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Love During Lockup Jessica Bio, Age, Job, Family, Height

Love During Lockup Jessica and Dustin’s story is a little different than other couples on the show. Jessica was going through a painful divorce and was lonely and sad hopeful to find love again. She would go to work and mope around in the house.

Jessica felt the need to change her life so she pursued a career in Corrections Nursing.

“I think I’m a hopeless romantic, but it seems to always land bad,” Jessica explains during a confessional. “My last marriage was COVID-induced, and it ended up with a huge bang of him sleeping with one of our friends.”

Surprisingly, Jessica found love in the place where she worked after she met Dustin. Jessica claims that she met the man who would transform her life during a regular workday. Inmate Dustin and correctional nurse Jessica connected right away.

Are Love During Lockup Jessica And Dustin Still Together?

Love During Lockup Jessica and Dustin started having impromptu meetings in prison. In order to spend some time with her, Dustin would always create an excuse to go to the jail hospital. Before they knew it, the pair was on the road to love as one thing led to another. Things between them accelerated quickly.

It was getting more challenging to visit each other every day without raising the management of the prison’s ire. Jessica then came up with a new strategy.

The Love After Lockup star made a choice. Jessica desires nothing more than a love relationship with Dustin. However, because relationships between inmates and prison staff are strictly forbidden, Jessica quits her work and forgoes her career in order to be with Dustin, her new love.

Not only that, the Love During Lockup couple intends to remain together forever. Jessica is prepared to accomplish this and follow her heart at whatever cost. She’s not just quitting her job, either. To be with Dustin when he is freed, she is also ready to pack up and move to Tennessee.

There is, however, one catch. Jessica has a few tasks to complete before they can be together in Tennessee. Before continuing her connection with Dustin, she must first meet his family and then win their favor and obtain their consent. She thinks it shouldn’t be a particularly challenging assignment. But it won’t be as simple as she anticipates. She thinks that because of her, Dustin is being treated unfairly in prison. She continues by saying that the DOC is trying to break up the Love During Lockup couple.

Jessica wholeheartedly believes that the third time is a charm. On January 3, 2021, Jessica wed her second husband in Jacksonville, Florida. That is unquestionably right at the heart of the COVID pandemic. Jessica filed for divorce on March 30, 2022, after a little over a year of marriage.

According to Starcasm, Jessica’s second husband was a military man who is currently a fireman. He was previously married for 13 years which ended in divorce in 2017.

However, Jessica feels she can offer him everything in a woman Dustin has never had. Jessica was married twice before and is a mother of two teenage daughters. She is planning to move them with her however fans of the show are concerned for her two daughters.

Love During Lockup viewers on WEtv is worried that Jessica isn’t taking her girls’ safety into account. Jessica’s friend questioned why she chose to date a prisoner. Jessica has also talked about her daughter Bailey having some concerns.

She claims Bailey has numerous inquiries. If Dustin turns to his old habits and gets sent back to jail, Bailey wonders what would happen. She worries that because her Love During Lockup mother is changing her entire life, they will all be left to deal with the consequences if something goes wrong.

Bailey has never met Dustin. She is a little skeptical of her mom’s infatuation with him.

Love During Lockup Jessica Age

At the time of filming the show, Love During Lockup was 44 years old.

What Is Love During Lockup Jessica Last Name?

Jessica from Love During Lockup is keeping her last name a secret for now.

Love During Lockup Jessica Family

Love During Lockup fame Jessica is pretty reserved about her family. She appears to belong to a Hispanic household. However, she is yet to unwrap details regarding her parents and siblings.

Love During Lockup Jessica Job

By profession, Love During Lockup star Jessica was working as a correctional nurse. According to, Correctional Nurse makes an average of $57,842 per year.

How Tall Is Love During Lockup Jessica?

WeTV star Jessica stands tall at a moderate height of 5 feet 6 inches. In one of the episodes, Jessica expressed her commitment to Dustin by tattooing his last name across her entire lower torso. Jessica made the decision to get Dustin’s surname name tattooed on her body rather than his first name.

It may have been a no-brainer for Jessica to get his last name permanently tattooed on her torso given that she plainly intends to marry him someday. Jessica says in the show shared that the tattoo means they’ll be together “forever and ever and ever.”

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Love During Lockup Jessica From?

Jessica from WeTV’s show is a resident of Jacksonville, Florida.

  • Is Love During Lockup Jessica On Instargam?

Yes, Jessica of Love During Lockup appears to be on Instagram (@jessika.loveafterlockup). However, her profile is currently private.

  • When Is Love During Lockup Jessica Birthday?

Currently, there is no information available on web regarding Love During Lockup’s date of birth or her birthday.

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