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Love Is Blind Ayano Bio, Age, Job, Instagram, Shuntaro

Would you dare marry a person, just based on their personality alone? Well, Ayano from Love is Blind: Japan certainly does! Eager to try out the unconventional way of dating, Ayano joined the reality show almost sure that her future husband awaited there. And she might just be right!

Keep reading this “Love Is Blind Ayano Bio” to learn more about her. 

Ayano On Love Is Blind

After numerous successes with the show’s franchise, Love is Blind launched its Japanese version on February 8, 2022, and there stood Ayano alongside 24 singles ready to find their soulmate. 

Just like the original format, the Japanese version also prompted couples to propose to each other before they were even able to see each other. Thus chosen couple then embarked on a trip to a romantic destination, and met each other’s family before deciding if they wanted to get married in the final ep or not.

Reminding her fans not to miss the first ep, Ayano took it to her IG on the premiere day to write, “Report / Announcement]. Catch me on #loveisblind JAPAN 🌹.On@netflixjp @netflix. World wide from 5 pm JST.”

Also, the next day, filled with tons of “heartful messages,” Ayano once again posted over IG to let her fans know that she was “nervous but at ease” with all the support she was getting. That was also the day each participant received “a champagne and a gorgeous Netflix glass.”

Joining Ayano this season were her co-stars — Ladies (10): Toshie, Midori, Motomi, Minami, Eri, Maki, Nana, Priya, Kaoru, and Nanako; and Men (13): Takumi, Jinya, Yudai, Mori, Shuntaro, Odacchi, Atsushi, Sho, Misaki, Ryotaro, Ryoga, Mizuki, and Wataru.

Also, making the show more interesting were the hosts a.k.a “Navigators” Takashi Fujii and Yuka Itaya.

As for the filming location, the dating series was filmed in Tokyo (at Toho Studios) and Yomitan (at Hoshinoya Okinawa).

The eps 1-5 were scheduled to air from Feb 8, 6-9 from Feb 15, and 10-11 from Feb 22.

Are Ayano And Shuntaro From Love Is Blind Still Together?

Yes, we believe, Love is Blind: Japan stars, Ayano and Shuntaro are still together as of 2022. Why? Well, let’s go back to the first time they met each other.

When Ayano first appeared in the show, she was interested in both Yudai and Mori at different times. But neither of them reciprocated the feeling — stating that Ayano didn’t let her guard down. However, that wasn’t the case. This lady had trained herself to “read the room,” all thanks to her growing up owing to her father’s profession.

Fortunately, Shuntaro, who admitted to often being misconstrued as well, understood her. The desire of finding love again after losing his previous partner to an illness drove Shuntaro to pursue Ayano with all his heart. No wonder, when Ayano asked him his choice, Shuntaro let his heart out! And the words touched Ayano like never before.

“Aya, being with you, I’ve been able to be my natural self for the first time. This is the first time I’ve met such an extraordinary person. So, I could say something arrogant like ‘I’ll make you happy,’ but that’s not it. I need you, Aya. Please marry me,” Shuntaro said.

Ayano, who already made herself clear that she only wanted him for who he is, replied, “If you’re happy with me, I want to spend my future with you.”

Thus, the two got face-to-face, and Shuntaro vowed to take care of her for good.

If this kind of start doesn’t last, we don’t know what will.

Love Is Blind Ayano Age

Ayano from Love is Blind: Japan was 30 years of age when she appeared on the show in 2022. While Shuntaro was 56 then, the oldest of them all.

Many believed that their age difference would be the reason if they’d ever go on to split.

Love Is Blind Ayano Job

Ayano labels herself as a “beauty guru,” but to mention her job, she was a 10-5 corporate worker.

This “crazy about fashion” Netflix star just got her big break into the entertainment industry. So, perhaps, she intends to pursue her passion full-time and become a fashion icon in the future.

But even now, Ayano already showcases amazing get-ups over her socials. From sporting gaudy earrings, bold parkas, and fuzzy overcoats, the star’s dressing sense is unparalleled.

Trivia: An average corporate job in Japan paid around $45 thousand per annum.

Is Love Is Blind Ayano On Instagram?

Yes, find Ayano over IG @ayani0625.

Also, if you have any queries about her, she implores you to drop them off at @yani0625.

What Is Love Is Blind Ayano Last Name?

Ayano’s last name wasn’t revealed as of Feb 2022.

However, some say that Yayoi Nakayama is her sister, meaning “Nakayama” could be her last name. But for all we know, Yayoi could just be her best friend.

Related FAQs

  • Has Love Is Blind Ayano Undergone Plastic Surgery?

Though gossip floated around that Love Is Blind Ayano underwent plastic surgery, no shreds of evidence supported the rumor. So, Ayano could be all-natural.

  • How Tall Is Love Is Blind Ayano?

Ayano stands tall at a height under 5 feet 3 inches (160 cm).

  • When Is Love Is Blind Ayano Birthday?

She receives her birthday wishes on July 13, making her of the Cancer zodiac.

  • Where Is Love Is Blind Ayano From?

This Love Is Blind star hails from Japan.

As of 2022, she resided in Omotesando, Tokyo.

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