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Midori Yasui Bio, Age, Job, Instagram, Love Is Blind, Wataru

Netflix premiered “Love Is Blind: Japan” and viewers singletons bonding and going through several challenges and one of them is Midori Yasui. Her bond with fellow contestant Wataru was something fans noticed and wondered about. They were comfortable with each other in the pod and while facing each other for the first time.

So let us give you more insight into her life in this Midori Yasui Bio. Here we cover her age, job, Instagram, and her Love Is Blind journey.

Midori Yasui On Love Is Blind: Japan

Meet Midori Yasui in “Love Is Blind: Japan.” Fans will be able to observe singletons from Japan who will come on the show in the hopes of finding love, but they will be unable to see their faces. On February 8, 2022, the first batch of episodes aired. We see thirteen men hunting for love in Netflix’s new show. The presentation’s format is identical to that of the original.

The male contestants appearing on the show are,

  • Takumi (23) Ex-Maritime Self-Defense Force officer,
  • Jinya (26) Hair and makeup stylist,
  • Yudai (23) Men’s hairstylist,
  • Mori (37) Cosmetic dermatologist,
  • Shuntaro (56) Consultant,
  • Odacchi (31) Comedian,
  • Atsushi (42) Business owner,
  • Sho (28) Design firm owner,
  • Misaki (31) Baseball coach in Kenya,
  • Ryotaro (32) Hairstylist,
  • Ryoga (30) Real estate,
  • Mizuki (29) Restaurateur,
  • Wataru (38) Executive

Whereas, there are only 11 female contestants to make it much more interesting namely,

  • Toshie (39) Aromatherapy instructor,
  • Midori (30) Business planner,
  • Motomi (27) Advertising salesperson,
  • Minami (26) Architecture firm,
  • Eri (32) Fitness trainer,
  • Ayano (30) Corporate worker,
  • Maki (34) Yoga instructor,
  • Nana (31) Online marketing,
  • Priya (27) Entrepreneur,
  • Kaoru (31) Singer-songwriter,
  • Nanako (35) Ex-ballet instructor

Guiding these singletons are show’s hosts Takashi Fujii and Yuka Itaya.

The show was shot in Yomitan and Tokyo. Furthermore, it has been alleged that filming took place in Tokyo at Toho Studios. They shot the episode in Yomitan at a luxury villa called Hoshinoya Okinawa.

The first five episodes premiered on 8 February. Then, episodes 6-9 will premiere on 15 February. The remaining two episodes 10 and 11 will premiere on 22 February 2022.

Are Midori Yasui And Wataru From Love Is Blind Still Together?

Wataru and Midori Yasui bonded over shared tech background. Wataru presented himself as an ambitious man and “title and income can be appealing qualities to women” and looking for someone with a similar mindset. Both Wataru and Midori have lived in the U.S. so they connected about their time in the states.

Other topics the pair discussed to form strong bonds with each other were families, pets, experiences from the past, and expectations for the future. Wataru has been married once before, there is no information on Midori’s past relationships.

Their intuitive nature about what was going on with each other and the level of comfort they had with each other helped create a safe environment where their relationship thrived. Midori admitted when Wataru linked with Priya, her heart raced because she had started liking him.

But, Midori persevered with undeterred effort and blunt openness helped her create an impact of her presence in Wataru’s mind and win him over. It didn’t matter that it was through an actual presentation, which Midori herself thought was “maybe” a “overkill,” because it allowed him to be honest about his thoughts, which led to their engagement.

While communicating in the pod, they formed a deep bond but when they met each other face-to-face things changed between the two. Time and time Wataru admired Midori’s beauty saying that he exceeded his expectations however Midori felt the other way. She had expected Wataru to have “more delicate features” and it bothered her.

But, the bond that they had built while on the pod persisted regardless of what she had expected at first. Midori also declared, “I’m worried that my heart’s not racing [anymore],”. Coming to the question are they still together?

They are both living in Tokyo, or at least Midori is. Even if they didn’t go through it all the way, they might’ve maintained a sound relationship with each other but the finale is yet to be revealed.

Midori Yasui Age

At the time of the premiere of “Love Is Blind: Japan,” Midori Yaui was 30 years old.

Midori Yasui Job

Based on Midori’s LinkedIn, she is currently working as Senior Business Development Manager at b8ta Japan since January 2021. She had previously worked as Partnerships and Business Development Manager in the company for a year from 2020-2021.

Before b8ta Japan, Midori worked for SoftBank Robotics America as a Project Manager from October 2018 to November 2019. Whereas Midori spent 4 years in Deloitte. For almost the first four years from 2014 to 2018, she worked as a consultant then ranked up to become Senior Consultant where she worked in the role for only three months.

While in the states, she had landed Summer Internship at Fujisankei Communications International from May 2013 to August 2013.

Midori holds a BA degree in Communication and Media Analysis from The Ohio State University.

Is Midori Yasui On Instagram?

Midori Yasui is on Instagram (@doridori_midori) and Facebook (@midori.yasui.1).

Related FAQs

  •  When Is Midori Yasui Birthday?

Midori Yasui celebrates her birthday on 20 March.

  • Where Is Midori Yasui From?

Midori Yasui is currently living in Tokyo, Japan.

  • How Tall Is Midori Yasui?

Not only Midori Yasui is beautiful, but her looks are also further accentuated by her height of 5 feet 7 inches.

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