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Robert Miller Bio, Age, Net Worth, Wife, Life Below Zero

National Geographic’s documentary TV, Life Below Zero, features people like Sue Aikens, Jessie Holmes, Chip and Agnes Hailstone, and others as they struggle to make a living in the remote areas of Alaska. Life Below Zero’s spinoff, Life Below Zero: Next Generation is not too different from the original one.

Life Below Zero: Next Generation is now into its 4th season with its first episode going on air on January 18, 2022. In the 4th season of Life Below Zero: Next Generation, we see an all-new cast trying their luck to make their survival in the brutal wilderness of Alaska.

Robert Miller appears on the 4th season of Life Below Zero: Next Generation along with his son RJ Miller. Read the wiki article until the end to know about Robert’s Life Below Zero stint, his net worth, his wife, and more!

Robert Miller On Life Below Zero

Robert Miller joined his son RJ Miller and other casts, which include Chris and Jessica Morse, Johnny Rolfe, Alex Javor, Kaleb, and Brittany Rowland and their children, Gilbert and Elovie, and Chevie and Sonta Roach and their three children, Sydney, Ryder, and Emery, in their epic journey of survival in the brutal wilderness of Alaska in the 4th season of Life Below Zero: Next Generation.

Like all the cast members, Robert too rejected the normal, contemporary life in favor of a life of freedom in the Alaskan wilderness.

Reportedly, Robert and his son RJ Miller work as a team to make some food for themselves and the elderly people in the village for the entirety of Life Below Zero: Next Generation Season 4.

Wealth has always been sharing food with the community for Robert and he and his son take pride in providing food to the people who can’t hunt themselves. In all possibilities, that is probably something viewers will see in Life Below Zero: Next Generation Season 4.

Robert Miller Wife

Yes, Robert Miller is a married guy and has a very supportive wife named Alycia. Alycia is a registered nurse by profession. However, we don’t have any details of her workplace.

Reportedly, Robert met his wife Alycia online and they fell in love through the Internet. Although we don’t have any idea when did the duo exchanged wedding vows, we do know that Alycia moved to Alaska only 10 years ago.

The married couple has two kids, a son, and a daughter. Their son’s name is RJ and as we already know, he appears on Life Below Zero: Next Generation with his dad. RJ worked as a charter boat captain before he was filming for the NatGeo show.

Robert and Alycia also have a sweet 9-year-old daughter, Eva. Some reports tell us that Robert’s daughter lives on going on camping trips with Robert and his son RJ.

How Old Is Robert Miller?

According to our research, Robert Miller turned 49 years old in 2021.

Robert Miller Net Worth

Robert Miller’s net worth is estimated to be around $700 thousand as of 2022.

Before Robert was filming for the show, he was making his living as a Fisheries Biologist for the U.S. Forest Service. When asked in an interview what is the most favorite part of his job, he said it is “working with the Student Conservation Association volunteers and teaching them how to work and how to see a project through from beginning to end. It’s teaching this younger generation how to work hard, follow through and meet their goals.”

Robert also has his own business, Sea Fur Sewing, where he makes and sells garments from the furs he harvests.

Having heard stories of his great-great-grandmother growing up, Elizabeth John, who sewed moccasins and did the trades during the summertime, Robert was always inspired to maintain the balance in the coastal ecosystem of Southeast Alaska. Later, Robert started a business to help tackle the issues of sea otter overpopulation.

Robert’s business, Sea Fur Sewing, hunts only in areas that will not be impacted negatively. Alaskan native has also worked with the United States Fish and Wildlife Service for safe harvesting initiatives.

Talking about how much money Robert will make through Life Below Zero, unfortunately, we are not sure about that. However, Life Below Zero’s cast Sue Aiken and Glenn Villeneuve have been said to make $200 thousand a year.

Robert Miller Height

Standing at 6 feet 8 inches and weighing nearly 300 pounds, Robert Miller is a literal giant.

Is Robert Miller On Instagram?

Although Robert does not upload much frequently, he does have an Instagram handle. Robert’s username is @alaskanhunter32 and he has only 62 followers on the platform. You can find Robert on Facebook as well.

Related FAQs

  • When Is Robert Miller Birthday?

From the looks of Robert’s social, he probably celebrates his birthday on the 18th of May every year.

  • Where Was Robert Miller Born?

Robert Miller was born in Quinalt, Washington and he grew up there hunting and fishing on the Olympic Peninsula. Robert currently lives in Sitka, Alaska, and is proud of his Tlingit heritage.

  • Has Robert Miller Revealed His Parents?

Robert Miller’s parents are Robert “Bob” James Miller (father) and Charlene Miller (mom). Robert lost his dad at an age of 71 in a long battle against cancer.

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