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Maai Nakasone Bio, Age, Job, Instagram, The Future Diary

Meet Maai Nakasone, the star of Netflix Japan’s new dating reality show “The Future Diary”. The show premiered on 14 December 2021. Netflix released the first three episodes of the show and viewers will be presented with one episode every week. The show is a reboot of a top reality series that made waves from 1998 to 2002.

Scroll down this Maai Nakasone Bio to learn about her age, her job, her Instagram, and the show as a whole.

Maai Nakasone On The Future Diary

“The Future Diary” is a new dating reality TV show from Netflix, certainly different from what we’ve been offered by Netflix by far. The show is produced by TBS Television Co., Ltd. in collaboration with Netflix LLC. The show features two complete strangers Maai Nakasone and Takuto Wakamatsu.

In the review of the show, Guardian wrote, “The Future Diary, a new Japanese reality series, leans fully into that collective delusion, giving two young people instructions on exactly how they’re going to win each other’s hearts. The stunts it uses are so contrived they ought never to work, on the participants or us at home, but goddamit if artificial TV romance cannot sometimes be effective.”

Here, we get introduced to Maai Nakasone the female lead of the reality show. She goes on a series of unusual dates which is further intensified by written messages handed to them by the show’s producers, each grandly presented in the form of a leather-bound, hardback “diary”.

But the rule is, Maai cannot exchange phone numbers or meet Takuto outside during the filming process. She is also handed notes filled with instructions that she isn’t allowed to reveal to her partner. As the relationship progresses the one who is watching them at the mercy of the diary are five notable personalities; singer Daigo Naitō, and Taiki Sato (EXILE / FANTASTICS from EXILE TRIBE), Saya (Laland), TV Tokyo announcer Reina Sumi, and Natsuna.

Are Maai Nakasone And Takuto Wakamatsu Still Together?

First, Maai Nakasone and Takuto Wakamatsu are together in a theatre where they are given a presentation. By the end of the mysterious presentation and light comes on back again, they are left alone together.

Maai Nakasone and Takuto Wakamatsu have their first official meeting in a cafe after briefly introducing themselves to the theatre. They talk to each other over iced tea and coffee. The pair tries to get to know each other talk about their family and places they came from. Then, we get to see them work their self way through all the setup laid out by the producers of the show.

The plan for those intricate detail was to develop an old-fashioned view of love. They board on a cruise ship where she assists Takuto (who is a chef) to prepare a meal for 12 as a sous-chef because the cruise’s in-house chef is indisposed. Maai is impressed but can’t admit according to the instruction of the diary.

Then they go on a road trip in a Volkswagen Beetle but the car breaks down. As a hero, he pushes the car to their destination.

But, in midst of getting immersed in all these romantic tender moments, the first three episode ends. So a thought crosses everyone’s mind who watched the show that, “are they still together?”.

The show creator has talked about “Eternal Farewell” in the last diary. This means that the two people who met in “The Future Diary” will separate in “The Future Diary”, maybe indefinitely, or so the producer says.

So, are they still together? There is no way to answer this question right now because neither Maai nor Takuto are on social media platforms or have been in the spotlight. The show is gradually reaching the feed of Netflix viewers around the world and show producers aren’t going to give away everything right now.

So, we are at the mercy of the creators of “The Future Diary” as well because they are the ones in contact with the reality stars. Hence, we have to wait for official updates about the couple after the show.

Is Maai Nakasone On Instagram?

No, Maai Nakasone is not on Instagram or any other social media platform. And even if she was, she might’ve deleted her account to keep the secret for the show.

Maai Nakasone Age

At the time of the filming of the show, Maai Nakasone turned 19 years old.

Maai Nakasone Job

One fact that Netflix’s show revealed was, Maai was a student. She attended the University of Okinawa.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Maai Nakasone From?

Maai Nakasone hailed from Naha City, Okinawa.

  • How Tall Is Maai Nakasone?

Maai should stand tall over the height of 5 feet 6 inches.

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