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Louis Gumpenberger Bio, Obituary, Wife, Pam Hupp

Meet Louis Gumpenberger, the victim of Pam Hupp. He was murdered in 2016. But, his family members survive the grief of losing him.

So, let’s learn about his kids, wife, death, and obituary. Keep Reading!

Louis Gumpenberger Death

A few months after Russ Faria got exonerated, Pam Hupp started prowling for her next victim trying to put Russ away once and for all. She had plotted another murder and approached Carol Alford, Russ’s current fiance. However, it didn’t go as planned. But, a week later, she took the life of Louis Gumpenberger.

Louis died on 16 August 2016.

Louis was lured into her home by posing as a producer for Dateline who needed someone to help her with a scene. She offered him cash to re-enact 911 calls. Pam shot Louis to death and claimed that Russ sent him to kidnap her.

$900 was found on his body along with a note bearing instructions to “kidnap Hupp, get Russ’s money from Hupp at her bank, and kill Hupp” and to “Take Hupp back to the house and get rid of her. Make it look like Russ’ wife. Make sure knife sticking out of the neck.” in return for a reward of $10,000.

Tim Lohmar, the prosecutor for St. Charles County, charged her with murder and said he would pursue the death penalty.

Pam was on trial for Gumpenberger’s murder in June 2019. She filed an Alford plea, which means she acknowledged that prosecutors had enough evidence to accuse her of Gumpenberger’s murder but did not plead guilty. After that, Lohmar agreed to forego the death penalty in return for a life sentence.

Does Louis Gumpenberger Have An Obituary?

Yes, there is an obituary for Louis Gumpenberger.

His obituary read, “Gumpenberger, Louis Royse, of St. Charles, MO, died on Tuesday, August 16, 2016, at the age of 33. Beloved son of Margaret Burch and Michael Kenneth Gumpenberger; devoted father of Desi Rae Wilmsmeyer and Trevelyan Lloyd Gumpenberger; dear brother of Michael Wayne Gumpenberger and Robert Jordan Deaton; cherished grandson of Carl Burch; dear step-brother of Adam J. Burch and James Burch; treasured nephew of David Burch and Gene Burch; loving step-son of Melba Burch. He is preceded in death by his step-father John Lloyd Burch.”

You can check out the obituary at the link below.

Louis Gumpenberger Wife

Louis Gumpenberger left two kids at the time of his death. He had a son named Trevelyan Lloyd Gumpenberger who is at least 15. Trevelyan was hugely affected by his father’s death. Louis’s mother shared that Trevelyan was still having bad dreams. She said, “He’s afraid to go to school or spend the night with a friend because he’s afraid when he gets home I won’t be here anymore.”

There is no information on Trevelyan’s mother but based on the Facebook activities, she was the sister of Candie Herndon and daughter of Tammy Herndon.

Furthermore, Louis also had a daughter named Desi Rae Wilmsmeyer. According to Facebook, Desi moved to O’Fallon, Missouri in April 2020. Louis had her with her partner Marcy Marie Wilmsmeyer. Desi lost her maternal grandmother Darlene Josephine Wilmsmeyer on 12 August 2011 and her grandfather Donald W. Wilmsmeyer on 19 August 2013.

Since Louis’s wife was not mentioned in his obituary, we believe that he was single at the time of his death. Or, he may have never married.

Louis Gumpenberger Disability

Talking about disability, Louis Gumpenberger had suffered a traumatic brain injury that left him with some developmental delays because of a car accident in 2005. Pam took the advantage of his disability and took his life after staging a home invasion.

His mother Margaret Burch revealed that her life was “ruined” and a “mess” almost two years after Louis’s death. She told, “My life has been hell. Every day I think about my son.”

Moreover, Margaret believed that the money which Pam offered, he was going to use to pay off the family debt. She said, “Louis died trying to take care of his family”.

In July 2020, Margaret was awarded a $3 million judgment in her wrongful death lawsuit. In the court, she said that Louis’s son looks just like him and “misses that daddy can’t spoil him anymore”.

Related FAQs

  • Who Plays Louis Gumpenberger On Thing About Pam?

In the show The Thing About Pam, the role of Louis was played by Jeff Ryan Baker. The role appears to be the debut role for the actor.

  • What Was Louis Gumpenberger Age At The Time Of Her Death?

Born on 17 February 1983, Louis Gumpenberger was 33 years old at the time of his death. He was born to Margaret Burch and Michael Kenneth Gumpenberger. He had two brothers Michael Wayne Gumpenberger and Robert Jordan Deaton.

  • Was Louis Gumpenberger’s Story Featured On Dateline?

Yes, Louis Gumpenberger’s story was featured on Dateline.

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