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Love During Lockup: LaTisha Collier Bio, Age, Net Worth

So, when Love After Lockup‘s spin-off, Love During Lockup, returned with a new season on 21 July 2023, fans also took notice of LaTisha Collier, one of its cast. Latisha appeared on the show paired up with Keith Collier.

In this writing, we are about to tell you if or not they are still together, and about all that you have been wondering about LaTisha. So, Keep reading!

Love During Lockup Season 3: Are LaTisha Collier And Keith Collier Still Married?

Love During Lockup Season 3 follows the journey of six “non-cons” as they go through the early stages of their romance with a prisoner. These couples are shown facing challenges from sending money, first video dates, and scarce visits, to the heartbreak and frustration of the prison system. And if for each of the couples, it is true love or just a con, viewers are made known at last. The same also happened to LaTisha and Keith. This is how their relationship story rolled out on the TV screen. Latisha unexpectedly ran into a new relationship with Keith after her recent divorce. To the cameras on the show, LaTisha talked about originally being ready to embrace the single life. But, yet, she said, she had only intended to be Keith’s pen pal. They had only sparked up a connection later on.

Also, in the show, viewers saw LaTisha surprising her employees and friends by telling them about her romance with a convicted felon.

As to if or not LaTisha and Keith are still together, until Love After Lockup: Jail Talk‘s S05E01, LaTisha was seen referring to Keith as her “handsome husband”. The episode had also zoomed on LaTisha’s engagement ring. Actually, Lisa also reveals she and Keith were legally married on May 5, 2022. She shared this one-year anniversary post on Facebook earlier this month:

Lisa, actually herself revealed on 5 May 2023 that she and Keith had gotten married a year ago. Claiming the day to be their one-year anniversary, on a Facebook post, she gushed about Keith also being her best friend and “AMAZING man”. She talked about never having a support system like she does now with Keith. She went as far as to tell “Even my kids have benefited from you and you have shown and taught us soo much. The girls love you.”

If you don’t already know, LaTisha is a mom of two young daughters. As of May 2023, the youngest was 7 months old month and the oldest was 14 years old.

Keith from his own previous relationship also appears to have three children. Referring to them also as her kids, LaTisha was seen talking about having “a total of five kids” and yet wanting more.

So, yes! LaTisha continued to be married to Keith at the time of the writing (July 2023).

LaTisha Collier Age

During the time of the filming, LaTisha Collier was 36 years old. While Keith had reached the age of 34.

Where Is LaTisha Collier From?

LaTisha Collier has always been a Davenport, Iowa native. She was born and brought up in this city on the Mississippi River in eastern Iowa. And she kept living here as of now.

LaTisha Collier Height

Beautiful and fashionable appearing LaTisha Collier stands above 5’8” in height.

LaTisha Collier Job

With expertise in accounting and management, LaTisha has been the owner and the CEO of Boss Tax and Accounting Services since January 2017.

On a Love During Lockup episode, LaTisha was seen bragging about her clientele being people from the Quad City areas of Iowa and Illinois. She also gushed about catering to clientele virtually across all 50 states. LaTisha further added that she is an expert in credit needs, managing bankruptcy, and handling tax preparation.

How Much Is LaTisha Collier’s Net Worth?

LaTisha Collier reportedly had close to $250K net worth as of 2023.

Between 2020 and 2022, she was studying for her Bachelor of Business Administration – BBA, Accounting, and Business at Strayer University. So, at this time, she was not most probably not making money full-time.

LaTisha Collier Criminal History

LaTisha Collier is no stranger to being behind bars. She has been arrested multiple times over the years.

Many of her charges and convictions have resulted because of felony fraudulent practice and felony theft. Starcasm in detail reported the charges filed against LaTisha so far, i.e., also including her convictions. Most of these entries include exclusive information from court documents. Also, this list was arranged chronologically, starting with her most recent charges from November of last year.

The first time was in August 2005 when she was charged with third-degree theft, an aggravated misdemeanor, after writing $669.66 worth of bad checks at Wal-Mart. She was found guilty and was given a 240-day suspended jail sentence plus one year of probation. Plus, she was fined $500 and ordered to pay $844.66 in rebate.

The latest was from 27 NOVEMBER 2022. On this day, she was charged with interference with official acts and false reports to a public entity.

Related FAQs

  • What Is LaTisha Collier Maiden’s Name?

LaTisha previously went around as Latisha Griffin, but ‘Griffin’ is actually her ex-husband’s last name. Just until October 2021, people called her by this name. Latisha Chaunte Humphries, on the other hand, happens to be her maiden name.

  • Is LaTisha Collier On Instagram?

Yes. LaTisha Collier can be found on Instagram. her IG @heartofaboss included 6,200 posts and 2,145 followers as of 24 July 2023.

Other than that, fans also can connect with her on TikTok (@themrscollier) and on Twitter.

  • When Is LaTisha Collier’s Birthday?

LaTisha Collier’s birthday is on August 15th and that makes her a Leo.

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