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Mackinley Gilbert MAFS Bio, Family, Height, Age, Job

Mackinley Gilbert has been hurt in a relationship before. So, this time, he’s cautious and relies on Married At First Sight experts to find him a girl who won’t cause him pain like in his most recent relationship.

Let’s get to know this gentleman better as this Mackinley Gilbert MAFS Bio proceeds.

Married At First Sight MAFS: Are Mackinley Gilbert and Domynique Kloss Still Together?

If we were to believe Mackinley’s FB, he’s parted ways with Domynique Kloss. However, his “single” relationship status on social might also just be a way to keep fans in a mystery while the show was still going on.

This man in his 30s was left blindsided by his relationship before MAFS and since then he has had trust issues. So, if anything, his fear of getting hurt again might have put up a wall between him and Domynique, who hasn’t had many long-term relationships.

But then again, Domynique was confident that she was ready for marriage. She even confessed that when she does date, it is intending to settle down and find something meaningful. So, it’s hard to picture her letting go of the man just because of his insecurity.

For now, all we can do is wait for their story to air, and pray the couple makes it through the experiment.

Also, joining Mackinley Gilbert and Domynique for the 16th installment of Married At First Sight were their co-stars — Christopher and Nicole, Jasmine and Airris, Gina and Clint, and Kristen and Shaquille.

Talking a little about them, Christopher was tired of his solo search for a soulmate and Nicole, who was exceptionally close with her parents and always imagined they’d find her “the one.” But they didn’t!

Jasmine has had a few long-term relationships only for them to end before making the ultimate commitment. While Airris took off a few years to focus on himself and establish his career, and now he was ready to find love.

Gina put a pause on dating following a brutal breakup, and now after focusing on her career and other priorities, she’s ready to get back. While Clint was searching for years for the one who prioritizes family as much as he does.

Finally, Shaquille, he’s ready for marriage after reaching certain career goals while his love interest Kirsten was willing to settle for anything less than what she deserved.

Mackinley Gilbert Age

Mackinley Gilbert was 34 years of age in 2022. But he was a year younger when he filmed Married At First Sight.

He is 8 years older than Domynique. So, a few believed their age difference might become a reason for their split.

Did you know: Domynique was the youngest and the one with the least experience on MAFS that season.

Mackinley Gilbert Job

Mackinley Gilbert is the owner of Maverick CBD. He’s been in the cannabis industry for over a decade and also has 8+ years of experience in Cannabis Operations management.

So far, he’s had extensive cultivation experience, managing, and operating including training, and developing SOP’s and KPI’s. His past job titles include — Senior Cultivator, Grow Operations Director and Operations Manager.

When Mackinley isn’t working, he loves to travel and play golf.

As for his education, Mackinley has an associate’s degree from Mott Community College — a public community college in Flint, Michigan named after the politician, businessman, and philanthropist Charles Stewart Mott. 

Mackinley Gilbert Family

Mackinley Gilbert comes from a family of at least four.

Reportedly, his parents are Marilyn P Gilbert and Roger J Gilbert. They were 59 and 60 years of age respectively in 2022.

As for their jobs, Marilyn was Office Manager at Residential Construction, while Roger was a DarWel Enterprises LLC. There, Roger was responsible for processing material orders and managing inventory, coordinating staff for proper coverage of daily functions. Also, he answered the telephone to receive new customer sales, or engaging with current customers to assist with any issues.

Prior to that, Mackinley worked as a Resident Engineer at Valeo Sy for almost 4 years — where he supervised quality inspectors, identified quality issues during production on an assembly line, submitting detailed reports of defects in headlamps, and front-end modules.

Also, Roger was a leader at Chrysler for over 15 years. There, he trained and mentored new employees within the paint department on the process, procedures, and quality standards of paint applications.

As for Mackinley’s siblings, his brother was believed to be named Kyle A Gilbert (born: June 1986).

Mackinley Gilbert Height

Mackinley Gilbert stands tall at a height of under 6 feet (183 cm).

Mentioning his distinct features, Mackinley has brown eyes and hair, and a fit body.

Mackinley Gilbert Instagram

Sadly, we couldn’t find Mackinley on Instagram.

But here’s his Facebook @Mackinley Gilbert, Pinterest @mackinleygilber, and Skool @mackinley-gilbert.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Mackinley Gilbert From?

Mackinley didn’t reveal his hometown. But we do know that he lived in Branson, CO, and Burton, MI.

  • When Is Mackinley Gilbert Birthday?

Mackinley kept his birthday private.

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