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Made In Chelsea: Who Are Emily Blackwell Parents?

With Made in Chelsea: Bali kicking off on E4 on 20 December 2022, several OG stars were brought back as its cast and that included Emily Blackwell as well.

It was in 2016 when Emily made her debut on Made in Chelsea. Ever since Emily earned a huge fan following on social media and also kept making headlines with her relationships, then with her ex. Harvey Armstrong and now with her new beau Jordan Alexander. However, in between, there has not been much mention of her parents, despite her fans always being curious about them. So, in the rest of the writing, we shall tell you all about them.

Who Are Made In Chelsea Star Emily Blackwell’s Parents?

Made In Chelsea star Emily Blackwell’s mother is Rachel Blackwell and her father is a man who she calls “papa”. Even his name was not known at the time of this writing. Yet, for now, one could tell that Emily’s family, likely her parents, gave her an adorable nickname “ice maiden”.

One can also tell that it is with her mom that Emily is the closest. The two even had their first glass of wine together in a pub (back in July 2020).

Meet Rachel Blackwell, Emily Blackwell’s Mum

Rachel Blackwell could be found on Instagram @rachellieblackwell with 589 posts and 749 followers as of 26 December 2022, where she also boldly wrote “Time is free, spend it well💕”. While on Facebook, she chose to highlight the quote that read something like just because a decision feels sad it does not mean it is the wrong decision.

Long since March 2009, Rachel has also been advocating for people to be “kind” on her Twitter @rachblackwell12.

Rachel had not yet revealed her age. But, we knew anyway that her birthday is on March 12th. We also came to know that Rachel is 17% Irish. She herself discovered it back in 2017 after doing a DNA.

More recently, on 25 December 2022, we saw her open her Christmas gift from her kids. She thus took her reaction to unboxing it on her IG and wrote next to it how she actually got “tearful” when she first opened it. Then, soon in the next post, showing off her kids to the world, she gushed about how she is really proud of her “beautiful babies”.

Another family member/relative that Rachel often talks about on her social media is her big brother Darrin Southorn with whom she reunited after two years in November 2021. Next month, she mentioned him again praying for him to feel better soon.

Darrin happens to live in Oslo, Norway with his wife Ingvild Southorn.

Is Mark McNally Made In Chelsea Emily Blackwell’s Dad?

Mark McNally is not Emily Blackwell’s biological dad. But, he sure is her stepdad. And there seems to be no bad blood here.

Mark could be found on Instagram @markpmcnally68 where one could see Rachel almost everywhere. So, Mark and Emily’s mum have been married since 5 November 2018. One year later, as they celebrated their first year anniversary, Rachel referred to Mark as her “rock” with a two hearts emoticon.

Mark, so you know, turned 54 years old on 11 October 2022.

Made In Chelsea Emily Blackwell with her biological dad (PIC: Instagram)

As for Emily’s biological father, he once was seen on her Instagram in 2015’s Christmas. next to this picture of them, Emily wrote “Christmas with Pappa D” and also teasingly called her “bald man”.

Again, back in April 2018, Emily’s IG people saw a few glimpses of her with her grandad bob, who looked like her paternal grandfather. He had similar features to Emily’s biological dad.

So, despite her parents’ separation, maybe Emily has had kept pleasant relationship even on her father’s side of the family.

Related FAQs

  • Emily Blackwell Parents Reside?

Emily Blackwell’s mother and her stepdad were based around Surrey non-metropolitan county at the time of this writing.

Surrey, if you don’t already know, is a ceremonial and non-metropolitan county in South East England, bordering Greater London to the southwest. This place, according to Wikipedia, has a largely rural area, and several significant urban areas which form part of the Greater London Built-up Area.

  • How Many Children Do Emily Blackwell’s Parents Have?

Emily Blackwell’s parents have two children. So, besides Emily, there is Daniel Blackwell and they both share the same parents. So, they both are Emily and her ex-husband’s kids. Mark is a stepdad to both of them. Yet, in recent times, we see Emily, her brother, their mom, and Mark, and not their biological dad in their family photographs.

Both Emily and her brother appear to have a good relationship with their mother’s current husband.

Speaking of Emily’s brother, Daniel is much younger than her. Yet, they look so much alike. Both of them seem to have gotten their striking blue eyes from their father and not their mother. The rest of their features, however, seem to have been acquired from their beautiful/ageless mother.

Daniel, AKA Dan Blackwell, did have an Instagram account (@blackwellhd). But he had zero posts on it so far. Likewise, on his Facebook account, he mentioned going to Glyn School and being an Epsom native.

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