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Maddy Pomilla Bio, Family, Boyfriend, Height, Survivor 44

Maddy Pomilla is the first contestant to be eliminated in the 2023 season of CBS’s Survivor also known as Survivor 44. Does she have a boyfriend? Who are her family members? Find out more about her in this article below.

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Maddy Pomilla On Survivor 44

Maddy Pomilla was the first on Survivor 44 to be voted out from the show this season. She is a self-proclaimed “adventure addict” who quit her job to be on the show. Her quest to search for the next big thing, and pushing herself to the limits are a few reasons why she joined the castaway of Survivor 44.

She told, “But as I’m here, I’m starting to question, “Is there more? What is really driving this?” Because it’s number one on my bucket list. What makes it number one? Why have I been obsessed with this show for 21 years? So it’s a question I’m still seeking an answer to. But the short answer is I’m just an adventure addict and super competitive.”

As for who she identified with, she said Cirie (winner) and Parvati (non-winner). Maddy added that her upbringing in an all-female household prepared her for the competition. She credited her four sisters for pushing her “to be better, faster, stronger, and just gave me a lot of confidence to just take on whatever. And so I would say growing up with my girls.”

As for what people would perceive her as Maddy described herself as “very social and outgoing”. She said that she was a threat. And lastly, the greatest advice she received was to make a big move. However, she couldn’t go further into this year’s competition. After spending the afternoon planning a blindside attack on Brandon Cottom while carrying an idol, everything came crashing down at Tribal Council. The result of a series of advantage plays was only three votes being cast. Brandon’s idol canceled out two, leaving regrettably just one for Maddy.

Maddy put in the effort before the Tribal Council. The women collaborated with her on a scheme to surprise Brandon. Then, despite Matthew Grinstead-friendship Mayle’s with Brandon dating back to their first day, she managed to enlist Kane Fritzler and even get him on board with the idea. Her reliance on her clan, though, was as tenuous as the rocks Matthew attempted to scale on Day 2. To ensure her own safety, Jaime Lynn Ruiz announced she would be playing her Shot in the Dark at the beginning of the hectic domino line.

Instead of voting now to secure a future additional vote, Lauren Harpe decided to use her new “Bank a Vote” advantage. Matthew then began to play his Shot in the Dark. The worry naturally frightened Brandon, who then utilized his idol to thwart Maddy’s scheme. She was eliminated with just one vote in the craziest first Tribal Council in Survivor history, the result of all the chaos from the two-hour season 44 premiere.

About being the third person to be voted 1-0 in American Survivor, and the first person to do it at First Tribal council, she talked to Parade. She added, “I knew that if I didn’t go all the way, that this is kind of how I’d go whenever the time came. I’m not going down without a fight. I swing for the bleachers, I was probably always going to put the sword in my own stomach, and that’s sort of what happened. It’s the first time this has ever happened in Survivor history.”

Maddy concluded the post, “And it’s no shock to me that like I helped drive that. I’m a huge fan. I knew what I was doing. And if we had done what everybody else wanted to do, then I would still be there. But also, we never would have had that play. But for me, that never happens. So I feel good about that.”

How Old Is Maddy Pomilla?

According to Survivor Fandom, Maddy Pomilla’s date of birth is 11 April 1994. She is currently 28 years old.

Maddy Pomilla Family

Maddy Pomilla is the daughter of Paul Pomilla. Paul is currently 61 years old and is currently working as an Infectious Disease Specialist in Prince Frederick, MD, and has over 35 years of experience in the medical field. He graduated from the UNIVERSITY OF ROCHESTER in 1988.

Paul is affiliated with medical facilities Calverthealth Medical Center and MedStar St. Mary’s Hospital. His office accepts new patients and telehealth appointments.

Her sisters are named Caroline Pomilla who is 27 years old, Mary Pomilla who is 31 years old, Grace Pomilla, and Veronica Pomilla who is currently 32. As mentioned earlier, she has four sisters.

Maddy Pomilla Boyfriend

Maddy Pomilla is currently in a relationship with her boyfriend Brian Anderson. They have been dating each other as early as 2015. In November 2016, Maddy wished her boyfriend, “brian’s staring at a waterfall, and I’m staring at brian. :’) happy 24th bday to Mr. Greenpoint!!! we all love you!!!!!”

Like Maddy, Brian also seems very adventurous. They have traveled together in South Asian countries including India and Nepal. In 2023, they are still going strong. You can find Brian on IG.

What Job Does Maddy Pomilla Do For A Living?

Before signing up for the show, Maddy Pomilla was working as a charity projects manager. There is no information on her career.

Maddy Pomilla Height

Maddy Pomilla’s height is above 5 feet 7 inches.

Related FAQs

  • Is Maddy Pomilla On Instagram?

Yes, Maddy Pomilla is on Instagram (@jeffprobstcanyouhearme), TikTok (@jeffprobstcanyouhearme), and Twitter (@jeffcanuhearme).

  • Where Is Maddy Pomilla From?

Maddy Pomilla hailed from Brooklyn, New York. She is originally from Huntingtown, Maryland.

  • When Is Maddy Pomilla Birthday?

Maddy Pomilla’s birthday is on 11 April.

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