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Love During Lockup: Keith Collier Age, Family, Release Date

Keith Collier might have done wrong things in the past, but he’s done right by his partner LaTisha and her kids.

Get to know this Love During Lockup star better below.

Keith Collier On Love During Lockup Season 3

Keith Collier was one of the stars of Love During Lockup season 3. He found love while incarcerated, thanks to his cousin he was locked up with. “He had a girlfriend and she had a friend which was Tish,” Keith said. “And, I fell hard real fast.”

From Tish’s perspective, she said she was tired of most of her relationships with “jackasses and leeches.” So, when she stumbled upon Keith, a new world opened up to her. “He’s amazing! He got gold teeth, Oh my god! I see gold teeth, all right, panty dropped ok,” she added.

Fast-forward to two years of dating, Keith then asked Tish to get married via a phone call. “He was like, ‘Will you marry me?’ I say what?” Tish recalled. Likewise, Keith said, “She is the one that I want to be with. You know, so I just felt like it was the right time and she was very hysterical, she was very excited.”

They got married on May 5, 2022.

Fun Fact: In one of Tish’s visits to the prison, she reached down Keith’s pants and checked his package. “Thank you, I was like thank you Jesus because if my man came home and was married and he had a small pen*s, I don’t know what the f**k I would do,” she said.

Are LaTisha Collier And Keith Collier Still Married?

Yes, as of 2023, Keith Collier and LaTisha Collier are still married.

According to LaTisha, she Keith him with providing her daughter with the love and support of a true father figure for the past three years. Keith has been consistently present in her daughter’s life through pictures, phone calls, emotional support, and occasional gifts. He has filled a void that was difficult for her daughter to understand and has never been aggressive or humiliating toward her. LaTisha appreciated that Keith always came through for her daughter without a doubt.

Before Keith came into their lives, LaTisha was angry about how her daughter had been treated, but now she understands that his presence has healed her daughter’s heart. They share a strong bond, and when they finally met face to face, it felt as if he had been there since her daughter’s birth.

LaTisha claimed that she was also moved to tears of joy as she observed Keith playing games, drawing, painting, and reading books with her daughter, making her happy and feeling cherished.

But Keith is not just a stepdad, he has three children of his own.

Keith Collier Age

Keith Collier was 35 years of age in 2023.

However, he was a year younger when he filmed  Love During Lockup.

Keith Collier Family

Keith Collier comes from a family of seven. He is the son of Keith Mike Collier (born: Apr 1971) who worked as a digital creator at Positive Brothers. Sadly, Keith’s parents are separated and his dad remarried on April 18, 2016.

As for his siblings, Keith has two sisters Mikita and Kedraa, and two brothers Kelian and the late Michael Collier.

Mikita Collier: Born: November 1986, Mikita is a Youth Opportunities Unlimited Alt High School graduate who worked as a PSE Clerk at the United States Post Office.

Kedraa NicoleeL: She attended Rock Island High School and  Minnesota State University, Mankato. Now, she owns a cosmetic store named Ke Beauty Cosmetics.

Kelian Collier: Born: May 13, 1989, Kelian has long passed away.

Michael Collier: Keith’s half-brother, Michae turned 3 on August 31, 2022.

Trivia: Keith’s sister Kedraa lost everything in a house fire in June 2023.

Keith Collier Height

Keith Collier stands tall at a height of 6 feet 2 inches (188 cm).

His distinct features include — a ripped body covered with tattoos, thick hair, and a beard.

Keith Collier Criminal History

Keith Collier received a hefty prison sentence for a single drug charge due to several factors. Firstly, at the time of his arrest, he already had an extensive criminal history, including convictions for various offenses such as burglary, possession of cannabis, DUI, unlawful delivery of a controlled substance, aggravated battery of a police officer, and criminal trespass to land. This history of repeat offenses likely influenced the severity of the sentencing.

Secondly, Keith entered into a plea agreement under Rule 11(c)(1)(C), in which he acknowledged possession of at least 28 grams of crack with intent to distribute. This plea agreement set the appropriate sentencing range at 151-188 months, which was lower than the range of 188-235 months determined after the presentence investigation. Nevertheless, the court sentenced him, considering his status as a career offender, to 168 months in prison.

Furthermore, during his time in the federal correctional institution, Keith received disciplinary sanctions for disruptive conduct and possessing a dangerous weapon, resulting in the loss of good time credit.

All these factors, combined with a classification by the Bureau of Prisons as a high risk to recidivate, likely contributed to the substantial 14-year prison sentence he is currently serving.

Keith Collier Release Date

Keith Collier’s release date was set to be September 2025. But his wife, LaTisha expects him to get out sooner.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Keith Collier From?

Keith hails from Rock Island, Illinois.

But in 2023, he resided in Los Angeles, California.

  • Is Keith Collier On Instagram?

Find him on Instagram @keithlilmikecollier.

Also, here’s his Facebook @KeithCollierJr and @keith.collier.79219.

  • When Is Keith Collier Birthday?

Keith receives his birthday wishes on February 16 and is of the Aquarius zodiac.

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