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Michael Boulos Family: Father, Mother! Net Worth, Religion

Michael Boulos married Tiffany Trump, the daughter of Donald Trump in November 2022. At their wedding, the former U.S. President was definitely the focal point of all cameras, but Michael’s family also held standards of their own as they piqued the interest of many.

So who are the members of Michael Boulos’ family? As this article proceeds, learn all about his father, mother, siblings, and also their net worth and religion.

Meet Michael Boulos Family

Michael Boulos comes from a family of six — parents named Massad and Sarah Boulos, himself, and three siblings named Fares AKA Farastafari, Oriane, and Sophie.

Though extraordinarily busy, each one of them often makes it to family gatherings that include Christmas and vacations.

Also, they were present at Michael’s wedding with Donald Trump’s daughter.

In case you don’t know about the newlyweds, the two first met while partying at  Lohan’s club in Greece, in the summer of 2018. Thereafter, dating for a while, the two went on to get engaged in January 2021 and tied the knot almost 2 years later.

At the time of his son’s engagement, Michael’s dad shared, “It’s great news, it’s been an amazing love story and it will continue to be… This is just one chapter that they’re starting now on a long journey of hopefully love and prosperity.”

Who Is Michael Boulos Mother, Sarah Boulos?

Michael Boulos’s mother Sarah Boulos was born in Burkina Faso, a country in West Africa. But she is of French descent and moved to Nigeria as a child when her father was expanding his business.

So, to study, she move to the US and received her BS in biology from Houston Baptist University in 1994 and a master’s in public health from the University of Texas in 1998.

Thereafter, she embarked on a career in public health.

Infact, she went on to join SCOA Nigeria (he father’s company) as a director of logistics where she helped local performers have a better chance. Later, she also founded the Society of Performing Arts Nigeria (SPAN) in 2004.

As a dancer herself, Sarah also eventually started teaching ballet to young people from the garage of their home. Then, she moved her class to a derelict but affordable building in Lagos’ Marina district.

Now, Sarah is also a dance minister at a church (following the Evangelical Christian Faith) and a member of CID (UNESCO 2022). Furthermore, she also works as a business coach at 100xcertification, and “partner officer lagos chapter” at YPO.

Here’s her Facebook @sarah.boulos.

Who Is Michael Boulos Father, Massad Boulos?

Michael Boulos’s father Massad Boulos is the reason for who he is today. From being there on graduation day to offering million-dollar advice, Massad was always there for his son.

Infact, Massad offered Michael a job at SCOA Nigeria as an Associate Director in 2016.

However, Massad didn’t start SCOA Nigeria. He inherited it from his father-in-law.

But he is the co-founder (alongside his brothers, Anthony and Gabriel) of Boulos Enterprises which deals with valuable metals. It seems that the Boulos brothers were introduced to Nigeria by their father, George, who was a goldsmith who emigrated to the country in 1936 to sell precious metals.  

Now, the family business imports Suzuki products into Nigeria as well as distributes other motorcycle parts to at least ten countries in West Africa. 

Also, thanks to his successful career and wealth, Massad briefly stood for election in Lebanon in 2018.

Now, besides SCOA Nigeria and Boulos Enterprises, Massad also runs Noir Restaurant and Bar Ltd with his wife.

As for Massad’s education, he has a Bachelor’s Degree (Business Administration and Management, General) from the University of Houston, and a Doctor of Law (JD) (American/U.S. Law/Legal Studies/Jurisprudence) from Thurgood Marshall.

How Many Siblings Does Michael Boulos Have?

Michael Boulos has three siblings named Fares AKA Farastafari, Oriane, and Sophie.

His older brother, Fares Boulos is an aspiring actor who graced an episode of The Crown in 2018. Also, he is a musician who goes by the stage name Farastafari. He married Alisa Boulo in April 2020.

Here’s his IG @oyiborebel.

As for his older sister Oriane, she is an actor, dancer, and singer. This 5 feet 4 inches beauty has trained at Tisch School of the Arts and New Studio on Broadway.

While the youngest, Sophie was still attending school. She was born in December 2012 and is over a decade younger than Michael.

The three Boulos siblings (except Sophie) grew up in Lagos, Nigeria.

Related FAQs

  • How Much Is Michael Boulos Family Net Worth?

Michael Boulos’ family flaunted a net worth of over $1 billion in 2022.

As for Michael’s individual net worth, he was valued at $20 million.

  • What Is Michael Boulos Family Religion?

Michael Boulos’ family is Evangelical Christian.

Both of his parents have their love for Jesus written on their IG bio.

Talking about her perspective of religion in Lebanon, Michael’s mother shared that Lebanese people are extreme Catholics or Greek orthodox — “keeping their traditional rites with lots of decorum”. But while she living in Nigeria, she realized that Nigerians have a wider range of Christian practices, from the conservative to the Pentecostal.

  • Where Does Michael Boulos Family Reside?

As of 2022, Michael’s parents both reside in Nigeria. Infact, his mother has been living there since September 1996.

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