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Meet Russ Faria Fiancee, Carol Alford! Her Bio, Age, Job

Meet Carol Alford, fiancee of Russ Faria, a wrongfully convicted Missouri-based man who spent three years in jail for allegedly killing his wife Betsy Faria. While the case is yet to be settled, and Russ is rigorously fighting for his giving justice to his wife, he has found support for himself now.

Russ met Carol after he got exonerated but there is a deeper story to Carol who played a pivotal role in catching and convicting Betsy’s alleged killer Pam Hupp. Learn the whole thing below along with her relationship with Russ Faria.

Meet Russ Faria Fiancee, Carol Alford

Carol Alfrod first gained attention who was seen in a 2016 surveillance video as Pam Hupp’s alleged target in her plot to frame Russ Faria. Pam drove to O’Fallon, Missouri trailer park where she found Carol.

“I sat there and listened to (St. Charles County Prosecuting Attorney) Tim Lohmar tell me his version of how he thinks I was supposed to die that day – talk about leaving you numb from the neck down – it’s hard.” She said. “You know, you make jokes about it, whatnot, but you sit and you think – she was going to kill me.”

Pam waved at Carol and thought she must be new to the neighborhood. Then Pam asked her “Do you babysit” and offered her to make up to a thousand dollars if she’d go with Pam to do a 911 segment for the show “Dateline.” But she forbade bringing keys, cigarettes, cellphones, or even wallets because the producer doesn’t like clutter.

Carol went inside with her dog and grabbed two knives, a folding pocket knife and a kitchen knife.

Suspicious Pam asked if Carol had cameras on her house. She confirmed that she has a camera and a knife in her pocket and have to call 911.

Then, Russ and Carol were strangers. Russ was fresh out of prison after being wrongfully convicted of the 2011 murder of his wife Betsy Faria. When question rose about Pam being pulled in for Betsy’s murder, she plotted to frame Russ in a new murder. Pam tried to lure in Carol before she took the life of her second victim Louis Gumpenberger, but Carol outsmarted her.

Carol’s encounter with Pam was the key to catching and convicting Pam.

How Long Have Russ Faria And Carol Alford Been Together?

Carol and Russ have been together at least since October 2018. They got engaged in October on the third anniversary of their first date in 2021.

After the incident, Russ met Carol and shared with Fox2 St. Louis that they make each other happy. When asked what was the first thing Carol said to Russ, she answered, “I’m sorry about your wife and I hope you find happiness.”

Both of them believe that there is a divine intervention involved for them to meet each other. Carol also supports Russ’s battle to give Betsy the justice she is due.

“That she was murdered that was his wife. It doesn’t stop because she was murdered.” Carol told Fox2 St. Louis. “I know he always is going to have part of his heart’s gonna be for her I have to respect that because if he didn’t still love her, didn’t miss her, he didn’t think about her, I have to question his integrity. And, if I wasn’t okay with that I’d have to question my own.”

Carol Alford Age

As of March 2022, Carol McAfee is 45 years old.

Carol Alford Job

According to LinkedIn, Carol Alford is a student at St. Charles Community College. There is no information about her job. However, her fiance Russ is working at All Lubed Up Cycles, a motorcycle shop in St. Charles. He works there as a bookkeeper and runs the office according to St. Louis Post-Dispatch.

Is Carol Alford On Instagram?

No, Carol Alford is not on Instagram but has a Facebook account. Follow her at (@carol.alford.75).

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Carol Alford From?

What’s more, Carol Alford is from O’Fallon, Missouri.

  • Does Carol Alford Have Kids?

Carol appears to have one son from her previous relationship. She also posted a picture of him in December 2020 on her Facebook.

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