over seven billion people, one is less likely to find one.

But we can still enjoy looking at celebrity lookalikes. And the writing below is just that — actress Zoe Saldana and her uncanny likeness with Thandie Newton and Jada Pinkett Smith.

Is Thandie Newton Related To Zoe Saldana?

Zoe Saldana’s striking resemblance to the English actress and The Pursuit of Happyness star Thandie Newton.

Some of the fans believe the two could totally be sisters, with similar facial features, the same hair color, and exact fashion sense.

But are they related?

Zoe, who was born in Passaic, New Jersey, and brought up alongside sisters, Cisely and Mariel, is not related to Thandie, born in Westminster, London, England to a white British father and a Zimbabwean mother.

But yes, the two have become friends like sisters over the years.

Zoe when on The Late Late Show with James Corden revealed so much about her and Thandie’s equation, how her mom, Asalia Nazario, always confuses her with the Westworld actress, and more.

Saldana then revealed that she had once met Newton, 46, at an awards ceremony — but the interaction didn’t go the way she planned.

Zoe shared she first met Thandie years ago at the Golden Globes but it was only later that they started texting buddies.

And it is not just Zoe who has been mistaken for Thandie. Thandie too has had many such instances. She talked about one such instance when even Victoria Beckham mistook her for Zoe on The Graham Norton Show. “It was actually okay as Zoe is a rare beauty, but really? Up close? Come on! And — I am British!”, Thandie, the second-highest-grossing film actress of all time, said not believing why/how people are so confused.

Lastly, adding to her fun conversation on the BBC show, Thandie concluded her memory of this incident with Victoria Beckham with:

“Zoe and I have actually become sort of friendly over the last couple of years. So, I’m thinking, you know, if ever I am in LA and I just feel like going into work the next day I’ll just give her a ring. ‘Zo are you free? Hop on in. No one’s going to know’.”

Thandie Newton And Zoe Saldana’s Age Difference

Zoe Saldana reached the age of 43 on 19 June 2021. While Thandie, known for her starring roles in Beloved, Mission: Impossible 2, and Christine in Crash, turned 48 on 6 November 2020.

Who Does Zoe Saldana Get Mistaken For Other Than Thandie Newton?

So, unlike Thandie Newton, the world did not seem that aware of Zoe Saldana’s resemblance to Jada Pinkett Smith.


Zoe, who has taken Hollywood by storm with starring roles in Star Trek and Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy, must be also as much pleased when people would call her the stealing image of everyone’s favorite Jada Pinkett-Smith.

Further, during 2013 on The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson, Zoe shared she does not only get mistaken for Thandie but also Kerry Washington, your favorite Olivia Pope from Scandal.

“Sometimes I’ll just be walking down the street and I’ll have people go, ‘Hey, Thandie Newton’. It’s like, ‘Oh my god, your show on TV is amazing, Ms. Washington.’ So it’s sort of like … it humbles you.”

Are Zoe Saldana And Jada Pinkett Smith Related?

With only seven years apart in age, fans had been foretelling Zoe Saldana and Jada Pinkett Smith could be sisters.

But there is no way that the two are related. Jada, who turned 49 in September 2020, was born a Jamaican and Bajan mother and an African-American father.

Today Jada has been long married to Will Smith, with whom she shares two kids: son Jaden and daughter Willow.

While Zoe married her husband, Marco Perego, an Italian artist, in June 2013. They have had three sons, twins born in November 2014 and the youngest born in February 2017.

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