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Love During Lockup Dustin Bio, Age, Last Name, Instagram

Love During Lockup is currently in its second season and one inmate that we meet is Dustin. He is currently in a relationship with former correctional nurse Jessica. Learn additional details about his age, last name, job, and more.

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Are Love During Lockup Dustin And Jessica Still Together?

In Love During Lockup, a family of Dustin shares his history with women. In one episode, Jessica meets up with Dustin’s family and expresses her commitment and loyalty to Dustin. She flaunts the tattoo that she got for Dustin with his last name and that she wants his last name for life.

However, Dustin’s sister who appeared on the show was quick to note that “He’s never been loyal to a woman.” When Jessica asks if Dustin is just telling her what she wants to hear, his sister agrees that “there’s always that possibility”.

“I know this because my brother has talked like this every single time he goes to prison,” Dustin’s sister explained further.

Jessica is risking losing her own family and her job while igniting romantic flair with Dustin, an inmate. They met each other in a correctional center where Jessica works as a correctional nurse. Soon, they formed a connection that developed into a romantic relationship.

Dustin would constantly find a reason to visit the correctional medical facility in order to spend some time with her. One thing led to another, and before they knew it, the duo was on the path to love. Their interactions become more intense shortly. It was becoming more difficult to visit each other every day without infuriating the jail administration. Jessica then devised a fresh plan.

The Love After Lockup srar made a choice. She desires nothing more than a love relationship with Dustin. However, because relationships between inmates and prison staff are strictly forbidden, Jessica quits her work and forgoes her career in order to be with Dustin, her new love.

Not only that, the Love During Lockup couple intends to remain together forever. She is prepared to accomplish this and follow her heart at whatever cost. She’s not just quitting her job, either. To be with Dustin when he is freed, she is also ready to pack up and move to Tennessee.

There is, however, one catch. Jessica has a few tasks to complete before they can be together in Tennessee. Before continuing her connection with Dustin, she must first meet his family and then win their favor and obtain their consent. She thinks it shouldn’t be a particularly challenging assignment. But it won’t be as simple as she anticipates.

Jessica thinks that because of her, Dustin is being treated unfairly in prison. She continues by saying that the DOC is trying to break up the Love During Lockup couple.

Love During Lockup Dustin Arrest History

Love During Lockup Dustin was originally in prison because he was found guilty of a probation violation in September 2021. It stemmed from a prior conviction for burglary and grand theft. He was sentenced to 40 months in prison with 768 days credit for time served.

However, while doing time, Dustin reported assaulting another inmate in 2022. According to court records that Starcasm has exclusively obtained, Dustin was detained at the Nassau County Detention Center when the event occurred in November 2021. Inside the facility, a video surveillance camera captured Dustin approaching another prisoner from behind.

An officer who watched the video says Dustin “can be seen planting his left foot, clenching his fist, and punching the victim in the face. This is done without any known provocation, and the victim did not see it coming.” The responding police officer was waiting for the corrections officer to finish his report in the booking area Dustin “admitted several times to striking the victim ‘because of his charges’ and so that he could be moved out of the pod.”

A felony count of violence on a person in custody was brought against Dustin (battery in a detention facility). In April of this year, Dustin entered a guilty plea to the crime and received a 12-month prison term. 160 days of his time served were credited to him.

Dustin’s initial receipt date was January 12, 2022, and his current release date is listed as December 14, 2022.

Love During Lockup Dustin Age

At the time of filming Love During Lockup, Dustin was 27 years old. This makes him 17 years younger than his ladylove Jessica who is 44 years old.

What Is Love During Lockup Dustin Last Name?

The last name of Love During Lockup Dustin is “Phillip” based on the tattoo that Jessica got with his last name.

Love During Lockup Dustin Height

Lov During Lockup star Dustin stands tall at the height of 6 feet 2 inches. He also has a tattoo on his chest which could be ruled as his distinct feature.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Love During Lockup Dustin From?

Dustin from Love During Lockup hailed from Tennessee.

  • Is Love During Lockup Dustin On Instagram And Facebook?

No, Dustin from WeTV’s Love During Lockup doesn’t seem to be on Instagram and Facebook.

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