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Lynsey Cumings Bio, Age, Net Worth, HGTV Renovation Wild

HGTV has stepped up its game. Renovation Wild follows Lynsey Cumings and her husband Grant as they transform two remote family-run safari camps in Zambia into one-of-a-kind travel destinations.

But who is Lynsey? Learn more about her as this Lynsey Cumings Bio proceeds.

Lynsey Cumings On HGTV Renovation Wild

Lynsey Cumings and her husband Grant are the stars of HGTV’s new show Renovation Wild. As the name suggests, the series saw the Cumings as they renovated a pair of sister properties in Lower Zambezi National Park, with some aid from their project manager, Ngoli, and their resort manager, Juliet.

Throughout the season, Lynsey faced an array of logistical nightmares including eather challenges, extreme supply chain issues, and countless exotic wildlife encounters that threaten to halt their plans. “There’s nothing more challenging than creating beauty when Mother Nature seems to be out to get you with every move you make,” said Grant. “I was born here in Zambia, our safari lodges are here and we’re raising our family here, so everything is on the line. And it’s survival of the fittest out there.”

In the inaugural ep, Lynsey and her husband started renovating the run-down villas at Old Mondoro camp — just as the region’s rainy season began. They then laid out the design plans to update the reed villas, refinish the en-suite bathrooms and install a one-of-a-kind al fresco washroom. Finally, the couple then headed over to their sister property, Chiawa, to make a game plan for its luxe renovation.

How Many Children Do Lynsey And Grant Cumings Have?

Lynsey and Grant Cumings share two children — their daughter, Lauren, and son, Scott. They stepped into this world in January 2008, and January 2006, respectively.

Now, talking about the pair, Lynsey first met Grant at the Chiawa Camp in Lower Zambezi National Park. It seems Lynsey visited the Chiawa Camp in the early 1990s as a guest, and Grant happen to be there too helping his grandparents. So, long story short, the two soon connected and got married not long after.

As of 2023, Lynsey and Grant are still married.

Lynsey Cumings Age

Lynsey Cumings was born before 1970. That made her at least 52 years of age when she appeared on Renovation Wild in 2023.

She is younger than her husband Grant.

What Is Lynsey Cumings Maiden Name?

Lynsey Cumings’s maiden name is “McKeown.”

Some of her family members are Anne McKeown (Founder at 2Mpower and former group leader at Thermomix in Australia), Megan McKeown (an Undergraduate Engineer at Aurecon), Ben McKeown (an Imperial College London graduate), Maris McKeown (cousin), and Nicola Lakeela Kane (cousin).

As for her parents-in-law, they are Dave and the late Jenny Cumings (who passed away in October 2017). Dave and Jenny originally ran Chiawa’s operations in Lusaka. In fact, Dave still oversaw all repairs and maintenance on the vehicles and boats. 

Much of the smooth running of Chiawa is a result of Dave’s tireless efforts in Lusaka.

It seems Dave and Jenny came to Northern Rhodesia in 1962 on their honeymoon and fell in love with the place. Consequently, the family embarked on a journey to make Zambia their roots and established the Chiawa Safari and Old Mondoro Camps in 1989.

So, after Grant graduated with a business degree in the United States, he and Lynsey took over the operations.

Lynsey Cumings Net Worth

Lynsey Cumings flaunted a net worth of above $1 million in 2023.

For most of her life, Lynsey has worked in the Hospitality business with Marriott Hotels and British Airways. Thus, her experience was crucial to running Chiawa. Plus, with Grant’s vast experience in guiding, conservation, and the safari industry, the clients were assured of the highest standards in all aspects of safari at Chiawa Camp.

On their official resort’s website, the Cumings describe themselves as “fifth-generation Africans” who “pioneered tourism into the Lower Zambezi National Park” when they established the first version of Chiawa Camp more than 3 decades ago.

Reportedly, the Cumings family moved to Africa in the late 19th century, during the British colonial era. They were involved in gold and diamond mining (Grant’s grandfather was a diamond buyer for DeBeers) before they “settled on the Lower Zambezi to put down their safari roots.” Eventually, Grant’s parents established Chiawa Camp and began welcoming guests in 1991.

At Chiawa Camp, guests can spot elephants, leopards, hippos, and other wildlife as it is situated “in the middle of prime wildlife and habitat zones.” But the camp’s much more than just ticking off animal sightings. “People are on holiday, and what they need is an escape from the busy schedules they’ve left at home. Our ethos is to take a step back. To look, smell, listen, breathe, and even taste. We try to touch on all the senses, not just the visual,” Grant said.

Lynsey Cumings Height

Lynsey Cumings stands tall at a height of under 5 feet 7 inches (170 cm).

Mentioning her distinct features, Lynsey has green eyes, blonde hair, and a beautiful smile.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Lynsey Cumings From?

Lynsey didn’t reveal her hometown. But in 2023, she resided in Lusaka, Zambia.

  • Is Lynsey Cumings On Instagram And Facebook?

As of May 2023, find Lynsey on Instagram @laczam2023 with 104 followers. Sadly, her account was kept private.

Here’s her Facebook @lynsey.cumings.

  • When Is Lynsey Cumings Birthday?

 Lynsey didn’t reveal her birthday.

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