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Chelsea Gilliam Bio, Love During Lockup, Age, Job, IG

Love During Lockup Mike and Chelsea Gilliam met each other online. Chelsea reportedly has a history of dating prison inmates and dated at least two men named Chip and Rocky, before Mikey.

Mike and Chelsea’s paths crossed via a Facebook page. Chelsea, who is deaf, only uses ASL to give her talking heads. Although she is forewarned about the sinister nature of Mike’s teardrop tattoo, she feels an instant attraction to him.

Chelsea fell hard for Mike after meeting him in an inmate pen pal group. ‘I was instantly attracted to Mikey,’ she explains in the trailer. ‘I thought, “Oh my god.” My heart fell hard for him.’ Their communication has been limited to just 30-second videograms and letters while he is behind bars, which led her to plan a prison visit to meet him face to face.

Mike then won her heart by learning American Sign Language (ASL) to communicate with her, but he has a surprising secret. Chelsea was warned that the teardrop tattoo underneath his eye indicates that he has killed someone.

Later, Chelsea also received some alarming news about her inmate boyfriend, Mike. She claims that Mike’s sister Courtney got in touch with her and informed her that they thought Mike had experienced a mini-stroke.

Is Love During Lockup Chelsea Gilliam And Mike Still Together?

Love During Lockup Chelsea started panicking and didn’t know who to turn to as she heard different stories from different people. Two messages—one from Mike’s sister Courtney and the other from an inmate using Mike’s email account—are all she has to go on at this point.

Chelsea is at a loss about what to do. She is not receiving the assistance she requires. She finally receives the instruction to get in touch with his mother Pamela after several failed attempts to get information from the prison.

Pamela reveals to Beth and Chelsea that she was informed that her son had been brought to the hospital. However, because of HIPPA guidelines, they were unable to divulge any information. In order to assist her, they suggested she speak with a lawyer.

Chelsea makes plans to travel to Kentucky with Mike’s mother and meet with the attorney. She does, however, receive an email from Mike not long after her talk with Pam. He reports that he has left the hospital and is heading back to his cell. The Romance of Chelsea tells Lockup Star’s father about the email and her plans to visit Kentucky when he arrives.

He tells her he thinks going is a mistake in a furious tone. Additionally, he queries how she is aware that his mother is not present in the situation. When Chelsea becomes irate, she informs her father that she must see the person she loves. When her confessional is cut to, she acknowledges that her father’s worries are related to a previous relationship.

The couple’s relationship was also hitting a rift and it was shown in an episode that Chelsea might’ve started considering her family’s opinion. The Love Chelsea She confides in her friend Beth during lockup that she believes her imprisoned partner is engaging in odd behavior. She has trouble putting her finger on it, but she intends to rapidly figure things out.

As her buddy starts to confess her worries about Mike, Beth listens. She shares with her friend her growing concern for Mike. He is in the hospital, according to his mother and sister, she continues. “I tried calling the prison, but they said there’s nothing wrong with him and he’s OK. I’ve heard nothing from him.”

Chelsea clearly starts to get quite furious at this point. She is unable to comprehend what is happening. Beth concurs with her and feels like something is simply off. She expresses to her pal how unsettling the situation is. There’s more, the Love During Lockup star continues, telling her friend. To share an email she received from Mike’s account, she takes out her phone. Only, he didn’t send the email. Instead, it comes from a friend of his.

The writer continued, “He was throwing up, and the left side of his face was drooping and numb, and he had no type of coordination,” the email reads. “He couldn’t walk or hardly talk, or he was in really bad shape.”

Beth has a broader query that is even more troubling than what this email is. She is curious as to how this friend had access to his email account to provide her with this data. Yet things just get stranger from here. Chelsea of Love During Lockup received some very strange instructions at the conclusion of the email not to try to contact him or the prison for more information. She is explicitly instructed to hold off until she gets a follow-up note.

She feels something very strange is going on. “This sounds like they’re saying to you, ‘Don’t ask, don’t bother us. If you haven’t heard from me, then we don’t know anything.” Beth tells her friend, “That doesn’t sound right.”

Fun Fact: Chelsea was reportedly arrested for having an underage drinking party in late 2020. She took a plea deal and parenting classes.

Love During Lockup Chelsea Gilliam Age

In 2022, Love During Lockup’s Chelsea Gilliam is 39 years old.

What Is Love During Lockup Chelsea Gilliam Last Name?

Love During Lock Up’s Chelsea’s last name has been revealed as Gilliam. Plus, her boyfriend Mikey’s last name is Harmon.

Love During Lockup Chelsea Gilliam Job

Currently, there is no information available about Chelsea’s job.

Love During Lockup Chelsea Gilliam Height

Love During Lockup’s Chelsea’s height measures under 5’5”. She has multiple tattoos and “Cruella DeVille hair” and was widely compared with former cast Haley.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Love During Lockup Chelsea Gilliam From?

Chelsea Gilliam from Love During Lockup is reportedly based in Richwood, Ohio.

  • What Do We Know About Love During Lockup Chelsea Gilliam Family?

The one thing that we know currently is Chelsea Gilliam has a teenage son. Her father appeared on season 2 of Love During Lockup where they have multiple spats.

  • Is Love During Lockup Chelsea On IG And Facebook?

Yes, Love During Lockup’s Chelsea Gilliam is definitely on social media however, her social media handles aren’t currently public yet.

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