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Kathleen Jourdan Now, Age, Stroke, Maiden Name

Meet Kathleen Jourdan, who was found “not guilty” for the death of her husband Joshua Jordan. Where is Kathleen now? Is she on social media? Did she suffer a stroke? How old is she in 2024?

Read all about her as you scroll down this article.

Where Is Kathleen Jourdan Now?

On June 17, 2020, police in the neighboring town of Cozad received a panicked call. Joshua Jourdan, 35, was shot by Kathleen Jourdan, 31, a medical resident, who reported the incident to the police. Their sons, ages 4 and 7, were in the back seat of their vehicle, according to KNOP, an NBC affiliate.

The entire family was relocating to Scottsbluff, Nebraska, where Kathleen planned to complete her medical residency, she informed the police. She’d experienced car troubles that day, which exacerbated the couple’s already strained relationship.

“Kathleen told the police he was upset,” said legal analyst Janeen Mira. In a recorded police interview, Kathleen said, “He raises his fist,” and that she saw “that look that I’ve seen before… I reacted.”

That’s when she “pulled the gun out and shot him twice,” journalist Lisa Fischer said.

“I think it should be ruled as a self-defense,” Kathleen told police. “I was pushed to a breaking point.”

Joshua has a history of hurting Kathleen, according to Kathleen. Police confirmed that in 2017, there was a domestic incident in Georgia that was reported.

“But when police talked to her that day… she had no bruises, no lacerations, nothing,” said Lisa of the day Joshua was killed. She continued by saying that, despite being a medical student, Kathleen didn’t seem to have “made any attempt to save his life.”

According to body camera footage from the Cozad Police Department on the day of the incident, Kathleen told the police, “I wanted out.” “That immediately made police suspicious that the intent of the crime was not self-defense, but murder,” Lisa said.

Joshua used to be a fireman. He became a stay-at-home father when Kathleen was enrolled in medical school. The couple’s marriage was characterized by arguments and violence.

When authorities questioned Kathleen about her feelings regarding Joshua’s death, she responded, “I’m relieved because I know he’s not going to hurt me.”

The charge against Kathleen was second-degree murder. To take care of the boys, her mother traveled from Washington. Kathleen kept insisting that she fired to defend herself.

“Kathleen was facing 20 to life,” defense attorney Brian Davis said. “If the jury thought for a second that she had choices about what she was going to do in that moment [she pulled the trigger], we would lose.”

Kathleen and Joshua got married in March 2012 after meeting while serving as volunteer firefighters in Washington. After relocating to Grenada, she went to medical school and gave birth to their second son.

It was discovered by her defense lawyers that Kathleen had filed for divorce and a restraining order in 2017. Kathleen got the restraining order lifted after Joshua threatened to take the kids away. The couple’s rapport momentarily got better.

The murder trial for Kathleen started on March 3, 2022. The district attorney claimed that Kathleen was unstable, struggled with alcohol, and was afraid that by divorcing, she might lose her two boys.

Joshua’s ex-wife Jessica Jourdan also appeared on court to share her own account of domestic violence inflicted by her ex-husband.

The Lincoln Journal Star reported that the jury debated for slightly more than four hours on March 11, 2022. They found the defendant not guilty.

Kathleen stated under cross-examination by Dawson County Attorney Elizabeth Waterman that although she was “relieved the abuse is over… (that I’m) done with this bad life,” she regretted killing her husband. Regarding what was ahead for Kathleen, Copley stated to that her priorities were her two kids. She intended to carry on with the “medical career she started before that fateful day.”

Kathleen participated in the family medicine residency program at the University of Nebraska Medical Center at the time of the incident.

Did Kathleen Jourdan Suffer A Stroke?

No, Kathleen Jourdan never mentioned anything about suffering a stroke. It is not Kathleen but, a businesswoman, mother, and grandmother Kathleen Jordan who suffered a massive stroke in August 2011 which she detailed on her memoir Standing Up!

Kathleen Jourdan Age

In March 2024, Kathleen Jourdan is 35 years of age. She was born in 1988.

What Is Kathleen Jourdan Maiden Name?

Kathleen Jourdan’s maiden name is Kathleen Karakas.

Kathleen Jourdan Parents

The parents of Kathleen Jourdan are her mother Ruth Karakas and her father Frederick Karakas. Ruth reached age 67 in May 2023.

During her daughter’s trial, Ruth shared about her reservations Kathleen had about getting married. She talked about how the relationship worsened when she started working in Grenada. Ruth said that she was the one who looked after the children, with Josh spending the entire day by himself in his room.

“I was afraid for my life and her life, and the boys,” Ruth said before the court.

Related FAQs

  • Is Kathleen Jourdan On Social Media?

No, Kathleen Jourdan doesn’t appear to be on any social media platforms.

  • Where Is Kathleen Jourdan From?

Kathleen Jourdan hailed from Omaha, Nebraska.

  • When Is Kathleen Jourdan Birthday?

Per the public record, Kathleen Jourdan celebrated her birthday in December.

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