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Lucy Letby Parents: Mum Susan Letby And Dad John Letby

Get to know mum Susan Letby and dad John Letby — the parents of serial killer Lucy Letby. Many have been wondering what let her down on this path that made her commit these heinous murders. What was her childhood like? What do we know about her parents?

Keep scrolling down this article to read all about Lucy Letby’s parents.

Who Are Lucy Letby Parents?

Susan Letby and John Letby, Lucy’s parents, missed the sentencing hearing after having endured a 10-month trial during which they frequently discussed their deep bond with Lucy. Throughout her ten-month trial at Manchester Crown Court, Susan and John were a daily fixture and were there.

Since her arrest, Dr Sohom Das, a consultant forensic psychologist and author of In Two Minds, believed they would have been caught between ‘shock, disbelief, maybe even denial, and leading up to the trial, they would have clung on to some semblance of hope that she might get a not guilty plea. Obviously, that’s all come crashing down.’

The couple supported her in obtaining an apology letter from top physicians who had expressed worries about their darling daughter and threatened to denounce them to the General Medical Council after learning of her innocence. Their narrow-minded faith in their child is not entirely unexpected from them as dedicated parents. Lucy is only the fourth female killer in British criminal history to get a whole-life sentence, but unlike murderers like Myra Hindley and Rose West, there is little evidence to imply that Letby had a difficult upbringing.

They were not present for the announcement of the verdicts last Friday, and they were also absent this morning when she received a whole-life order during the sentence session. Mr. and Mrs. Letby left their home in Hereford and moved to Manchester in order to hear all the evidence against their daughter.

The 33-year-old Lucy Letby is well known for being the serial murderer nurse who was given an extremely uncommon life sentence for the “sadistic” killing of seven kids. The parents of Letby’s infant victims revealed the gruesome effects of her murders while she remained imprisoned in court cells, making her Britain’s deadliest child serial killer. Manchester Crown Court was informed that several of her surviving victims have been left with incapacities that have changed their lives.

Letby’s actions were characterized as a “cruel, calculated, and cynical campaign of child murder involving the smallest and most vulnerable of children” by the judge, James Justice Goss KC.

Nothing shows that Mr. and Mrs. Letby were anything other than loving parents who showered Lucy with affection from the moment of her birth, which occurred five months after their marriage in July 1989. They raised Lucy as an only child in a 1930s semi-detached home in a cul-de-sac.

Growing up, Letby was a ‘delight’ to her parents – neighbors remembered. Lucy Letby’s childhood was ordinary like any other kid who was raised by her parents filled with love. She had a part-time job at WH Smith in the city, and her parents were immensely proud when she became the first in their family to go to university.

Lucy told one doctor friend who was considering moving to New Zealand that she could never do that as it would ‘completely devastate’ them. “Find it hard enough being away from me now and it’s only 100 miles,” she said.

She wrote this to another acquaintance in a message: “My parents worry massively about everything & anything, hate that I live alone, etc. I feel bad because I know it’s really hard for them especially as I’m an only child, and they mean well, just a little suffocating at times and constantly feel guilty.”

Lucy received 14 life sentences, one for each of the seven murder and attempted murder accusations against her. She will die in prison.

Meet Susan Letby, Lucy Letby Mum

Susan Letby is the mother of the British serial Lucy Letby. When cops arrested Lucy at her Chester home back in 2018, Susan reportedly told officers: “I did it, take me instead.”

  • Susan Letby Age

Susan Letby is 63 years old as of 2023.

  • Susan Letby Job

Susan Letby worked as an accounts clerk. There are no more details regarding her career besides that. has reported that she is now retired.

  • Is Susan Letby On Facebook?

No, Susan Letby doesn’t appear to be on Facebook.

Meet John Letby, Lucy Letby Dad

Lucy Letby’s dad is named John Letby.

  • John Letby Age

John Letby is currently age 77, as of 2023.

  • John Letby Job

Several reports shared that John Letby is a furniture retail boss.

  • Is John Letby On Facebook?

John Letby’s Facebook details are not available.

Related FAQs

  • Where Do Lucy Letby Parents Reside?

Lucy Letby’s parents reside in Hereford, England.

  • How Many Kids Do Lucy Letby Parents Have?

Lucy Letby is the only child born to Susan and John Letby.

  • Are Lucy Letby Parents Still Together?

Yes, Lucy Letby’s parents are still together. They have been married since 1989 and recently celebrated their 34th wedding.

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