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Love Is Blind Ryotaro Bio, Age, Job, Height, Instagram

Ryotaro, a professional hairstylist joined the cast of “Love Is Blind: Japan”. He linked with advertising salesperson Motomi. They confessed their feeling for one another and Ryotaro made the sweetest proposal. So, are they together? What is there to learn about Ryotaro?

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Ryotaro On Love Is Blind: Japan

Netflix’s “Love Is Blind” is back but from a different geographical region. Fans get to see singletons from Japan who will be appearing on the show to find love without seeing their faces. The show premiered on 8 February 2022. We see thirteen men looking to find love on Netflix’s new show. The show follows the same format as the original show.

The male contestants are,

  • Takumi (23) Ex-Maritime Self-Defense Force officer,
  • Jinya (26) Hair and makeup stylist,
  • Yudai (23) Men’s hairstylist,
  • Mori (37) Cosmetic dermatologist,
  • Shuntaro (56) Consultant,
  • Odacchi (31) Comedian,
  • Atsushi (42) Business owner,
  • Sho (28) Design firm owner,
  • Misaki (31) Baseball coach in Kenya,
  • Ryotaro (32) Hairstylist,
  • Ryoga (30) Real estate,
  • Mizuki (29) Restaurateur,
  • Wataru (38) Executive

Whereas, there are only 11 female contestants to make it much more interesting namely,

  • Toshie (39) Aromatherapy instructor,
  • Midori (30) Business planner,
  • Motomi (27) Advertising salesperson,
  • Minami (26) Architecture firm,
  • Eri (32) Fitness trainer,
  • Ayano (30) Corporate worker,
  • Maki (34) Yoga instructor,
  • Nana (31) Online marketing,
  • Priya (27) Entrepreneur,
  • Kaoru (31) Singer-songwriter,
  • Nanako (35) Ex-ballet instructor

Guiding these singletons are two hosts Takashi Fujii and Yuka Itaya.

The show was filmed in Tokyo and Yomitan. Furthermore, it has been reported in Tokyo the filming was done at Toho Studios where films such as Godzilla. Whereas in Yomitan, they filmed the show at Hoshinoya Okinawa, at a luxury property.

The first five episodes premiered on 8 February 2022. Then, episodes 6-9 will premiere on 15 February. The remaining two episodes 10 and 11 will premiere on 22 February.

Love Is Blind: Are Ryotaro And Motomi Still Together?

Immediately after Ryotaro and Motomi met in the pods, there was a spark between them which was undeniable. The connection led to the pair having a great chat that covered all the basics. It started with some small conversation, as one might anticipate, but quickly evolved into a discussion of their strengths and faults, as well as their pet Chinchillas (that Ryotaro had as a child). The 32-year-old hairstylist was drawn to Motomi because she quickly turned his admitted flaw into a strength, telling him that his stubbornness is his determination.

Subsequently, from there, they deepened their bond by playing a game of rapid-fire, opening up about their beliefs and expectations, and talking about their past, all in the hopes of uncovering a plethora of unusual coincidences. Motomi even confessed that she’d previously been married. She was in her early 20s and the marriage lasted less than a year. But, it didn’t turn off Ryotaro instead he conveyed his understanding of the circumstance with a polite note. Thus it gave rise to them exchanging letters.

They were able to express themselves and be vulnerable in ways they had never done before.

Motomi had been bonding with Atsushi for a large part of the time in the show. However, it ended when she discovered that he was hoping for a “conventional” marriage, with his wife becoming a homemaker. This helped my friend with Ryotaro grow stronger. Plus, it also resulted in a romantic proposal that she rebuffed by stating odd facts about herself to ensure he wouldn’t be scared away before proposing again.

Ryotaro proposed, “You’re perfect. You’re the cutest thing ever… I’m still game.”

Furthermore, when they met face to face, nothing changed between the two. Motomi admitted being “scared” of him owing to the same, yet the feeling that she knew the real Ryotaro ensured she still couldn’t stop hugging him. He made it clear that he was “in love with her heart,” so his sweet smiles whenever he looked at Motomi further made her believe that everything would be okay.

Ryotaro is not on social media platforms so figuring out their current relationship is impossible. But, based on their connection which they had built on the show, they are likely together or at least have been able to maintain a friendship

Love Is Blind Ryotaro Age

At the time of the filming of the show, Ryotaro was 32 years old.

Love Is Blind Ryotaro Job

We know from his introduction on the show, Ryotaro is a hairstylist. Salaryexplorer revealed that an average hairstylist earns nearly 240,000 JPY per month.

Is Love Is Blind Ryotaro On Instagram?

No, “Love Is Blind” star Ryotaro is not on Instagram. His social media account remains anonymous.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Love Is Blind Ryotaro From?

“Love Is Blind” Ryotaro is likely from Tokyo, Japan. But, his hometown remains unshared.

  • How Tall Is Love Is Blind Ryotaro?

Love Is Blind’s Ryotaro stands tall to the height of over 5 feet 10 inches.

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