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Louie Anderson Partner, Married, Gay, Gender

Louie Anderson died on Friday 21 January 2022 at a hospital in Las Vegas. He was 68 years old. His death was confirmed by his longtime publicist, Glenn Schwartz, who said the cause was complications from diffuse large B cell lymphoma, a form of blood cancer.

His fans wondered if Louie Anderson ever had any partners when he was alive. Also, they wondered if he was gay and what his gender was?

Did Louie Anderson Leave Behind A Partner?

Louie Anderson was reportedly single at the time of his death. Several reports reveal that he was single throughout his life. However, it has been reported that Louie was once married to his high school sweetheart in 1985. But, the marriage lasted for only four weeks. (Ultram)

Two years after the split, Louie interviewed with People and admitted how the marriage was a mistake. He shared his regrets, not about the split but the marriage itself.

Was Louie Anderson Ever Married?

Although Louie Anderson never had a wife and children, he surely influenced many to love their families including actor and comedian Aaron Kleiber. Aaron recently tweeted after Louie’s death, “Aww dammit @LouieAnderson was such a sweet human to me & everyone around – some of the best advice, “tell the audience more how much you love your wife and kids ” changed how I delivered forever. Hugs to his loved ones *with the amazing@JuandaMayfield at @Hilarities”.

Louie Anderson Gender And Sexuality

Louie Anderson’s gender and sexual orientation have always been a matter of concern for many of his fans. However, he never addressed these personal questions ever in his life. There were several incidents in which he was speculated to be gay.

Comedian Tom Rhodes had once accused Louie of sexually assaulting him when he was 19. Rhodes alleges that Anderson brought him back to his Beverley Hills apartment when he was 19 under the pretense of “hanging out”. Instead, he cornered the then-rookie comic, cupped his buttocks, and tried to kiss him.

Another incident date back to 1997, when Richard John Gordon tried to blackmail Louie. Gordon demanded a hefty sum of $100 thousand to keep his mouth shut about Louie’s alleged sexual advances towards him in a casino.

Both of these allegations and stories fueled the rumor that Louie was either gay or bisexual. However, he never publicly confirmed his sexuality.

In FX’s hit show “Basket,” Louie played the role of Christine Baskets which he incorporated with his memories of his mother, Ora Zella Anderson. He confirmed to USA Today he’d been “training to play” the character. Louie said, “My goal is that when you watch me, you might say, ‘That’s Louie Anderson,’ but within a few minutes I completely disappear and Christine completely emerges,”

Although he never revealed his sexuality, Louie supported the LGBTQ community. He tweeted in 2013, “If you fall in love, you fall love, gay or straight. Support love, support gay marriage, support love peace & happiness! #equaility in love”.

One Twitter user also speculated, “Watching #WendyWilliams and @LouieAnderson is on.. hated his cartoon ended because he’s gay. R reruns on Netflix?”

Related FAQs

  • How Much Was Louie Anderson Net Worth?

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Louie Anderson had stacked over $10 million in net worth. He worked rigorously as a stand-up comedian, actor, voice actor, and author. Some of his notable works were Coming 2 America (2021), Baskets (2016-2019), Joey (2005), Scrubs (2001), and Life With Louie (1994-1998) among others.

  • How Did Louie Anderson Achieve Weight Loss?

In March 2021, People Magazine reported that Louie was working on his health for over a few months. He shared with TV show host Conan O’Brien that he started at 370lb or 380lb during the pandemic. He reached 340lb so that he could wear his mom’s clothes for “Basket”.

Louie revealed to Conan, “I’m on the intermittent fast. One minute I’m eating, the next minute I’m not. Then I’m eating again. I figure, that way, I’m only eating for 30 minutes out of 60, which is half. I’m trying to get down to 40/20 so I’m not eating for 40 and eating for 20.”

  • Who Was Louie Anderson Father?

Louie Anderson was born to his father Andy Andrew Mortimer Anderson and mother Ora Zella Anderson.

His father Andrew was born on 12 August 1901 and died on 8 April 1980. In June 2021, he posted a picture of his father on his Instagram.

He captioned, “Happy Fathers Day Dad!!! This is a great photo of you, watering your very loved lawn, that Beautiful Smile of yours, all your jazz talent, that you passed onto me, the good the bad the ugly of us all, but mostly you stuck around, you stuck it out and it seemed like you never gave up, even at the end, I love you and miss you and am so much like you and I won’t give up either!!! Thank you Louis William Anderson 1901-1978 this is Your Day! Love Son Louis Perry Anderson 1953 #fathersday 2021″.

Louie had addressed his father’s drinking problem in several interviews.

Moving on, Louie was the second youngest of the 11 children born to his parents. There were 16 children including a twin of whom five of them died. They grew up in a housing project on St. Paul’s East Side. He lost his youngest brother Tommy in February 2016.

The surviving are now his two sisters, Lisa Anderson and Shanna Anderson.

  • Did Louie Anderson Have A Heart Attack?

Louie Anderson had reportedly done two heart procedures to correct an unspecified heart problem in 2003. He felt ill and admitted himself to an undisclosed Los Angeles-area hospital according to his longtime agent Steve Levine.

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