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Love Is Blind Motomi Bio, Age, Job, Instagram, Ryotaro

New to Netflix this time around is the Japanese take of the Love is Blind franchise. The new reality dating show Love is Blind: Japan dropped on 8 February 2022 and already had fans raving about its much more sophisticated demeanor and the Japanese’s humble and respectful way of dating as opposed to the American and Brazilian versions. There are 13 men and 11 women looking for love on the new Netflix show, from all different backgrounds, ages, and careers. Among them is Motomi who is hoping to find her match through the Love Is Blind process.

Here’s all you need to know about Motomi.

Meet Motomi On Love Is Blind: Japan

Love Is Blind: Japan‘s Motomi and Ryotaro, a 32-year-old hairstylist, felt a spark as soon as they met, which they could barely ignore. Viewers then saw them have quality conversations that covered all bases. It started with a bit of small talk before gradually they started talking about their strengths and weaknesses, and later on, their pet Chinchillas.

They developed their connection by playing a game of rapid-fire, opening up about their beliefs, expectations, and discussing their past. In the process, Motomi revealed that she had been married once before, for less than a year in her early 20s. But instead of being put off by this secret as Motomi feared, Ryotaro was like he understood the situation. Thus began their constant letter exchanges, helping them communicate their feelings and be vulnerable in a way like never before.

Are Love Is Blind‘s Motomi And Ryotaro Still Together?

Ryotaro and Motomi’s face-to-face meeting was as sweet as their association in the pods. But then there is also no denying that Motomi was for some time utterly shocked to see his rugged appearance. She even admitted to being scared of him.

Yet she could not stop hugging him as Ryotaro had already confessed to being so much in love with her. So, his sweet smiles whenever he looked at Motomi further made her believe that everything would be okay eventually.

All these exchanges certainly made them the strongest in viewers’ eyes. That is why some of us believe that they likely ended up together even outside the show.

However, because there was seemingly no trace of Ryotaro or his relationship with Motomi on any social media platforms, one could not tell where exactly they stand today.

But because the show is all about deciding on a marriage partner, they likely have ended up together.

Also because Motomi admitted that the show has been such an amazing experience for her, things must have ended up pretty well for her. The only thing is, she also thought this whole process to be a bit embarrassing and a little uneasy as she has put a big part of her life out there in public.

Love Is Blind Motomi Age

Love Is Blind Motomi was born in 1994. So she turned 27 years old in 2021.

Love Is Blind Motomi Job

Motomi is introduced professionally on the show as an advertising salesperson.

As per’s estimation the average salary for sales in Tokyo, Japan is ¥5,331,963 per year. Also, the average additional cash compensation they are paid ranges from ¥6,504 to ¥3,889,938.

Is Love Is Blind Motomi On Instagram?

Yes. Love Is Blind is on Instagram and as of 10 February 2022, the account @motomi_228 had 72 posts and 610 followers.

She seemed to primarily use Instagram to post about lifestyle content, including skincare, nail art, food, and cocktails. She also seems to love a good luxury destination, and she has shown off glimpses of some of the gorgeous suites, poolside venues, and serene lodges she has stayed in.

So you know, Motomo also handled the Instagram account @pupu_stagram1912 that she opened separately for her pet rat, Mofumofu-chan.

Love Is Blind Motomi Family

Love Is Blind‘s Motomi often shares glimpses from her travel or outings with family. She is a family person and so are her folks, her dad, and mom.

Motomi also seemed to have sisters who were not able to celebrate their parents’ birthdays/wedding anniversary during the time time of the COVID pandemic, late in September 2020.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Love Is Blind Motomi From?

Love Is Blind‘s Motomi Kanagawa hails from Kanagawa, which is a prefecture of Japan located in the Kantō region of Honshu. Although currently, she was based in Tokyo.

  • How Tall Is Love Is Blind Motomi?

Love Is Blind‘s Motomi stands 4’11” inches tall.

Also so you know, Motomi is into hair coloring. By late January 2022, she already had bleached her hair three times in a row. And she was worried she would have to go to the beauty salon again because the hair color and hair quality were getting worse.

  • Has Love Is Blind Motomi Undergone Plastic Surgery?

Motomi likely has not undergone plastic surgery.

  • When Is Love Is Blind Motomi Birthday?

Every year in February the Love Is Blind Motomi celebrates her birthday.

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