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Luke From Outdoor Boys Net Worth, Age, Height, Religion

Several rumors have surfaced related to Outdoor Boys’s Luke Nichols and one of them goes as far as his death. What happened to Luke? How much is his net worth? What religion does he follow?

Read all about him here as this article proceeds.

Exploring Luke From Outdoor Boys Death Rumors

Outdoor Boys’s Luke Nichols has had an astronomical growth on YouTube garnering him millions of subscribers in a matter of months. Although he doesn’t have a TikTok, edits of his videos have earned millions of views on the platform as well.

However, this also means scammers have been making false claims about him.

Is Outdoor Boys’ Luke putting up new videos? Is Outdoor Boys’ Luke still alive? There are a ton of rumors out there.

As per Instagram’s account, Luke continues to post videos on the Outdoor Boys YouTube channel, maintain the Outdoor Boys Facebook page, and share photographs (along with inaccessible links) on the Outdoor Boys Instagram account. But other followers are concerned about the Outdoor Boys TikTok page.

It appears that a con artist created mementos to honor Luke’s passing. This is absurd because, as far as I can tell, he is still alive and well. He is marketing them via an absurd planned parenthood website.

Click the link to view the fake merch and obituary of Luke.

A another TikTok from a fan channel for Outdoor Boys explained why Luke would stop filming YouTube videos. But he doesn’t explicitly state that he is leaving YouTube in the post “Explaining why I’m quitting.”

“I think it’s time to put out a video every other week,” Luke says in the footage, which isn’t from the official Outdoor Boys channel. He’s not quitting and he’s not dying; he’s just dropping new videos every other week.

Luke has been posting videos every other week after an ordeal during a snow hiking and camping video.

Most recently on 15 March 2024, Luke provided update to his followers, “There won’t be a video this Saturday. Illness and weather delays are my official excuse. Will try to get it posted next Saturday.”

Is Luke From Outdoor Boys Married?

Outdoor Boys’s Luke Nichols met his wife Rebecca “Becca” Reimann Nichols while attending Brigham Young University. It was right after he was done serving two years in Japan for his ministry.

In 2021, Luke shared that Rebecca was from Utah and their paths crossed at church. He explained that in that church there were no paid ministry and no preachers and each week different members of the congregation had to give the sermon and it was Becca’s turn.

“I’ve never seen her before and I thought she was really cute,” Luke explained in the video. “I was like making eyes with her and give it her all smile, you know, putting on the Nichols charm. She smiled back and I smiled at her.”

Becca all of a sudden got that concerned look and tried to avoid him.

“But it was too late. Damage was done. I had to ask her out and I did. And, the rest is history,” Luke added. As it turns out, Becca’s friend was in front of Luke making faces at her so that is why Becca was concerned when Luke was smiling at her.

The couple celebrated their 22nd wedding anniversary in 2023.

Luke also shared that he was a horrible student as he took 8 years to finish his undergraduate. By the time he graduated, Becca was teaching at BYU for three years with her master’s.

Luke From Outdoor Boys Height

Outdoor Boys’s Luke has mentioned in a few videos that his height measures at 6 feet 5 inches.

Luke From Outdoor Boys Job

After graduation, Outdoor Boys’s Luke ran a political consulting business that he ran for 2-3 years. But, he realized the environment wasn’t for him and was hindering his family life so he and Becca moved to Virginia and he earned his JD. He then founded his own practice Nichols & Green and started doing criminal defense work.

Luke worked as a criminal defense attorney for ten years.

But, the couple didn’t have any kids at the time although they tried for a while. After moving to the countryside, Becca got pregnant with Tommy, their oldest. Then, they had other two boys, Nathan and Jacob.

After Tommy was born, Luke started his career on YouTube posting fishing videos and it gained traction. The success of the channel became bigger than his work on his law practice so he quit his job to do YouTube full time.

How Much Is Luke From Outdoor Boys Net Worth?

Luke from Outdoor Boys’s net worth is above $5 million.

Luke From Outdoor Boys Age

Born in October 1978, Luke Nichols is 45 years of age.

Luke From Outdoor Boys Religion

Outdoor Boys’s Luke is a Christian by religion. He served as a Missionary for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints and traveled and lived in Japan for two years.

Related FAQs

  • Where Does Luke From Outdoor Boys Live?

Luke lives in Virginia. He is originally from Alaska.

  • Was Luke In The Military?

Despite popular belief, Outdoor Boys’s Luke never confirmed serving in the military.

  • When Is Luke Birthday?

Outdoor Boys’s Luke celebrates his birthday in October.

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