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Love During Lockup Andy Kidd Age, Job, Still With Brittney?

Love During Lockup Andy had almost given up on finding true love until he met Brittney, the woman of his dreams. Unfortunately, Brittney was in prison, and being a former cop, Andy felt the weight of judgment from everyone around him.

Learn more about him below.

Andy Kidd On Love During Lockup Season 5

Love During Lockup Andy first connected with Brittney on a prison pen pal website. After multiple to and for messages, the former cop eventually fell head over heels for the prisoner. “No, I’ve never had a fetish for prisoners. I don’t have a fetish for prisoners now. I don’t have a fetish for anything. Just White beautiful women,” Andy explained.

Obviously, his family members were unhappy about his relationship with Brittney, but it was his children who caused him the most grief. He tried explaining his feelings for Brittney to them, but they were embarrassed and disapproved of their father dating someone with a criminal background. This led to his children issuing an ultimatum, forcing Andy to choose between them and Brittney — a situation he despised.

Despite the pressure and the drama, Andy was willing to sacrifice everything for love. He retired from the police force before joining the cast of Love During Lockup, but he still felt judged by those around him. Brittney’s family’s disapproval also added to the challenges they faced. However, Andy refused to give up on their relationship, as he believed Brittney was his soulmate and this could be his last chance at love.

Furthermore, when Brittney accused him of dishonesty during a phone call, tensions escalated, and Andy’s frustration boiled over. In a moment of anger, he kicked over trashcans and smashed glass bottles. The situation was tense, but Andy remained determined to prove his love and honesty to Brittney.

As decision time neared, Andy knew he had a tough choice to make. He didn’t appreciate his children pressuring him, and he warned them that their insistence might not yield the outcome they desired. He wished they could understand the depth of his feelings for Brittney and support his decision.

With their families and circumstances against them, the drama between Andy and Brittney continued to mount. Nevertheless, Andy was steadfast in his resolve to make it work with Brittney. He hoped that when the time came to choose, he would make the right decision and find a way to overcome the obstacles they faced. For Andy, “love during lockup” was both a test of his commitment and an opportunity for a new beginning with the woman he believed was his soulmate.

Are Love During Lockup Andy Kidd And Brittney Still Together?

Yes, we believed Andy and Brittney are still together.

Despite Andy’s initial self-judgment about falling in love with a convict, he eventually came to understand and appreciate Brittney for who she truly is, finding common ground that strengthened their bond.

However, their journey has not been without its difficulties, particularly concerning their families’ disapproval. Andy’s children were against the relationship, putting him in a tough position where he had to choose between his family and his love for Brittney.

Despite these hurdles, Andy was determined to be with Brittney. Love can be a powerful force. When two people are committed to making a relationship work, they can overcome many challenges together.

Love During Lockup Andy Kidd Age

Love During Lockup Andy Kidd was 44 years of age when he appeared on Love During Lockup in 2023.

He is eight years older than Brittney.

What Is Love During Lockup Andy Last Name?

Andy’s last name is Kidd.

Love During Lockup Andy Kidd Job

It’s clear that Love During Lockup Andy is a former policeman. But now, he’s in the transportation industry. It was also thanks to his job, Andy connected with Brittney. “Being only on the road, I was looking for a way to meet people on the Internet,” he said. “And Brittney had a very spunky, positive, and upbeat personality.”

Also, it seems Andy was making handsome money as he had already given Brittney $5-6 thousand.

Andy’s friend, a current policeman, wasn’t happy that he was spending money on a prisoner. “You see they all swindle, try to manipulate, try to get something out of you,” he explained. Moreover, he was concerned that Brittney was a drug user!

“He’s seen me at my lowest and he doesn’t want to see me hurt,” Andy acknowledged what his friend was saying before revealing his ex-wife “comes from a background of addiction and she moved in with someone who was a drug addict.”

It was thereafter he got custody of his children, making him unable to work night shit anymore. Ultimately, he had to change his career.

Is Love During Lockup Andy Kidd On Instagram?

Sadly, we couldn’t find Andy Kidd on Instagram or any other social media.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Love During Lockup Andy Kidd From?

Andy hails from Tifton, Georgia.

He resided in Rome, GA, in 2023.

  • How Tall Is Love During Lockup Andy Kidd?

Andy stands tall at a height of above 5 feet 9 inches (175 cm).

  • When Is Love During Lockup Andy Kidd Birthday?

Andy’s birthday wasn’t revealed.

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