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Lorenzo Nobilio Age, Instagram, Job, Squid Game #161

Lorenzo Nobilio is one of the contestants on Netflix’s Squid Game: The Challenge hoping to win the competition and the hefty $4.56 million cash prize. Also known as “Player 169”, Phalisia like everyone on the show seemed ready to do everything in his power to remain the last one standing. In the rest of the writing, we shall discuss in what way Lorenzo played this game and also what became of it. All along, we shall also explore personal and all other aspects of his life.

Meet Lorenzo Nobilio, Squid Game: The Challenge‘s Player #161

On Squid Game: The Challenge, Lorenzo Nobilio described himself as a “master manipulator” and someone who has eyes firmly set on the show’s million dollars. He said he is a music fanatic, can do a great chicken impression, and that he loves to design clothes and play basketball. He said he has been manifesting playing in the last game and knows that he will be a multimillionaire soon, without any strategy on his part. Also, he stressed that he did not join Squid Game to make friends. Soon enough, fellow Player 302, Leann, said she found him to be “impolite” and “possibly rude” when he refused sliced apples from her. To his audience, he seemed keen to bag the prize fund and also very much unafraid to make enemies. At one point, he even didn’t mind saying that “there are snakes” in the competition.

The Player No. 161 explained during Episode 1 that he works in private equity. Of course, we are going to talk about this later. You may also find it amusing that Lorenzo was actually chosen from 81 thousand applications.

We also just found him recounting his experiences in the BBC News interview. He said it felt like it was real, and didn’t feel like they were on a set. He added that the Red Light, Green Light challenge was the “most grueling” of the entire show, and took seven hours to complete. So, Lorenzo stressed that it was not at all an all-inclusive holiday in the Canary Islands like many may have imagined.

Lorenzo Nobilio Age

Because Lorenzo Nobilio was born in 1996, he turned 27 years old in 2023.

What Is Lorenzo Nobilio’s Ethnicity?

Lorenzo Nobilio actually has roots in Italy. Details were yet to be known though.

If you also need to know, Lorenzo’s mom, Laura Lanocita could be from Italy. She can be found on IG @lauraismiling. While on her Facebook, she mentioned that she studied Psychology at Unimercatorum, also studied Master Legal and Forensic Psychology, and did some courses in Law at Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore (in the Class of 1992). Before that, she went to Linguistic High School.

Lorenzo Nobilio Job

Lorenzo Nobilio opened up during Squid Game: The Challenge about experiencing some changes in his career path. He said he went into private equity thinking that it would be for him but eventually opted for a more creative job. Now, he said he does not believe in the values of the corporate world and is instead attracted to creative stuff. He said he is done with following the rules, the impositions, the code of ethics, and people telling him what he should or shouldn’t do. Once on the show he also hoped to convey to his audience “Do what you like. You only live once. And everything is destined to pass anyway, it’s better not to have regrets.” And he did that apparently. Before coming to this point, the pandemic destroyed Lorenzo’s ambitions and fortunately, that resulted in him being more interested in everything that requires creativity.

To the cameras on the show, Loreno said he loves designing clothes and playing basketball and is a music fanatic. While elsewhere there are also media outlets saying that he is a manager in the world of finance in London. They also explained that he decided to participate in the Netflix program hoping to win it and become a multimillionaire.

Lorenzo Nobilio Height

Lorenzo Nobilio stands above 6 feet in height.

Is Lorenzo Nobilio Dating Anyone?

Lorenzo Nobilio did not seem to be dating anyone at the time of this writing. As of November 2023, even his social media did not give away any clue as to if he is romantically involved with anyone.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Lorenzo Nobilio From?

Lorenzo Nobilio is from the United Kingdom. In what part of the UK though he was yet to tell. It was also said on the Netflix show that Lorenzo tends to spend his time between London, Italy, and the United States.

  • When Is Lorenzo Nobilio’s Birthday?

Lorenzo Nobilio’s birthday is on June 10th and that makes him a Gemini.

  • Is Lorenzo Nobilio On Instagram?

Indeed, Lorenzo Nobilio can be found on Instagram. As of November 2023, the IG account @only.lorenzo included 256 posts and 4,650 followers. He also didn’t mind showing glimpses of his life on TikTok @only.lorenzo.

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