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Stanika Banks Bio, Age, Family, Job, TLC’s Match Me Abroad

Meet Stanika Banks, who tired of being friend-zoned by American men decided to find love in a way her friends and family did not approve of. It’s the TLC’s Match Me Abroad way we speak of. She is one of the six hopefuls/American singles traveling to Colombia, Morocco, and the Czech Republic for love or rejection in TLC’s newest matchmaking series.

Let us tell you all about Stanika and if or not she can find and match energy to her first-ever boyfriend, in the rest of the writing.

Stanika Banks On TLC’s Match Me Abroad

In Match Me Abroad, Stanika Banks under matchmaker Nina Kharoufeh’s care moves to Morocco hoping to meet her first boyfriend. Stanika is particularly hoping to find someone who appreciates her sense of humor and boisterous personality. Despite being a novice in the dating scene, she seemed to know herself and what she wants.

In a teaser, we see Stanika tell she is tired of being friend-zoned and done with American men. Then, excited about the forthcoming man-hunting, she said her dream man is in Morocco waiting for her and she is therefore ready to travel the world to see if she can find him. Her family was skeptical of her plan to find love abroad though.

Fellow cast and American sports broadcaster Mark also will turn to Nina for guidance to find a Moroccan wife in Season 1 of Match Me Abroad.

Nina who grew up in Jersey has been helping Arabs meet Americans in Morocco and is considered undefeated in her ability to bring great matches together.

Is Stanika Banks Dating Anyone?

As of now, it was not known if Stanika Banks after she was done with filming in the country of North America, was also done with her process of finding herself a man.

In a trailer of the show, she can be seen trying famous local delicacies while on a date with a Moroccan man. She is seen strolling the streets with him and having great laughs. Still, we have not been told if the date was successful. But, she was clearly in good hands with her matchmaker. Also, Match Me Abroad being most likely non-scripted should have helped.

Stanika’s matchmakers, like others on the show, are believed to have for real taken up the task of giving her clients a chance at love.

Stanika Banks Age

Because Stanika was born in 1990, she reached the age of 33 in 2023.

Stanika Banks Family

Stanika’s mother is Yvonne Banks of Seattle, Washington. She reached the age of 62 on 15 December 2022. On that very day a year before, Stanika took to her social media to pray for her mom’s physical, mental, and overall well-being.

On Facebook once, Stanika also wrote about the five words “I ain’t got no money” that her mom taught her. These words she said mean “I’m headed towards financial freedom, but nobody will ever know when I reach it” and have stuck with her.

Then we have Stanley S Banks, Stanika’s dad. He reached the age of 69 in June 2022. He loves God and his family. On his Facebook, he also mentioned attending Madison Ridgeland High School and Hinds Community College. He and his wife Yvonne have been married since 4 July 1948.

Stanely’s job is of firefighter it seems. More than once his daughter has with pride talked about his passion going up in the flame.

Other family members of Stanika that we know of are Pamela Banks-Ross, Marylin Nicole Grant, and Timekia Ford (Timekia Grant).

How Tall Is Stanika Banks?

Stanika Banks stands below 5’7” in height.

Stanika Banks Job

Per LinkedIn, Stanika Banks is a creative energetic professional with 10 years of combined experience in the areas of successful planning, innovative marketing, and grassroots promotions growing several brands. Here, she also admits to having a growing passion for technology, operations management, and social media marketing, and a proven track record in visuals, styling, field communications, strategy development, and relationship management.

Since January 2020, she has been working as a social media marketing specialist at Crazcre8ives. While as a realtor, she has been working full-time at Bradmoore Realty since September 2021.

Speaking of her schooling, Stanika has a Bachelor’s degree in drama and dramatics/theatre arts from the University of Southern Mississippi, an associate degree in communication and media studies from Hinds Community College, and a Bachelor’s degree in Broadcast Journalism from Georgia State University.

Related FAQs

  • When Is Stanika Banks’s Birthday?

Stanika Banks’s birthday is in May. What day exactly was not known though.

  • Where Is Stanika Banks From?

Stanika Banks originally hails from Byram, a city in Hinds County, Mississippi in the United States.

  • Is Stanika Banks On Instagram And Facebook?

Yes. Stanika Banks can be found on Instagram and Facebook. As of 17 May 2023, her IG @banks601y included 176 posts and 1,588 followers. In her BIO here, she highlighted her tendency to just mind her business and live in the moment. Also, she wrote that to her, painting is therapeutic.

She also seemed as much active on ‘Stanika Banks’ Facebook, on her YouTube channel ‘TheHouseOfBanks’, and on TikTok @banks601y. She had the most followers, i.e., 119.8K on her TikTok account.

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